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+-- $Id: NEWS,v 1.474 1999/08/22 00:12:43 tom Exp $
+This is a log of changes that ncurses has gone through since Zeyd started
+working with Pavel Curtis' original work, pcurses, in 1992.
+Changes through 1.9.9e are recorded by Zeyd M. Ben-Halim.
+Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
+990821 pre-release
+ + updated configure macros CF_MAKEFLAGS, CF_CHECK_ERRNO
+ + minor corrections to beterm terminfo entry.
+ + modify lib_setup.c to reject values of $TERM which have a '/' in them.
+ + add ifdef's to guard against CS5, CS6, CS7, CS8 being zero, as more
+ than one is on BeOS. That would break a switch statement.
+ + add configure macro CF_LINK_FUNCS to detect and work around BeOS's
+ nonfunctional link().
+ + improved configure macros CF_BOOL_DECL and CF_BOOL_SIZE to detect
+ BeOS's bool, which is declared as an unsigned char.
+990814 pre-release
+ + add ms-vt100 terminfo entry -TD
+ + minor fixes for misc/emx.src, based on testing with tack.
+ + minor fix for test/ncurses.c, test 'a', in case ncv is not set.
+990731 pre-release
+ + minor correction for 'screen' terminfo entry.
+ + clarify description of errret values for setupterm in manpage.
+ + modify tput to allow it to emit capabilities for hardcopy terminals
+ (patch by Goran Uddeborg <goeran@uddeborg.pp.se>).
+ + modify the 'o' (panel) test in ncurses.c to show the panels in color
+ or at least in bold, to test Juergen's change to wrefresh().
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + Fixes a problem using wbkgdset() with panels. It has actually
+ nothing to with panels but is a problem in the implementation of
+ wrefresh(). Whenever a window changes its background attribute to
+ something different than newscr's background attribute, the whole
+ window is touched to force a copy to newscr. This is an unwanted
+ side-effect of wrefresh() and it is actually not necessary. A changed
+ background attribute affects only further outputs of background it
+ doesn't mean anything to the current content of the window. So there
+ is no need to force a copy. (reported by Frank Heckenbach
+ <frank@g-n-u.de>).
+ + an upward compatible enhancement of the NCursesPad class in the C++
+ binding. It allows one to add a "viewport" window to a pad and then
+ to use panning to view the pad through the viewport window.
+990724 pre-release
+ + suppress a call to def_prog_mode() in the SIGTSTP handler if the
+ signal was received while not in curses mode, e.g., endwin() was
+ called in preparation for spawning a shell command (reported by Frank
+ Heckenbach <frank@g-n-u.de>)
+ + corrected/enhanced xterm-r5, xterm+sl, xterm+sl-twm terminfo entries.
+ + change test for xterm mouse capability: it now checks only if the
+ user's $DISPLAY variable is set in conjunction with the kmous
+ capability being present in the terminfo. Before, it checked if any
+ of "xterm", "rxvt" or "kterm" were substrings of the terminal name.
+ However, some emulators which are incompatible with xterm in other
+ ways do support the xterm mouse capability.
+ + reviewed and made minor changes in ncurses to quiet g++ warnings
+ about shadowed or uninitialized variables. g++ incorrectly warns
+ about uninitialized variables because it does not take into account
+ short-circuit expression evaluation.
+ + change ncurses 'b' test to start in color pair 0 and to show in the
+ right margin those attributes which are suppressed by no_color_video,
+ i.e., "(NCV)".
+ + modify ifdef's in curses.h so that __attribute__ is not redefined
+ when compiling with g++, but instead disabled the macros derived for
+ __attribute__ since g++ does not consistently recognize the same
+ keywords as gcc (reported by Stephan K Zitz <zitz@erf.net>).
+ + update dependencies for term.h in ncurses/modules (reported by
+ Ilya Zakharevich).
+990710 pre-release
+ + modify the form demo in ncurses.c to illustrate how to manipulate the
+ field appearance, e.g, for highlighting or translating the field
+ contents.
+ + correct logic in write_entry from split-out of home_terminfo in
+ 980919, which prevented update of $HOME/.terminfo (reported by Philip
+ Spencer <pspencer@fields.utoronto.ca>).
+990703 pre-release
+ + modify linux terminfo description to make use of kernel 2.2.x mods
+ that support cursor style, e.g., to implement cvvis (patch by Frank
+ Heckenbach <frank@g-n-u.de>)
+ + add special-case in setupterm to retain previously-saved terminal
+ settings in cur_term, which happens when curses and termcap calls are
+ mixed (from report by Bjorn Helgaas <helgaas@dhc.net>).
+ + suppress initialization of key-tries in _nc_keypad() if we are only
+ disabling keypad mode, e.g., in endwin() called when keypad() was not.
+ + modify the Ada95 makefile to ensure that always the Ada files from
+ the development tree are used for building and not the eventually
+ installed ones (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+990626 pre-release
+ + use TTY definition in tack/sysdep.c rather than struct termios
+ (reported by Philippe De Muyter).
+ + add a fallback for strstr, used in lib_mvcur.c and tack/edit.c,
+ not present on sysV68 (reported by Philippe De Muyter).
+ + correct definition in comp_hash.c to build with configure
+ --with-rcs-ids option.
+990619 pre-release
+ + modified ifdef's for sigaction and sigvec to ensure we do not try to
+ handle SIGTSTP if neither is available (from report by Philippe De
+ Muyter).
+ > patch by Philippe De Muyter:
+ + in tic.c, use `unlink' if `remove' is not available.
+ + use only `unsigned' as fallback value for `speed_t'. Some files used
+ `short' instead.
+990616 pre-release
+ + fix some compiler warnings in tack.
+ + add a check for predefined bool type in CC, based on report that
+ BeOS predefines a bool type.
+ + correct logic for infocmp -e option (i.e., the configure
+ --with-fallbacks option), which I'd not updated when implementing
+ extended names (cf: 990301). The new implementation adds a -E
+ option to infocmp.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + introduce the private type Curses_Bool in the Ada95 binding
+ implementation. This is to clearly represent the use of "bool" also
+ in the binding. It should have no effect on the generated code.
+ + improve the man page for field_buffer() to tell the people, that the
+ whole buffer including leading/trailing spaces is returned. This is
+ a common source of confusion, so it's better to document it clearly.
+990614 pre-release
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + use pragma PreElaborate in several places.
+ + change a few System.Address uses to more specific types.
+ + change interface version-number to 1.0
+ + regenerate Ada95 HTML files.
+990612 pre-release
+ + modify lib_endwin.c to avoid calling reset_shell_mode(), return ERR
+ if it appears that curses was never initialized, e.g., by initscr().
+ For instance, this guards against setting the terminal modes to
+ strange values if endwin() is called after setupterm(). In the same
+ context, Solaris curses will dump core.
+ + modify logic that avoids a conflict in lib_vidattr.c between sgr0 and
+ equivalent values in rmso or rmul by ensuring we do not modify the
+ data which would be returned by the terminfo or termcap interfaces
+ (reported by Brad Pepers <brad@linuxcanada.com>, cf: 960706).
+ + add a null-pointer check for SP in lib_vidattr.c to logic that checks
+ for magic cookies.
+ + improve fallback declaration of 'bool' when the --without-cxx option
+ is given, by using a 'char' on i386 and related hosts (from discussion
+ with Alexander Lukyanov).
+990605 pre-release
+ + include time.h in lib_napms.c if nanosleep is used (patch by
+ R Lindsay Todd <toddr@rpi.edu>).
+ + add an "#undef bool" to curses.h, in case someone tries to define it,
+ e.g., perl.
+ + add check to tparm to guard against divide by zero (reported by Aaron
+ Campbell <aaron@ug.cs.dal.ca>).
+990516 pre-release
+ + minor fix to build tack on CLIX (mismatched const).
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + change Juergen's old email address with new one in the files where it
+ is referenced. The Ada95 HTML pages are regenerated.
+ + update MANIFEST to list the tack files.
+990509 pre-release
+ + minor fixes to make 'tack' build/link on NeXT (reported by Francisco
+ A. Tomei Torres).
+990417 pre-release
+ + add 'tack' program (which is GPL'd), updating it to work with the
+ modified TERMTYPE struct and making a fix to support setaf/setab
+ capabilities. Note that the tack program is not part of the
+ ncurses libraries, but an application which can be distributed with
+ ncurses. The configure script will ignore the directory if it is
+ omitted, however.
+ + modify gpm mouse support so that buttons 2 and 3 are used for
+ select/paste only when shift key is pressed, making them available
+ for use by an application (patch by Klaus Weide).
+ + add complete list of function keys to scoansi terminfo entry - TD
+990410 pre-release
+ + add a simple test program cardfile.c to illustrate how to read form
+ fields, and showing forms within panels.
+ + change shared-library versioning for the Hurd to be like Linux rather
+ than *BSD (patch by Mark Kettenis <kettenis@wins.uva.nl>).
+ + add linux-lat terminfo entry.
+ + back-out _nc_access check in read_termcap.c (both incorrect and
+ unnecessary, except to guard against a small window where the file's
+ ownership may change).
+990403 pre-release
+ + remove conflicting _nc_free_termtype() function from test module
+ lib_freeall.c
+ + use _nc_access check in read_termcap.c for termpaths[] array (noted
+ by Jeremy Buhler, indicating that Alan Cox made a similar patch).
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + modify menu creation to not inherit status flag from the default menu
+ which says that the associated marker string has been allocated and
+ should be freed (bug reported by Marek Paliwoda" <paliwoda@kki.net.pl>)
+990327 pre-release (alpha.gnu.org:/gnu/ncurses-5.0-beta1.tar.gz)
+ + minor fixes to xterm-xfree86 terminfo entry - TD.
+ + split up an expression in configure script check for ldconfig to
+ workaround limitation of BSD/OS sh (reported by Jeff Haas
+ <jmh@mail.msen.com>).
+ + correct a typo in man/form_hook.3x (Todd Miller).
+990318 pre-release
+ + parenthesize and undef 'index' symbol in c++ binding and demo, to
+ accommodate its definition on NeXT (reported by Francisco A. Tomei
+ Torres).
+ + add sigismember() to base/sigaction.c compatibility to link on NeXT
+ (reported by Francisco A. Tomei Torres).
+ + further refinements to inequality in hashmap.c to cover a case with
+ ^U in nvi (patch by Alexander Lukyanov).
+990316 pre-release
+ + add fallback definition for getcwd, to link on NeXT.
+ + add a copy of cur_term to tic.c to make it link properly on NeXT
+ (reported by Francisco A. Tomei Torres).
+ + change inequality in hashmap.c which checks the distance traveled by
+ a chunk so that ^D command in nvi (scrolls 1/2 screen) will use
+ scrolling logic (patch by Alexander Lukyanov, reported by Jeffrey
+ Honig).
+990314 pre-release
+ + modify lib_color.c to handle a special case where the curscr
+ attributes have been made obsolete (patch by Alexander Lukyanov).
+ + update BSD/OS console terminfo entries to use klone+sgr and
+ klone+color (patch by Jeffrey Honig).
+ + update glibc addon configure script for extended capabilities.
+ + correct a couple of warnings in the --enable-const configuration.
+ + make comp_hash build properly with _nc_strdup(), on NeXT (reported by
+ Francisco A. Tomei Torres <francisco.tomei@cwix.com>).
+990313 pre-release
+ + correct typos in linux-c initc string - TD
+ + add 'crt' terminfo entry, update xterm-xfree86 entry - TD
+ + remove a spurious argument to tparm() in lib_sklrefr.c (patch by
+ Alexander Lukyanov).
+990307 pre-release
+ + back-out change to wgetch because it causes a problem with ^Z
+ handling in lynx (reported by Kim DeVaughn).
+990306 pre-release
+ + add -G option to tic and infocmp, to reverse the -g option.
+ + recode functions in name_match.c to avoid use of strncpy, which
+ caused a 4-fold slowdown in tic (cf: 980530).
+ + correct a few warnings about sign-extension in recent changes.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + fixes suggested by Jeff Bradbury <jibradbury@lucent.com>:
+ + improved parameter checking in new_fieldtype().
+ + fixed a typo in wgetch() timeout handling.
+ + allow slk_init() to be called per newterm call. The internal SLK
+ state is stored in the SCREEN struct after every newterm() and then
+ reset for the next newterm.
+ + fix the problem that a slk_refresh() refreshes stdscr if the
+ terminal has true SLKs.
+ + update HTML documentation for Ada binding.
+990301 pre-release
+ + remove 'bool' casts from definitions of TRUE/FALSE so that statements
+ such as "#if TRUE" work. This was originally done to allow for a C++
+ compiler which would warn of implicit conversions between enum and
+ int, but is not needed for g++ (reported by Kim DeVaughn).
+ + add use_extended_names() function to allow applications to suppress
+ read of the extended capabilities.
+ + add configure option --enable-tcap-names to support logic which
+ allows ncurses' tic to define new (i.e., extended) terminal
+ capabilities. This is activated by the tic -x switch. The infocmp
+ program automatically shows or compares extended capabilities.
+ Note: This changes the Strings and similar arrays in the TERMTYPE
+ struct so that applications which manipulate it must be recompiled.
+ + use macros typeMalloc, typeCalloc and typeRealloc consistently
+ throughout ncurses library.
+ + add _nc_strdup() to doalloc.c.
+ + modify define_key() to allow multiple strings to be bound to the
+ same keycode.
+ + correct logic error in _nc_remove_string, from 990220.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer, for Ada95 binding:
+ + regenerate some of the html documentation
+ + minor cleanup in terminal_interface-curses.adb
+990220 pre-release
+ + resolve ambiguity of kend/kll/kslt and khome/kfnd/kich1 strings in
+ xterm and ncsa terminfo entries by removing the unneeded ones. Note
+ that some entries will return kend & khome versus kslt and kfnd, for
+ PC-style keyboards versus strict vt220 compatiblity - TD
+ + add function keybound(), which returns the definition associated with
+ a given keycode.
+ + modify define_key() to undefine the given string when no keycode is
+ given.
+ + modify keyok() so it works properly if there is more than one string
+ defined for a keycode.
+ + add check to tic to warn about terminfo descriptions that contain
+ more than one key assigned to the same string. This is shown only if
+ the verbose (-v) option is given. Moved related logic (tic -v) from
+ comp_parse.c into the tic program.
+ + add/use _nc_trace_tries() to show the function keys that will be
+ recognized.
+ + rename init_acs to _nc_init_acs (request by Alexander Lukyanov).
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer, for Ada95 binding:
+ + remove all the *_adabind.c from ncurses, menu and form projects.
+ Those little helper routines have all been implemented in Ada and are
+ no longer required.
+ + The option handling routines in menu and form have been made more
+ save. They now make sure that the unused bits in options are always
+ zero.
+ + modify configuration scripts to
+ + use gnatmake as default compiler name. This is a safer choice than
+ gcc, because some GNAT implementations use other names for the
+ compilerdriver to avoid conflicts.
+ + use new default installation locations for the Ada files according
+ to the proposed GNU Ada filesystem standard (for Linux).
+ + simplify the Makefiles for the Ada binding
+ + rename ada_include directory to src.
+ + enable sigwinch handler by default.
+ + disable logic that allows setbuf to be turned off/on, because some
+ implementations will overrun the buffer after it has been disabled
+ once.
+ + suppress sc/rc capabilities from terminal description if they appear
+ in smcup/rmcup. This affects only scrolling optimization, to fix a
+ problem reported by several people with xterm's alternate screen,
+ though the problem is more general.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer, for Ada95 binding:
+ + removed all pragma Preelaborate() stuff, because the just released
+ gnat-3.11p complains on some constructs.
+ + fixed some upper/lower case notations because gnat-3.11p found
+ inconsistent use.
+ + used a new method to generate the HTML documentation of the Ada95
+ binding. This invalidates nearly the whole ./Ada95/html subtree.
+ Nearly all current files in this subtree are removed
+ + cache last result from _nc_baudrate, for performance (suggested by
+ Alexander Lukyanov).
+ + modify ClrUpdate() function to workaround a problem in nvi, which
+ uses redrawwin in SIGTSTP handling. Jeffrey Honig reported that
+ ncurses repainted the screen with nulls before resuming normal
+ operation (patch by Alexander Lukyanov).
+ + generalize is_xterm() function a little by letting xterm/rxvt/kterm
+ be any substring rather than the prefix.
+ + modify lib_data.c to initialize SP. Some linkers, e.g., IBM's, will
+ not link a module if the only symbols exported from the module are
+ uninitialized ones (patch by Ilya Zakharevich, who says that he has
+ seen messages claiming this behaviour conforms to the standard.)
+ + move call on _nc_signal_handler past _nc_initscr, to avoid a small
+ window where Nttyb hasn't yet been filled (reported by Klaus Weide).
+ + modify lib_tstp.c to block SIGTTOU when handling SIGTSTP, fixes a
+ problem where ncurses applications which were run via a shell script
+ would hang when given a ^Z. Also, check if the terminal's process
+ group is consistent, i.e., a shell has not taken ownership of it,
+ before deciding to save the current terminal settings in the SIGTSTP
+ handler (patch by Klaus Weide).
+ + correct spelling of ACS_ names in curs_border.3x (reported by Bob van
+ der Poel <bvdpoel@kootenay.com>).
+ + correct a couple of typos in the macros supporting the configure
+ --with-shlib-version option.
+ + modify fty_regex.c to compile on HAVE_REGEXPR_H_FUNCS machine (patch
+ by Kimio Ishii <ishii@csl.sony.co.jp>).
+ + rename BSDI console terminfo entries: bsdos to bsdos-pc-nobold, and
+ bsdos-bold to bsdos-pc (patch by Jeffrey C Honig).
+ + modify tput to accept termcap names as an alternative to terminfo
+ names (patch by Jeffrey C Honig).
+ + correct a typo in term.7 (Todd Miller).
+ + add configure --with-shlib-version option to allow installing shared
+ libraries named according to release or ABI versions. This
+ parameterizes some existing logic in the configure script, and is
+ intended for compatiblity upgrades on Digital Unix, which used
+ versioned libraries in ncurses 4.2, but no longer does (cf: 980425).
+ + resync configure script against autoconf 2.13 + patches
+ + minor improvements for teraterm terminfo entry based on the program's
+ source distribution.
+ + change default for configure --enable-big-core to assume machines do
+ have enough memory to resolve terminfo.src in-memory.
+ + correct name of ncurses library in TEST_ARGS when configuring with
+ debug library.
+ + minor fixes to compile ncurses library with broken-linker with g++.
+ + add --enable-broken-linker configure option, default to environment
+ variable $BROKEN_LINKER (request by Jeffrey C Honig).
+ + change key_names[] array to static since it is not part of the curses
+ interface (reported by Jeffrey C Honig <jch@bsdi.com>).
+ + add Tera Term terminfo entry - TD
+ + reviewed/corrected macros in curses.h as per XSI document.
+ + provide support for termcap PC variable by copying it from terminfo
+ data and using it as the padding character in tputs (reported by
+ Alexander Lukyanov).
+ + corrected iris-ansi and iris-ansi-ap terminfo entries for kent and
+ kf9-kf12 capabilities, as well as adding kcbt.
+ + document the mouse handling mechanism in menu_driver and make a small
+ change in menu_driver's return codes to provide more consistency
+ (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + add fallback definition for NCURSES_CONST to termcap.h.in (reported
+ by Uchiyama Yasushi <uch@nop.or.jp>).
+ + move lib_restart.c to ncurses/base, since it uses curses functions
+ directly, and therefore cannot be used in libtinfo.so
+ + rename micro_char_size to micro_col_size, adding #define to retain
+ old name.
+ + add set_a_attributes and set_pglen_inch to terminfo structure, as per
+ XSI and Solaris 2.5.
+ + minor makefile files to build ncurses test_progs
+ + update html files in misc directory to reflect changes since 4.2
+ + disable scroll hints when hashmap is enabled (patch by Alexander
+ Lukyanov).
+ + move logic for tic's verify of -e option versus -I and -C so that the
+ terminfo data is not processed if we cannot handle -e (reported by
+ Steven Schwartz <steves@unitrends.com>.
+ + add test-driver traces to terminfo and termcap functions.
+ + provide support for termcap ospeed variable by copying it from the
+ internal cur_term member, and using ospeed as the baudrate reference
+ for the delay_output and tputs functions. If an application does not
+ set ospeed, the library behaves as before, except that _nc_timed_wait
+ is no longer used, or needed, since ospeed always has a value. But
+ the application can modify ospeed to adjust the output of padding
+ characters (from a bug report for screen 3.7.6 and email from Michael
+ Schroeder <Michael.Schroeder@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>).
+ + removed some unused ifdef's as part of Alexander's restructuring.
+ + reviewed/updated curses.h, term.h against X/Open Curses Issue 4
+ Version 2. This includes making some parameters NCURSES_CONST
+ rather than const, e.g., in termcap.h.
+ + change linux terminfo entry to use ncv#2, since underline does not
+ work with color
+ + miscellaneous corrections for curses.h to match XSI.
+ + change --enable-no-padding configure option to be normally enabled.
+ + add section to ncurses manpage for environment variables.
+ + investigated Debian bug report that pertains to screen 3.7.4/3.7.6
+ changes, found no sign of problems on Linux (or on SunOS, Solaris)
+ running screen built with ncurses.
+ + check if tmp_fp is opened in tic.c before closing it (patch by Pavel
+ Roskin <pavel_roskin@geocities.com>).
+ + correct several font specification typos in man-pages.
+ + correct default value for BUILD_CC (reported by Larry Virden).
+ + modify _nc_set_writedir() to set a flag in _nc_tic_dir() to prevent
+ it from changing the terminfo directory after chdir'ing to it.
+ Otherwise, a relative path in $TERMINFO would confuse tic (from a
+ Debian bug report).
+ + correct/update ncsa terminfo entry (report by Larry Virden).
+ + update xterm-xfree86 terminfo to current (patch 90), smcur/rmcur changes
+ + add Mathew Vernon's mach console entries to terminfo.src
+ + more changes, moving functions, as part of Alexander's restructuring.
+ + modify configure script for GNU/Hurd share-library support, introduce
+ BUILD_CC variable for cross compiling (patch by Uchiyama Yasushi
+ <uch@nop.or.jp>)
+ + add environment variable NCURSES_NO_SETBUF to allow disabling the
+ setbuf feature, for testing purposes.
+ + correct ifdef's for termcap.h versus term.h that suppress redundant
+ declarations of prototypes (reported by H.J.Lu).
+ + modify Makefile.os2 to add linker flags which allow multiple copies
+ of an application to coexist (reported by Ilya Zakharevich).
+ + update Makefile.glibc and associated configure script so that ncurses
+ builds as a glibc add-on with the new directory configuration
+ (reported by H.J.Lu).
+ + modify gen_reps() function in gen.c to work properly on SunOS
+ (sparc), which is a left-to-right architecture.
+ + modify relative_move and tputs to avoid an interaction with the
+ BSD-style padding. The relative_move function could produce a string
+ to replace on the screen which began with a numeric character, which
+ was then interpreted by tputs as padding. Now relative_move will not
+ generate a string with a leading digit in that case (overwrite).
+ Also, tputs will only interpret padding if the string begins with a
+ digit; as coded it permitted a string to begin with a decimal point
+ or asterisk (reported by Larry Virden).
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + fix a typo in m_driver.c mouse handling and improves the error
+ handling.
+ + fix broken mouse handling in the Ada95 binding
+ + make the Ada95 sample application menus work with the new menu mouse
+ support
+ + improve the mouse handling introduced by Ilya; it now handles menus
+ with spacing.
+ + repair a minor bug in the menu_driver code discovered during this
+ rework.
+ + add new function wmouse_trafo() to hide implementation details of
+ _yoffset member of WINDOW struct needed for mouse coordinate
+ transformation.
+ + modify Ada95/gen/gen.c to avoid using return-value of sprintf, since
+ some older implementations (e.g., SunOS 4.x) return the buffer
+ address rather than its length.
+ > patch by Rick Ohnemus:
+ + modify demo.cc to get it to compile with newer versions of egcs.
+ + trim a space that appears at the end of the table preprocessor lines
+ ('\" t). This space prevents some versions of man from displaying
+ the pages - changed to remove all trailing whitespace (TD)
+ + finally, 'make clean' does not remove panel objects.
+ > patches by Ilya Zakharevich:
+ + allow remapping of OS/2 mouse buttons using environment variable
+ MOUSE_BUTTONS_123 with the default value 132.
+ + add mouse support to ncurses menus.
+ + modify misc/makedef.cmd to report old-style .def file symbols, and to
+ generate the .def files sorted by increasing names rather than the
+ reverse.
+ + add misc/*.ref which are J.J.G.Ripoll's dll definition files (renamed
+ from misc/*.old), and updated based on the entrypoint coding he used
+ for an older version of ncurses.
+ + add README.emx, to document how to build on OS/2 EMX.
+ + updates for config.guess, config.sub from Lynx
+ > patches by Ilya Zakharevich:
+ + minor fixes for mouse handling mode:
+ a) Do not initialize mouse if the request is to have no mouse;
+ b) Allow switching of OS/2 VIO mouse on and off.
+ + modify Makefile.os2 to support alternative means of generating
+ configure script, by translating Unix script with Perl.
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + Updates MANIFEST to reflect changes in source structure
+ + Eliminates a problem introduced with my last patch for the C++
+ binding in the panels code. It removes the update() call done in the
+ panel destructor.
+ + Changes in the Ada95 binding to better support systems where
+ sizeof(chtype)!=sizeof(int) (e.g. DEC Alpha).
+ + modify install-script for manpages to skip over .orig and .rej files
+ (request by Larry Virden).
+ > patches/discussion by Alexander Lukyanov:
+ + move base-library sources into ncurses/base and tty (serial terminal)
+ sources into ncurses/tty, as part of Alexander Lukyanov's proposed
+ changes to ncurses library.
+ + copy _tracemouse() into ncurses.c so that lib_tracemse.c need not
+ be linked into the normal ncurses library.
+ + move macro winch to a function, to hide details of struct ldat
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + fix a potential compile problem in cursesw.cc
+ + some Ada95 cosmetics
+ + fix a gen.c problem when compiling on 64-Bit machines
+ + fix Ada95/gen/Makefile.in "-L" linker switch
+ + modify Ada95 makefiles to use the INSTALL_PREFIX setting.
+ + ifdef'd out lib_freeall.c when not configured.
+ + rename _tracebits() to _nc_tracebits().
+ + move terminfo-library sources into ncurses/tinfo, and trace-support
+ functions into ncurses/trace as part of Alexander Lukyanov's proposed
+ changes to ncurses library.
+ + modify generated term.h to always specify its own definitions for
+ HAVE_TERMIOS_H, etc., to guard against inclusion by programs with
+ broken configure scripts.
+ + modify terminfo parsing to accept octal and hexadecimal constants,
+ like Solaris.
+ + remove an autoconf 2.10 artifact from the configure script's check
+ for "-g" compiler options. (Though harmless, this confused someone
+ at Debian, who recently issued a patch that results in the opposite
+ effect).
+ + add configure option --with-ada-compiler to accommodate installations
+ that do not use gcc as the driver for GNAT (patch by Juergen
+ Pfeifer).
+ + ensure ./man exists in configure script, needed when configuring
+ with --srcdir option.
+ + modify infocmp "-r" option to remove limit on formatted termcap
+ output, which makes it more like Solaris' version.
+ + modify captoinfo to treat no-argument case more like Solaris' version,
+ which uses the contents of $TERMCAP as the entry to format.
+ + modify mk-2nd.awk to handle subdirectories, e.g., ncurses/tty
+ (patch by Alexander V Lukyanov).
+ + modify --with-terminfo-dirs option so that the default value is the
+ ${datadir} value, unless $TERMINFO_DIRS is already set. This gets
+ rid of a hardcoded list of candidate directories in the configure
+ script.
+ + add some error-checking to _nc_read_file_entry() to ensure that
+ strings are properly terminated (Todd Miller).
+ + rename manpage file curs_scr_dmp.3x to curs_scr_dump.3x, to
+ correspond with contents (reported by Neil Zanella
+ <nzanella@cs.mun.ca>).
+ + remove redundant configure check for C++ which did not work when $CXX
+ was specified with a full pathname (reported by Andreas Jaeger).
+ + corrected bcopy/memmove check; the macro was not standalone.
+ + remove unnecessary portion of OS/2 EMX mouse change from
+ check_pending() (reported by Alexander V Lukyanov).
+ + implement mouse support for OS/2 EMX (adapted from patch against
+ 4.2(?) by Ilya Zakharevich).
+ + add configure-check for bcopy/memmove, for 980919 changes to hashmap.
+ + merge Data General terminfo from Hasufin <hasufin@vidnet.net> - TD
+ + merge AIX 3.2.5 terminfo descriptions for IBM terminals, replaces
+ some older entries - TD
+ + modify tic to compile into %'char' form in preference to %{number},
+ since that is a little more efficient.
+ + minor correction to infocmp to avoid displaying "difference" between
+ two capabilities that are rendered in equivalent forms.
+ + add -g option to tic/infocmp to force character constants to be
+ displayed in quoted form. Otherwise their decimal values are shown.
+ + modify setupterm so that cancelled strings are treated the same as
+ absent strings, cancelled and absent booleans false (does not affect
+ tic, infocmp).
+ + modify tic, infocmp to discard redundant i3, r3 strings when output
+ to termcap format.
+ > patch by Alexander V Lukyanov:
+ + improve performance of tparm, now it takes 19% instead of 25% when
+ profiling worm.
+ + rename maxlen/minlen to prec/width for better readability.
+ + use format string for printing strings.
+ + use len argument correctly in save_text, and pass it to save_number.
+ + make test_progs compile (but hashmap does not function).
+ + correct NC_BUFFERED macro, used in lib_mvcur test-driver, modify
+ associated logic to avoid freeing the SP->_setbuf data.
+ + add modules home_terminfo and getenv_num to libtinfo.
+ + move write_entry to libtinfo, to work with termcap caching.
+ + minor fixes to blue.c to build with atac.
+ + remove softscroll.c module; no longer needed for testing.
+ > patches by Todd C Miller:
+ + use strtol(3) instead of atoi(3) when parsing env variables so we can
+ detect a bogus (non-numeric) value.
+ + check for terminal names > MAX_NAME_SIZE in a few more places when
+ dealing with env variables again.
+ + fix a MAX_NAME_SIZE that should be MAX_NAME_SIZE+1
+ + use sizeof instead of strlen(3) on PRIVATE_INFO since it is a fixed
+ string #define (compile time vs runtime).
+ + when setting errno to ENOMEM, set it right before the return, not
+ before code that could, possibly, set errno to a different value.
+ > patches by Alexander V Lukyanov:
+ + use default background in update_cost_from_blank()
+ + disable scroll-hints when hashmap is configured.
+ + improve integration of hashmap scrolling code, by adding oldhash and
+ newhash data to SP struct.
+ + invoke del_curterm from delscreen.
+ + modify del_curterm to set cur_term to null if it matches the function's
+ parameter which is deleted.
+ + modify lib_doupdate to prefer parm_ich to the enter_insert_mode and
+ exit_insert_mode combination, adjusting InsCharCost to check
+ enter_insert_mode, exit_insert_mode and insert_padding. Add
+ insert_padding in insert mode after each char. This adds new costs
+ to the SP struct.
+ + modify test-driver in lib_mvcur.s to use _nc_setbuffer, for consistent
+ treatment.
+ + modify ncurses to restore output to unbuffered on endwin, and resume
+ buffering in refresh (see lib_set_term.c and NC_BUFFERED macro).
+ + corrected HTML version numbers (according to the W3C validator, they
+ never were HTML 2.0-compliant, but are acceptable 3.0).
+ + modify MKterminfo.sh to generate terminfo.5 with tables sorted by
+ capability name, as in SVr4.
+ + modified term.h, termcap.h headers to avoid redundant declarations.
+ + change 'u_int' type in tset.c to unsigned, making this compile on
+ Sequent PRX 4.1 (reported by Michael Sterrett <msterret@coat.com>).
+ + corrections to mailing addresses, and moving the magic line that
+ causes the man program to invoke tbl to the first line of each
+ manpage (patch by Rick Ohnemus <rick@ecompcon.com>).
+ + add Makefile.os2 and supporting scripts to generate dll's on OS/2 EMX
+ (from J.J.G.Ripoll, with further integration by TD).
+ + correct a typo in icl6404 terminfo entry.
+ + add xtermm and xtermc terminfo entries.
+ > from esr's terminfo version:
+ + Added Francesco Potorti's tuned Wyse 99 entries.
+ + dtterm enacs correction from Alexander V Lukyanov.
+ + Add ncsa-ns, ncsa-m-ns and ncsa-m entries from esr version.
+ + document AT&T acs characters in terminfo.5 manpage.
+ + use EMX _scrsize() function if terminfo and environment do not
+ declare the screen size (reported by Ilya Zakharevich
+ <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>).
+ + remove spurious '\' characters from eterm and osborne terminfo
+ entries (prompted by an old Debian bug report).
+ + correct reversed malloc/realloc calls in _nc_doalloc (reported by
+ Hans-Joachim Widmaier <hjwidmai@foxboro.com>).
+ + correct misplaced parenthesis which caused file-descriptor from
+ opening termcap to be lost, from 980725 changes (reported by Andreas
+ Jaeger).
+ + modify lib_setup.c to eliminate unneeded include of <sys/ioctl.h> when
+ termios is not used (patch by Todd C Miller).
+ + add function _nc_doalloc, to ensure that failed realloc calls do not
+ leak memory (reported by Todd C Miller).
+ + improved ncsa-telnet terminfo entry.
+ + correct missing braces around a trace statement in read_entry.c,
+ from 980808 (reported by Kim DeVaughn <kimdv@best.com> and Liviu
+ Daia).
+ + fix missing include <errno.h> in ditto.c (reported by Bernhard
+ Rosenkraenzer <bero@k5.sucks.eu.org>)
+ + add NCSA telnet terminfo entries from Francesco Potorti
+ <F.Potorti@cnuce.cnr.it>, from Debian bug reports.
+ + make handling of $LINES and $COLUMNS variables more compatible with
+ Solaris by allowing them to individually override the window size
+ as obtained via ioctl.
+ + modify lib_vidattr.c to allow for terminal types (e.g., xterm-color)
+ which may reset all attributes in the 'op' capability, so that colors
+ are set before turning on bold and other attributes, but still after
+ turning attributes off.
+ + add 'ditto.c' to test directory to illustrate use of newterm for
+ initializing multiple screens.
+ + modify _nc_write_entry() to recover from failed attempt to link alias
+ for a terminfo on a filesystem which does not preserve character case
+ (reported by Peter L Jordan <PJordan@chla.usc.edu>).
+ + updated versions of config.guess and config.sub based on automake 1.3
+ + change name-comparisons in lib_termcap to compare no more than 2
+ characters (gleaned from Debian distribution of 1.9.9g-8.8, verified
+ with Solaris curses).
+ + fix typo in curs_insstr.3x (patch by Todd C Miller)
+ + use 'access()' to check if ncurses library should be permitted to
+ open or modify files with fopen/open/link/unlink/remove calls, in
+ case the calling application is running in setuid mode (request by
+ Cristian Gafton <gafton@redhat.com>, responding to Duncan Simpson
+ <dps@io.stargate.co.uk>).
+ + arm100 terminfo entries from Dave Millen <dmill@globalnet.co.uk>).
+ + qnxt2 and minitel terminfo entries from esr's version.
+ + use -R option with ldconfig on FreeBSD because otherwise it resets
+ the search path to /usr/lib (reported by Dan Nelson).
+ + add -soname option when building shared libraries on OpenBSD 2.x
+ (request by QingLong).
+ + add configure options --with-manpage-format and --with-manpage-renames
+ (request by QingLong).
+ + correct conversion of CANCELLED_NUMERIC in write_object(), which was
+ omitting the high-order byte, producing a 254 in the compiled
+ terminfo.
+ + modify return-values of tgetflag, tgetnum, tgetstr, tigetflag,
+ tigetnum and tigetstr to be compatible with Solaris (gleaned from
+ Debian distribution of 1.9.9g-8.8).
+ + modify _nc_syserr_abort to abort only when compiled for debugging,
+ otherwise simply exit with an error.
+ + modify Ada95 'gen' program to use appropriate library suffix (e.g.,
+ "_g" for a debug build).
+ + update Ada95 'make clean' rule to include generics .ali files
+ + add a configure test to ensure that if GNAT is found, that it can
+ compile/link working Ada95 program.
+ + flush output in beep and flash functions, fixing a problem with
+ getstr (patch by Alexander V Lukyanov)
+ + fix egcs 1.0.2 warning for etip.h (patch by Chris Johns).
+ + correct ifdef/brace nesting in lib_sprintf.c (patch by Bernhard
+ Rosenkraenzer <bero@Pool.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>).
+ + correct typo in wattr_get macro from 980509 fixes (patch by Dan
+ Nelson).
+ + merge changes from current XFree86 xterm terminfo descriptions.
+ + add configure option '--without-ada'.
+ + add a smart-default for termcap 'ac' to terminfo 'acs_chars' which
+ corresponds to vt100.
+ + change translation for termcap 'rs' to terminfo 'rs2', which is
+ the documented equivalent, rather than 'rs1'.
+ + slow 'worm' down a little, for very fast machines.
+ + corrected firstchar/lastchar computation in lib_hline.c
+ + simplify some expressions with CHANGED_CELL, CHANGED_RANGE and
+ CHANGED_TO_EOL macros.
+ + modify init_pair so that if a color-pair is reinitialized, we will
+ repaint the areas of the screen whose color changes, like SVr4 curses
+ (reported by Christian Maurer <maurer@inf.fu-berlin.de>).
+ + modify getsyx/setsyx macros to comply with SVr4 man-page which
+ says that leaveok() affects their behavior (report by Darryl Miles,
+ patch by Alexander V Lukyanov).
+ + review terminfo.5 against Solaris 2.6 curses version, corrected
+ several minor errors/omissions.
+ + implement tparm %l format.
+ + implement tparm printf-style width and precision for %s, %d, %x, %o
+ as per XSI.
+ + implement tparm dynamic variables (reported by Xiaodan Tang).
+ + update man-page for for wattr_set, wattr_get (cf: 980509)
+ + correct limits in hashtest, which would cause nonprinting characters
+ to be written to large screens.
+ + correct configure script, when --without-cxx was specified: the
+ wrong variable was used for cf_cv_type_of_bool. Compilers up to gcc
+ 2.8 tolerated the missing 'int'.
+ + remove the hardcoded name "gcc" for the GNU Ada compiler. The
+ compiler's name might be something like "egcs" (patch by Juergen
+ Pfeifer).
+ + correct curs_addch.3x, which implied that echochar could directly
+ display control characters (patch by Alexander V Lukyanov).
+ + fix typos in ncurses-intro.html (patch by Sidik Isani
+ <isani@cfht.hawaii.edu>)
+ + add configure test for conflicting use of exception in math.h and
+ other headers.
+ + minor optimization to 'hash()' function in hashmap.c, reduces its
+ time by 10%.
+ + correct form of LD_SHARED_OPTS for HP-UX 10.x (patch by Tim Mooney).
+ + fix missing quotes for 'print' in MKunctrl.awk script (reported by
+ Mihai Budiu <mihaib@gs41.sp.cs.cmu.edu>).
+ > patch by Alexander V Lukyanov:
+ + correct problem on Solaris (with poll() function) where getch could
+ hang indefinitely even if timeout(x) was called. This turned out to
+ be because milliseconds was not updated before 'goto retry' in
+ _nc_timed_wait.
+ + simplified the function _nc_timed_wait and fixed another bug, which
+ was the assumption of !GOOD_SELECT && HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY in *timeleft
+ assignment.
+ + removed the cycle on EINTR, as it seems to be useless.
+ + add makefile-rule for test/keynames
+ + modify run_tic.sh and shlib to ensure that user's .profile does not
+ override the $PATH used to run tic (patch by Tim Mooney).
+ + restore LD_SHARED_OPTS to $(LD_SHARED_FLAGS) when linking programs,
+ needed for HP-UX shared-library path (recommended by Tim Mooney).
+ + remove special case of HP-UX -L options, use +b options to embed
+ $(libdir) in the shared libraries (recommended by Tim Mooney).
+ + add checks for some possible buffer overflows and unchecked
+ malloc/realloc/calloc/strdup return values (patch by Todd C Miller
+ <Todd.Miller@courtesan.com>)
+ + correct maxx/maxy expression for num_columns/num_lines in derwin
+ (patch by Alexander V Lukyanov).
+ + add /usr/share/lib/terminfo and /usr/lib/terminfo as compatibilty
+ fallbacks to _nc_read_entry(), along with --with-terminfo-dirs
+ configure option (suggested by Mike Hopkirk).
+ + modify config.guess to recognize Unixware 2.1 and 7 (patch by Mike
+ Hopkirk <hops@sco.com>).
+ + suppress definition of CC_SHARED_OPTS in LDFLAGS_SHARED in c++
+ Makefile.in, since this conflicts when g++ is used with HP-UX
+ compiler (reported by Tim Mooney).
+ + parenthesize 'strcpy' calls in c++ binding to workaround redefinition
+ in some C++ implementations (reported by several people running
+ egcs with glibc 2.0.93, analysis by Andreas Jaeger.
+ + modify write_entry.c so that it will not attempt to link aliases
+ with embedded '/', but give only a warning.
+ + put -L$(libdir) first when linking programs, except for HP-UX.
+ + modify comp_scan.c to handle SVr4 terminfo description for att477,
+ which contains a colon in the description field.
+ + modify configure script to support SCO osr5.0.5 shared libraries
+ (from comp.unix.sco.programmer newsgroup item by Mike Hopkirk
+ <hops@sco.com>).
+ + eliminate extra GoTo call in lib_doupdate.c (patch by Alexander V.
+ Lukyanov).
+ + minor adjustments of const/NCURSES_CONST from IRIX compile.
+ + add updates based on esr's 980509 version of terminfo.src.
+ + correct macros for wattr_set, wattr_get, separate wattrset macro from
+ these to preserve behavior that allows attributes to be combined with
+ color pair numbers.
+ + add configure option --enable-no-padding, to allow environment
+ variable $NCURSES_NO_PADDING to eliminate non-mandatory padding,
+ thereby making terminal emulators (e.g., for vt100) a little more
+ efficient (request by Daniel Eisenbud <eisenbud@cs.swarthmore.edu>).
+ + modify configure script to embed ABI in shared libraries for HP-UX
+ 10.x (detailed request by Tim Mooney).
+ + add test/example of the 'filter()' function.
+ + add nxterm and xterm-color terminfo description (request by Cristian
+ Gafton <gafton@redhat.com>).
+ + modify rxvt terminfo description to clear alternate screen before
+ switching back to normal screen, for compatibility with applications
+ which use xterm (reported by Manoj Kasichainula <manojk@io.com>).
+ + modify linux terminfo description to reset color palette (reported
+ by Telford Tendys <telford@eng.uts.edu.au>).
+ + correction to doupdate, for case where terminal does not support
+ insert/delete character. The logic did not check that there was a
+ difference in alignment of changes to old/new screens before
+ repainting the whole non-blank portion of the line. Modified to fall
+ through into logic that reduces by the portion which does not differ
+ (reported by Daniel Eisenbud <eisenbud@cs.swarthmore.edu>).
+ + minor performance improvement to wnoutrefresh by moving some
+ comparisons out of inner loop.
+ + modify configure script to substitute NCURSES_CONST in curses.h
+ + updated terminfo entries for xterm-xf86-v40, xterm-16color,
+ xterm-8bit to correspond to XFree86 3.9Ag.
+ + remove restriction that forces ncurses to use setaf/setab if the
+ number of colors is greater than 8. (see 970524 for xterm-16color).
+ + change order of -L options (so that $(libdir) is searched first) when
+ linking tic and other programs, to workaround HP's linker.
+ Otherwise, the -L../lib is embedded when linking against shared
+ libraries and the installed program does not run (reported by Ralf
+ Hildebrandt).
+ + modify configuration of shared libraries on Digital Unix so that
+ versioning is embedded in the library, rather than implied by
+ links (patch by Tim Mooney).
+ + modify etip.h to avoid conflict with math.h on HP-UX 9.03 with gcc
+ 2.8.1 which redefines 'exception' (reported by Ralf Hildebrandt
+ <R.Hildebrandt@tu-bs.de>).
+ + correct configure tests in CF_SHARED_OPTS which used $CC value to
+ check for gcc, rather than autoconf's $GCC value. This did not
+ work properly if the full pathname of the compiler were given
+ (reported by Michael Yount <yount@csf.Colorado.edu>).
+ + revise check for compiler options to force ANSI mode since repeating
+ an option such as -Aa causes HP's compiler to fail on its own headers
+ (reported by Clint Olsen <olsenc@ichips.intel.com>).
+ + ifdef'd has_key() and mcprint() as extended functions.
+ + modified several prototypes to correspond with 1997 version of
+ X/Open Curses (affects ABI since developers have used attr_get).
+ + remove spurious trailing blanks in glibc addon-scripts (patch by
+ H.J.Lu).
+ + insert a few braces at locations where gcc-2.8.x asks to use them to
+ avoid ambigous else's, use -fpic rather than -fPIC for Linux (patch
+ by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + split SHLIB_LIST into SHLIB_DIRS/SHLIB_LIST to keep -L options
+ before -l to accommodate Solaris' linker (reported by Larry Virden).
+ + modify lib_color.c to eliminate dependency on orig_colors and
+ orig_pair, since SVr4 curses does not require these either, but
+ uses them when they are available.
+ + add detailed usage-message to infocmp.
+ + correct a typo in att6386 entry (a "%?" which was "?").
+ + add -f option to infocmp and tic, which formats the terminfo
+ if/then/else/endif so that they are readable (with newlines and
+ tabs).
+ + fixes for glibc addon scripts (patch by H.J.Lu).
+ + revise configure macro CF_SPEED_TYPE so that termcap.h has speed_t
+ declared (from Adam J. Richter <adam@yggdrasil.com>)
+ + remove spurious curs_set() call from leaveok() (J.T.Conklin).
+ + corrected handling leaveok() in doupdate() (patch by Alexander V.
+ Lukyanov).
+ + improved version of wredrawln (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + correct c++/Makefile.in so install target do not have embedded ../lib
+ to confuse it (patch by Thomas Graf <graf@essi.fr>).
+ + add warning to preinstall rule which checks if the installer would
+ overwrite a curses.h or termcap.h that is not derived from ncurses.
+ (The recommended configuration for developers who need both is to
+ use --disable-overwrite).
+ + modify preinstall rule in top-level Makefile to avoid implicit
+ use of 'sh', to accommodate Ultrix 4.4 (reported by Joao Palhoto
+ Matos <jmatos@math.ist.utl.pt>, patch by Thomas Esser
+ <te@informatik.uni-hannover.de>)
+ + refine ifdef's for TRACE so that libncurses has fewer dependencies
+ on libtinfo when TRACE is disabled.
+ + modify configure script so that if the --with-termlib option is used
+ to generate a separate terminfo library, we chain it to the ncurses
+ library with a "-l" option (reported by Darryl Miles and Ian T.
+ Zimmerman).
+ + correct limits and window in wredrawln function (reported/analysis by
+ Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + correct sed expression in configure script for --with-fallback
+ option (patch by Jesse Thilo).
+ + correct some places in configure script where $enableval was used
+ rather than $withval (patch by Darryl Miles <dlm@g7led.demon.co.uk>).
+ + modify some man-pages so no '.' or '..' falls between TH and SH
+ macros, to accommodate man_db program (reported by Ian T. Zimmerman
+ <itz@rahul.net>).
+ + terminfo.src 10.2.1 from Eric's webpage.
+ > several changes by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + add copyright notices (and rcs id's) on remaining man-pages.
+ + corrected prototypes for slk_* functions, using chtype rather than
+ attr_t.
+ + implemented the wcolor_set() and slk_color() functions
+ + the slk_attr_{set,off,on} functions need an additional void*
+ parameter according to XSI.
+ + fix the C++ and Ada95 binding as well as the man pages to
+ reflect above enhancements.
+ + use 'stat()' rather than 'access()' in toe.c to check for the
+ existence of $HOME/.terminfo, since it may be a file.
+ + suppress configure CF_CXX_LIBRARY check if we are not using g++
+ 2.7.x, since this is not needed with g++ 2.8 or egcs (patch by
+ Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + turn on hashmap scrolling code by default, intend to remedy defects
+ by 4.3 release.
+ + minor corrections to terminfo.src changelog.
+980302 4.2 release for upload to prep.ai.mit.edu
+ + correct Florian's email address in ncurses-intro.html
+ + terminfo.src 10.2.0 from Eric.
+980228 pre-release
+ + add linux-koi8r replace linux-koi8, which is not KOI8 (patch by
+ QingLong <qinglong@Bolizm.ihep.su>).
+ + minor documentation fixes (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + add setlocale() call to ncurses.c (reported by Claes G. Lindblad
+ <claesg@algonet.se>).
+ + correct sign-extension in lib_insstr.c (reported by Sotiris
+ Vassilopoulos <svas@leon.nrcps.ariadne-t.gr>)
+980221 pre-release
+ + regenerated some documentation overlooked in 980214 patch
+ (ncurses-intro.doc, curs_outopts.3x.html)
+ + minor ifdef change to C++ binding to work with gcc 2.8.0 (patch by
+ Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + change maintainer's mailing address to florian@gnu.org, change
+ tentative mailing list address to bug-ncurses-request@gnu.org (patch
+ by Florian La Roche).
+ + add definition of $(REL_VERSION) to c++/Makefile.in (reported by Gran
+ Hasse <gh@raditex.se>).
+ + restore version numbers to Ada95 binding, accidentally deleted by
+ copyright patch (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+980214 pre-release
+ + remove ncurses.lsm from MANIFEST so that it won't be used in FSF
+ distributions, though it is retained in development.
+ + correct scaling of milliseconds to nanoseconds in lib_napms.c (patch
+ by Jeremy Buhler).
+ + update mailing-list information (bug-ncurses@gnu.org).
+ + update announcement for upcoming 4.2 release.
+ + modify -lm test to check for 'sin()' rather than 'floor()'
+ + remove spurious commas from terminfo.src descriptions.
+ + change copyright notices to Free Software Foundation
+ + minor fixes for autoconf macros CF_ERRNO, CF_HELP_MESSAGE and
+ + modify Makefile.glibc so that $(objpfx) is defined (H.J.Lu).
+ + ifdef-out true-return from _nc_mouse_inline() which depends on
+ merge of QNX patch (pending 4.2 release).
+ > patch by J.T.Conklin, to split off seldom-used modules in ncurses
+ (reduces size by up to 2.6kb):
+ + move functionality of _nc_usleep into napms, add configuration case
+ for nanosleep().
+ + moved wchgat() from lib_addch.c to lib_chgat.c
+ + moved clearok(), immedok(), leaveok(), and scrollok() from
+ lib_options.c to lib_clearok.c, lib_immedok.c, lib_leaveok.c and
+ lib_scrollok.c.
+ + moved napms() from lib_kernel.c to lib_napms.c
+ + moved echo() and noecho() from lib_raw.c to lib_echo.c
+ + moved nl() and nonl() from lib_raw.c to lib_nl.c
+ + corrected conversion in tclock.c (cf: 971018).
+ + updates to Makefile.glibc and associated Linux configure script
+ (patch by H.J.Lu).
+ + workaround a quoting problem on SunOS with tar-copy.sh
+ + correct init_pair() calls in worm.c to work when use_default_colors()
+ is not available.
+ + include <sys/types.h> in CF_SYS_TIME_SELECT to work with FreeBSD 2.1.5
+ + add ncv capability to FreeBSD console (cons25w), making reverse
+ work with color.
+ + correct sense of configure-test for sys/time.h inclusion with
+ sys/select.h
+ + fixes for Ada95/ada_include/Makefile.in to work with --srcdir option.
+ + remove unused/obsolete test-program rules from progs/Makefile.in
+ (the rules in ncurses/Makefile.in work).
+ + remove shared-library loader flags from test/Makefile.in, etc.
+ + simplify test/configure.in using new version of autoconf to create
+ test/ncurses_cfg.h
+ + suppress suffix rules in test/Makefile.in, provide explicit dependency
+ to work with --srcdir option and less capable 'make' programs.
+ > adapted from patch for QNX by Xiaodan Tang:
+ + initialize %P and %g variables set/used in tparm, and also ensure
+ that empty strings don't return a null result from tparam_internal
+ + add QNX-specific prototype for vsscanf()
+ + move initialization of SP->_keytry from init_keytry() to newterm() to
+ avoid resetting it via a keyok() call by mouse_activate().
+ + reorganized some functions in lib_mouse() to use case-statements.
+ + remove sgr string from qnx terminfo entry since it is reported to
+ turn off attributes inconsistently.
+ + add f/F/b/B commands to ncurses 'b' test to toggle colors, providing
+ test for no_color_video.
+ + adjusted emx.src to use no_color_video, now works with ncurses 'b'
+ and 'k' tests.
+ + implement no_color_video attribute, and as a special case, reverse
+ colors when the reverse attribute cannot be combined with color.
+ + check for empty string in $TERM variable (reported by Brett Michaels
+ <brett@xylan.com>).
+ > from reports by Fred Fish:
+ + add configure-test for isascii
+ + add configure-test for -lm library.
+ + modify CF_BOOL_SIZE to check if C++ bool types are unsigned.
+ > patches by J.J.G.Ripoll
+ + add configure/makefile variables to support .exe extension on
+ OS/2 EMX (requires additional autoconf patches).
+ + explicitly initialize variables in lib_data.c to appease OS/2 linker
+ > patches by Fred Fish <fnf@ninemoons.com>
+ + misc/Makefile.in (install.data): Avoid trying to install the CVS
+ directory.
+ + aclocal.m4 (install.includes): Remove files in the include directory
+ where we are going to install new ones, not the original source
+ files.
+ + misc/terminfo.src: Add entry for "beterm", derived from termcap
+ distributed with BeOS PR2 using captoinfo.
+ + aclocal.m4: Wrap $cf_cv_type_of_bool with quotes (contains space)
+ + aclocal.m4: Assume bool types are unsigned.
+ + progs/infocmp.c: workaround mwcc 32k function data limit
+ + correct initialization of color-pair (from 970524) in xmas.c, which
+ was using only one color-pair for all colors (reported by
+ J.J.G.Ripoll).
+ + add multithread options for objects build on EMX, for compatibility
+ with XFree86.
+ + split up an expression in MKlib_gen.sh to work around a problem on
+ OS/2 EMX, with 'ash' (patch by J.J.G.Ripoll).
+ + change terminfo entries xterm (xterm-xf86-v40), xterm-8bit rs1 to use
+ hard reset.
+ + rename terminfo entry xterm-xf86-v39t to xterm-xf86-v40
+ + remove bold/underline from sun console entries since they're not
+ implemented.
+ + correct _tracef calls in _tracedump(), which did not separate format
+ from parameters.
+ + correct getopt string for tic "-o" option, and add it to man-page
+ synopsis (reported by Darren Hiebert <darren@hmi.com>).
+ + correct typo in panel/Makefile.in, reversed if-statement in scrolling
+ optimization (Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + test for 'remove()', use 'unlink() if not found (patch by Philippe De
+ Muyter <phdm@macqel.be>).
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + Improve a feature of the forms driver. For invisible fields
+ (O_VISIBLE off) only the contents but not the attributes are cleared.
+ We now clear both. (Reported by Javier Kohan
+ <jkohan@adan.fceia.unr.edu.ar>)
+ + The man page form_field_opts.3x makes now clear, that invisible
+ fields are also always inactive.
+ + adjust ifdef's to compile the C++ binding with the just released
+ gcc-2.8.0 c++ and the corresponding new C++ libraries.
+ + correct "?" command in ncurses.c; it was performing non-screen writes
+ while the program was in screen mode. (It "worked" in 1.9.9e because
+ that version sets OPOST and OCRNL incorrectly).
+ + return error from functions in lib_kernel, lib_raw and lib_ti if
+ cur_term is null, or if underlying I/O fails.
+ + amend change to tputs() so that it does not return an error if
+ cur_term is null, since some applications depend on being able to use
+ tputs without initializing the terminal (reported by Christian J.
+ Robinson <infynity@cyberhighway.net>).
+ + add a copy of emx.src from J.J.G.Ripoll's OS/2 EMX version of ncurses
+ 1.9.9e, together with fixes/additions for the "ansi" terminal type.
+ + add tic check for save/restore cursor if change_scroll_region is
+ defined (from O'Reilly book).
+ + modify read_termcap.c to handle EMX-style pathnames (reported by
+ J.J.G.Ripoll).
+ + modify lib_raw.c to use EMX's setmode (from J.J.G.Ripoll, who says
+ EMX's curses does this).
+ + modify _nc_tic_expand() to generate \0 rather than \200.
+ + move/revise 'expand()' from dump_entry.c to ncurses library as
+ _nc_tic_expand(), for use by tack.
+ + decode \a as \007 for terminfo, as per XSI.
+ + correct translation of terminfo "^@", to \200, like \0.
+ + modify next_char() to treat <cr><lf> the same as <newline>, for
+ cross-platform compatibility.
+ + use new version of autoconf (971230) to work around limited
+ environment on CLIX, due to the way autoconf builds --help message.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + check that the Ada95 binding runs against the correct version of
+ ncurses.
+ + insert constants about the library version into the main spec-file of
+ the Ada95 binding.
+ + modify open/fopen calls to use binary mode, needed for EMX.
+ + modify configure script to work with autoconf 2.10 mods for OS/2
+ EMX from J.J.G.Ripoll.
+ + generated ncurses_cfg.h with patch (971222) to autoconf 2.12 which
+ bypasses limited sed buffer length.
+ > several changes from Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll <worm@arrakis.es>
+ (J.J.G.Ripoll) to support OS/2 EMX:
+ + add a _scrolling flag to SP, to set when we encounter a terminal
+ that simply cannot scroll.
+ + corrected logic in _nc_add_to_try(), by ensuring that strings with
+ embedded \200 characters are matched.
+ + don't assume the host has 'link()' function, for linking terminfo
+ entries.
+ + if there's no ioctl's to support sigwinch handler, disable it.
+ + add configure option --disable-ext-funcs to remove the extended
+ functions from the build.
+ + add configure option --with-termlib to generate the terminfo
+ functions as a separate library.
+ + add 'sources' rule to facilitate cross-compiling.
+ + review/fix order of mostlyclean/clean/distclean rules.
+ + modify install-rule for headers to first remove old header, in
+ case there was a symbolic link that confuses the install script.
+ + corrected substitution for NCURSES_CONST in term.h (cf: 971108)
+ + add null pointer checks in wnoutrefresh(), overlap() (patch by
+ Xiaodan Tang <xtang@qnx.com>)
+ + correct tputs(), which could dereference a null cur_term if invoked
+ before terminal is initialized (patch by Christopher Seawood
+ <cls@seawood.org>)
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + makes better use of "pragma Inline" in the Ada95 binding
+ + resynchronizes the generated html manpages
+ + additional fixes for man-pages section-references
+ + add (for debugging) a check for ich/ich1 conflict with smir/rmir
+ to tic, etc.
+ + remove hpa/vpa from rxvt terminal description because they are not
+ implemented correctly, added sgr0.
+ + change ncurses 's' to use raw mode, so ^Q works (reported by Rudolf
+ Leitgeb <leitgeb@leland.stanford.edu>)
+ + modify protection when installing libraries to (normally) not
+ executable. HP-UX shared libraries are an exception.
+ + add configure check for 'tack'.
+ + implement script for renaming section-references in man-page install,
+ for Debian configuration.
+ + add validity-check for SP in trace code in baudrate() (reported by
+ Daniel Weaver).
+ > patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov (fixes to match sol25 curses)
+ + modify 'overlay()' so that copy applies target window background to
+ characters.
+ + correct 'mvwin()' so that it does not clear the previous locations.
+ + correct lib_acs.c so that 8-bit character is not sign expanded in
+ case of wide characters in chtype.
+ + correct control-char test in lib_addch.c for use with wide chars
+ + use attribute in the chtype when adding a control character in
+ lib_addch.c control char was added with current attribute
+ + save/restore errno in _tracef() function
+ + change treatment of initialize_color to use a range of 0..1000
+ (recommended by Daniel Weaver).
+ + set umask in mkinstalldirs, fixing problems reported by users who
+ have set root's umask to 077.
+ + correct bug in tic that caused capabilities to be reprinted at the
+ end of output when they had embedded comments.
+ + rewrote wredrawln to correspond to XSI, and split-out since it is
+ not often used (from report by Alexander V. Lukyanov, 970825)
+ + rewrote Dan Nelson's change to make it portable, as well as to
+ correct logic for handling backslashes.
+ + add code to _nc_tgetent() to make it work more like a real tgetent().
+ It removes all empty fields, and removes all but the first in a group
+ of duplicate caps. The code was pulled from the BSD libtermcap code
+ in termcap.c (patch by Dan Nelson <dnelson@emsphone.com>
+ + don't include --enable-widec in the --with-develop configure option,
+ since it is not binary-compatible with 4.1 (noted by Alexander V.
+ Lukyanov)
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + further improvements of the usage of elaboration pragmas in the Ada95
+ binding
+ + enhanced Ada95 sample to use the user_data mechanism for panels.
+ + a fix for the configuration script to make gnat-3.10 the required
+ version.
+ + resync of the html version of the manpages
+ > fixes/updates for terminfo.src:
+ + add vt220-js, pilot, rbcomm, datapoint entries from esr's 27-jun-97
+ version.
+ + add hds200 description (Walter Skorski)
+ + add EMX 0.9b descriptions
+ + correct rmso/smso capabilities in wy30-mc and wy50-mc (Daniel Weaver)
+ + rename xhpterm back to hpterm.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + Improves the usage of elaboration pragmas for the Ada95 binding.
+ + Adds a translation of the test/rain.c into Ada95 to the samples.
+ This has been contributed to the project by Laurent Pautet
+ (pautet@gnat.com)
+ + increase MAX_NAME_SIZE to 512 to handle extremely long alias list
+ in HP-UX terminfo.
+ + correction & simplification of delay computation in tputs, based on
+ comments from Daniel Weaver.
+ + replace test for SCO with more precise header tests.
+ + add configure test for unsigned literals, use in NCURSES_BITS macro.
+ + comment-out the -PIC, etc., flags from c++, progs and test makefiles
+ since they probably are not needed, and are less efficient (noted by.
+ Ju"rgen Fluk)
+ + add -L$(libdir) to loader options, after -L../lib so that loaders
+ that record this information will tend to do the right thing if
+ the programs are moved around after installing them (suggested by.
+ Ju"rgen Fluk).
+ + add -R option to loader options for programs for Solaris if the
+ --enable-rpath option is specified for the libraries.
+ + correct installed filename for shared libraries on *BSD (reported by
+ Ju"rgen Fluk).
+ + cleanup logic for deciding when tputs() should call delay_output(),
+ based on comments from Daniel Weaver.
+ + modified tputs() to avoid use of float.
+ + correct use of trailpad in tputs(), which used the wrong variable
+ in call to delay_output().
+ + correct inverted expression for null-count in delay_output()
+ (analysis by Daniel Weaver).
+ + apply --enable-rpath option to Solaris (requested by Larry Virden).
+ + correct substitution of EXTRA_CFLAGS for gcc 2.6.3
+ + correct check for error-return by _nc_tgetent(), which returns 0
+ for success.
+ + add configure test for BSD 4.4 cgetent() function, modify
+ read_termcap.c to use the host's version of that if found, using the
+ terminal database on FreeBSD (reported by Peter Wemm).
+ + add u8, u9 strings to sun-il description for Daniel Weaver.
+ + use NCURSES_CONST in panel's user-pointer.
+ + modify edit_cfg.sh and MKterm.h.awk.in to substitute NCURSES_CONST
+ so that will work on NeXT.
+ + use _nc_set_screen() rather than assignments to SP to fix port to
+ NeXT (reported by Francisco A. Tomei Torres).
+ + force mandatory padding in bell and flash_screen, as specified in XSI.
+ + don't allow padding_baud_rate to override mandatory delays (reported
+ by Daniel Weaver).
+ + modify delay_output() to use _nc_timed_wait() if no baudrate has been
+ defined, or if the cur_term pointer is not initialized. XSI treats
+ this as unspecified. (requested by Daniel Weaver).
+ + change getcap-cache ifdef's to eliminate unnecessary chdir/mkdir
+ when that feature is not configured.
+ + remove _nc_err_abort() calls when write_entry.c finds a directory but
+ cannot write to it, e.g., when translating part/all of /etc/termcap
+ (reported by Andreas Jaeger <aj@arthur.rhein-neckar.de>).
+ (this dates back to 951102, in 1.9.7a).
+ + minor ifdef fixes to compile with atac and glibc 2.0.5c
+ + add check for -lgen when configuring regexpr.h
+ + modify Solaris shared-library option "-d y" to "-dy" to workaround
+ incompatibility of gcc 2.7.2 vs vendor's tools.
+ + correct ifdef's for struct winsize vs struct ttysize in lib_setup.c
+ to compile on SCO.
+ + remove dangling backslash in panel/Makefile.in
+ + modify MKkeyname.awk to work with SCO's nawk, which dumps core in the
+ length() function.
+ + correct length of allocation in _nc_add_to_try(), to allow for
+ trailing null.
+ + correct logic in _nc_remove_key(), which was discarding too many
+ nodes (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov)
+ + add definition for $(REL_VERSION) to test/Makefile.in, so *BSD
+ shared libraries link properly (see 970524).
+ + modify Linux shared-library generation to include library
+ dependencies (e.g., -lncurses and -lgpm) in the forms, menu and
+ panel libraries (suggested by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + modify configure script to use config.guess and config.sub rather
+ than uname, which is unreliable on some systems.
+ + updated Makefile.glibc, test-built with glibc 2.0.5c
+ + modify keyname() to return values consistent with SVr4 curses (patch
+ by Ju"rgen Fluk).
+ > changes requested by Daniel Weaver:
+ + modify delay_output() so that it uses the same output function as
+ tputs() if called from that function.
+ + move _baudrate from SCREEN to TERMINAL so that low-level use of
+ tputs works when SP is not set.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + factor lib_menu and lib_form into smaller modules
+ + clean up the interface between panel and SCREEN
+ + minor changes to the Ada95 mouse support implemenation
+ + minor bugfix in C++ binding to ripoff windows
+ + fix a few Ada95 html documentation pages
+ + split-out lib_ungetch.c, make runtime link to resizeterm() to
+ decouple those modules from lib_restart.c
+ + add xterm-xf86-v39t description to terminfo.src
+ + reset SP->_endwin in lib_tstp.c cleanup() function after calling
+ endwin() to avoid unnecessary repainting if the application has
+ established an atexit function, etc. Encountered this problem in
+ the c++ demo, whose destructors repaint the screen.
+ + combine _nc_get_screensize() and resizeterm() calls as new function
+ _nc_update_screensize().
+ + minor fixes to allow compile with g++ (suggested by Nelson H. F.
+ Beebe).
+ + implement install-rules for Ada95 makefiles.
+ + use screen_lines or MAXLINES as needed where LINES was coded,
+ as well as screen_columns for COLS, in the ncurses library.
+ > patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + modify logic for ripped-off lines to handle several SCREENs.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + factors lib_slk.c into some smaller modules
+ + factors panel.c into some smaller modules
+ + puts the static information about the current panel stack into the
+ SCREEN structure to allow different panel stacks on different
+ screens.
+ + preliminary fix for an error adjusting LINES to account for
+ ripped-off lines.
+ + move _nc_max_click_interval and other mouse interface items to SCREEN
+ struct so that they are associated with a single terminal, and also
+ save memory when the application does not need a mouse (roughly 3k vs
+ 0.5k on Linux).
+ + modify mouseinterval() so that a negative parameter queries the
+ click-interval without modifying it.
+ + modify ncurses 'i' test to work with ncurses' apparent extension from
+ SVr4, i.e., allows nocbreak+noecho (analysis by Alexander V.
+ Lukyanov).
+ + add configure options --with-ada-includes and --with-ada-objects,
+ to drive Ada95 binding install (not yet implemented).
+ + install C++ binding as -lncurses++ and associated headers with the
+ other ncurses headers.
+ + fix header uninstall if configure --srcdir is used.
+ > minor interface changes (request by Daniel Weaver <danw@znyx.com>,
+ to support 'tack' program):
+ + export functions _nc_trans_string() and _nc_msec_cost().
+ + add variable _nc_nulls_sent, to record the number of padding
+ characters output in delay_output().
+ + move tests for generic_type and hard_copy terminals in setupterm()
+ to the end of that function so that the library will still be
+ initialized, though not generally useful for curses programs.
+ > patches by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + modify ClrBottom() to avoid using clr_eos if there is only one line
+ to erase.
+ + typo in configure --help.
+ > patch by J.T.Conklin (with minor resync against Juergen's changes)
+ + split-out lib_flash.c from lib_beep.c
+ + split-out lib_hline.c and lib_vline.c from lib_box.c
+ + split-out lib_wattron.c, lib_wattroff.c from lib_addch.c
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + correct source/target of c++/edit_cfg.sh
+ + add color, mouse support to kterm terminfo entry.
+ + modify lib_mouse.c to recognize rxvt, kterm, color_xterm also as
+ providing "xterm"-style mouse.
+ + updated rxvt's terminfo description to correspond to 2.21b, with
+ fixes for the acsc (the box1 capability is incorrect, ech1 does not
+ work).
+ + fix logic in parse_entry.c that discarded acsc when 'synthesizing'
+ an entry from equivalents in XENIX or AIX. This lets ncurses handle
+ the distribution copy of rxvt's terminfo.
+ + modify acsc capability for linux and linux-koi8 terminfo descriptions
+ (from Pavel Roskin <pavel@absolute.spb.su>).
+ + corrected definition in curses.h for ACS_LANTERN, which was 'I'
+ rather than 'i' (see 970802).
+ + updated terminfo.src with reformatted acsc entries, and repaired the
+ trashed entries with spurious '\' characters that this exposed.
+ + add logic to dump_entry.c to reformat acsc entries into canonical
+ form (sorted, unique mapping).
+ + add configure script to generate c++/etip.h
+ + add configure --with-develop option, to enable by default most of the
+ experimental options (requested by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + rename 'deinstall' to 'uninstall', following GNU convention (suggested
+ by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ > patches by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + modify tactics 2 and 5 in onscreen_mvcur(), to allow them on the last
+ line of the screen, since carriage return will not cause a newline.
+ + remove clause from PutCharLR() that would try to use
+ eat_newline_glitch since that apparently does not work on some
+ terminals (e.g., M$ telnet).
+ + correct a limit check in scroll_csr_backward()
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + adds dummy implementations of methods above() and below() to the
+ NCursesPanel class.
+ + fixes missing returncode in NCursesWindow::ripoffline()
+ + fixes missing returncode in TestApplication::run() in demo.cc
+ + We should at least give a comment in etip.h why it is currently a
+ problem to install the C++ binding somewhere
+ + makes the WINDOW* argument of wenclose() a const.
+ + modifies several of the routines in lib_adabind.c to use a const
+ WINDOW* argument.
+ + add 'deinstall' rules.
+ + use explicit assignments in configure --without-progs option to
+ work around autoconf bug which doesn't always set $withval.
+ + check for ldconfig, don't try to run it if not found.
+ + implement simple/unoptimized case in lib_doupdate.c to handle
+ display with magic cookie glitch, tested with ncurses.c program.
+ + correct missing _tracef in getmouse(), to balance the returnCode
+ macro.
+ + simplify show_attr() in ncurses.c using termattrs().
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + provides missing inlines for mvw[hv]line in cursesw.h of the C++
+ binding
+ + fixes a typo in a comment of frm_driver.c
+ + Enhances Ada95 Makefiles to fulfill the requirement of GNAT-3.10 that
+ generics should be compiled. Proper fixes to the configuration
+ scripts are also provided.
+ + several modifications to the configure script (requested by Ward
+ Horner):
+ + add configure options --without-progs, to suppress the build of the
+ utility programs, e.g., for cross-compiling.
+ + add $(HOSTCCFLAGS) and $(HOSTLDFLAGS) symbols to ncurses
+ Makefile.in, to simplify setup for cross compiling.
+ + add logic in configure script to recognize "--target=vxworks", and
+ generate load/install actions for VxWorks objects.
+ + move typedef for sigaction_t into SigAction.h to work around problem
+ generating lint library.
+ + modify fty_regex.c to reflect renaming of ifdef's for regular
+ expressions.
+ + simplify ifdef in lib_setup.c for TIOCGWINSZ since that symbol may
+ reside in <sys/ioctl.h>.
+ + merge testcurs.c with version from PDCurses 2.3, clarifying some of
+ the more obscure tests, which rely upon color.
+ + use macros getbegyx() and getmaxyx() in newdemo.c and testcurs.c
+ + modify ncurses.c to use getbegyx() and getmaxyx() macros to cover up
+ implementation difference wrt SVr4 curses, allow 's' test to work.
+ + add missing endwin() to testscanw.c program (reported by Fausto
+ Saporito <fausap@itb.it>).
+ + fixes/updates for Makefile.glibc and related files under sysdeps
+ (patch by H.J.Lu).
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + add checks for null pointers, especially WINDOW's throughout the
+ ncurses library.
+ + solve a problem with wrong calculation of panel overlapping (reported
+ by Ward Horner):
+ + make sure that a panel's window isn't a pad.
+ + do more error checking in module lib_touch.c
+ + missing files for Ada95 binding from the last patch
+ + synch. of generated html pages (RCS-Id's were wrong in html files)
+ + support for Key_Resize in Ada binding
+ + changed documentation style in ./c++/cursesm.h
+ > patches by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + undo attempt to do recursive inlining for PutChar(), noting that it
+ did not improve timing measurably, but inflated the size of
+ lib_doupdate.o
+ + modify rain.c to use color.
+ + correct scroll_csr_backward() to match scroll_csr_forward().
+ + minor adjustment to llib-lncurses, to work with Solaris 2.5.1
+ + minor fixes to sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/configure to reflect renaming
+ of configure cache variables in 970906.
+ + correct logic involving changes to O_VISIBLE option in
+ Synchronize_Options function in frm_driver.c (Tony Hoffmann
+ <Tony.Hoffmann@hia.nrc.ca>)
+ + add $(HOSTCC) symbol to ncurses Makefile.in, to simplify setup for
+ cross compiling (suggested by Chris Johns).
+ + modify ifdef in lib_setup.c to only include <sys/ioctl.h> if we can
+ use it to support screen-size calculation (reported by Chris Johns).
+ + #undef unctrl to avoid symbol conflict in port to RTEMS (reported by
+ Chris Johns <cjohns@plessey.com.au>)
+ > patches by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + simplified, made minor corrections to Ada95 binding to form fieldtype.
+ + The C++ binding has been enhanced:
+ + Improve NCursesWindow class: added additional methods to cover
+ more ncurses functionality. Make refresh() and noutrefresh()
+ virtual members to allow different implementation in the
+ NCursesPanel class.
+ + CAUTION: changed order of parameters in vline() and hline() of
+ NCursesWindow class.
+ + Make refresh() in NCursesPanel non-static, it is now a
+ reimplementation of refresh() in the base class. Added
+ noutrefresh() to NCursesPanel.
+ + Added NCursesForm and related classes to support libform
+ functionality.
+ + Moved most of configuration related stuff from cursesw.h to etip.h
+ + Added NCursesApplication class to support easy configuration of
+ menu and forms related attributes as well as ripped of title lines
+ and Soft-Label-Keys for an application.
+ + Support of Auto-Cleanup for a menu's fieldlist.
+ + Change of return type for current_item() and operator[] for menus.
+ + Enhanced demo.
+ + Fixed a bug in form/fld_def.c: take into account that copyarg and
+ freearg for a fieldtype may be NULL, makearg must not be NULL
+ + Fixed a bug in form/fld_type.c: in set_fieldtype_arg() makearg must
+ not be NULL, copyarg and freearg may be NULL.
+ + Fixed a bug in form/frm_def.c: Allow Disconnect_Fields() if it is
+ already disconnected.
+ + Enhance form/frm_driver.c: Allow growth of dynamic fields also on
+ navigation requests.
+ + Fixed a bug in form/fty_enum.c: wrong position of postincrement in
+ case-insensitiva comparision routine.
+ + Enhanced form/lib_adabind.c with function _nc_get_field() to get a
+ forms field by index.
+ + Enhanced menu/m_adabind.c with function _nc_get_item() to get a menus
+ item by index.
+ + Fixed in curses.h.in: make chtype argument for pechochar() constant.
+ Mark wbkgdset() as implemented, remove wbkgdset macro, because it was
+ broken (didn't handle colors correctly).
+ + Enhanced lib_mouse.c: added _nc_has_mouse() function
+ + Added _nc_has_mouse() prototype to curses.priv.h
+ + Modified lib_bkgd.c: hopefully correct implementation of wbkgdset();
+ streamlined implementation of wbkgd()
+ + Modified lib_mvwin.c: Disable move of a pad. Implement (costly)
+ move of subwindows. Fixed update behaviour of movements of regular
+ windows.
+ + Fixed lib_pad.c: make chtype argument of pechochar() const.
+ + Fixed lib_window.c: dupwin() is not(!) in every bit a really clone
+ of the original. Subwindows become regular windows by doing a
+ dupwin().
+ + Improved manpage form_fieldtype.3x
+ > patches by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + simplify the PutChar() handling of exit_am_mode, because we already
+ know that auto_right_margin is true.
+ + add a check in PutChar() for ability to insert to the case of
+ shifting character to LR corner.
+ + in terminal initialization by _nc_screen_resume(), make sure that
+ terminal right margin mode is known.
+ + move logic that invokes touchline(), or does the equivalent, into
+ _nc_scroll_window().
+ + modify scrolling logic use of insert/delete line capability, assuming
+ that they affect the screen contents only within the current
+ scrolling region.
+ + modify rain.c to demonstrate SIGWINCH handler.
+ + remove logic from getch() that would return an ERR if the application
+ called getch() when the cursor was at the lower-right corner of the
+ physical screen, and the terminal does not have insert-character
+ ability.
+ + change view.c so that it breaks out of getch() loop if a KEY_RESIZE
+ is read, and modify logic in getch() so this fix will yield the
+ desired behavior, i.e., the screen is repainted automatically when
+ the terminal window is resized.
+ + add configure option --enable-sigwinch
+ + modify view.c to test KEY_RESIZE logic, with "-r" option.
+ + modify testcurs.c to eliminate misleading display wrt cursor type
+ by testing if the terminal supports cnorm, civis, cvvis.
+ + several fixes for m68k/NeXT 4.0, to bring cur_term, _nc_curr_line and
+ _nc_curr_col variables into linked programs: move these variables,
+ making new modules lib_cur_term and trace_buf (reported by Francisco
+ Alberto Tomei Torres <fatomei@sandburg.unm.edu>).
+ > patches by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + add pseudo-functionkey KEY_RESIZE which is returned by getch() when
+ the SIGWINCH handler has been called since the last call to
+ doupdate().
+ + modify lib_twait.c to hide EINTR only if HIDE_EINTR is defined.
+ + add SIGWINCH handler to ncurses library which is used if there is no
+ application SIGWINCH handler in effect when the screen is
+ initialized.
+ + make linked list of all SCREEN structures.
+ + move curses.h include before definition of SCREEN to use types in
+ that structure.
+ + correction to ensure that wgetstr uses only a newline to force a
+ scroll (970831).
+ + add experimental configure option --enable-safe-sprintf; the normal
+ mode now allocates a buffer as large as the screen for the
+ lib_printw.c functions.
+ + modify wgetch to refresh screen when reading ungetch'd characters,
+ since the application may require this - SVr4 does this.
+ + refine treatment of newline in wgetstr to echo only when this would
+ force the screen to scroll.
+ + remove override in wgetstr() that forces keypad(), since SVr4 does
+ not do this.
+ + correct y-reference for erasure in wgetstr() when a wrap forces a
+ scroll.
+ + correct x-position in waddch() after a wrap forces a scroll.
+ + echo newline in wgetstr(), making testscanw.c scroll properly when
+ scanw is done.
+ + modify vwscanw() to avoid potential buffer overflow.
+ + rewrote lib_printw.c to eliminate fixed-buffer limits.
+ > patches by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + correct an error in handling cooked mode in wgetch(); processing
+ was in the wrong order.
+ + simplified logic in wgetch() that handles backspace, etc., by using
+ wechochar().
+ + correct wechochar() so that it interprets the output character as
+ in waddch().
+ + modify pechochar() to use prefresh() rather than doupdate(), since
+ the latter does not guarantee immediate refresh of the pad.
+ + modify pechochar() so that if called with a non-pad WINDOW, will
+ invoke wechochar() instead.
+ + modify fifo indices to allow fifo to be longer than 127 bytes.
+ + add xterm-8bit to terminfo.src
+ + moved logic for SP->_fifohold inside check_pending() to make it
+ work properly when we add calls to that function.
+ + ensure that bool functions return only TRUE or FALSE, and TRUE/FALSE
+ are assigned to bool values (patch by H.J.Lu).
+ > patches by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + several fixes to getch:
+ 1. Separate cooked and raw keys in fifo
+ 2. Fix the case of ungetch'ed KEY_MOUSE
+ 3. wrap the code for hiding EINTR with ifdef HIDE_EINTR
+ 4. correctly handle input errors (i.e., EINTR) without loss of raw
+ keys
+ 5. recognize ESC KEY_LEFT and similar
+ 6. correctly handle the case of receiption of KEY_MOUSE from gpm
+ + correct off-by-one indexing error in _nc_mouse_parse(), that caused
+ single mouse events (press/release) to be ignored in favor of
+ composed events (click). Improves on a fix from integrating gpm
+ support in 961229.
+ + add another call to check_pending, before scrolling, for
+ line-breakout optimization
+ + improve hashmap.c by
+ 1. fixed loop condition in grow_hunks()
+ 2. not marking lines with offset 0
+ 3. fixed condition of 'too far' criteria, thus one-line hunks are
+ ignored and two lines interchanged won't pass.
+ + rewrote/simplified _nc_scroll_optimize() by separating into two
+ passes, forward/backward, looking for chunks moving only in the given
+ direction.
+ + move logic that emits sgr0 when initializing the screen to
+ _nc_screen_init(), now invoked from newterm.
+ + move cursor-movement cleanup from endwin() into _nc_mvcur_wrap()
+ function and screen cleanup (i.e., color) into _nc_screen_wrap()
+ function.
+ + add new functions _nc_screen_init(), _nc_screen_resume() and
+ _nc_screen_wrap().
+ + rename _nc_mvcur_scrolln() to _nc_scrolln().
+ + add a copy of acs_map[] to the SCREEN structure, where it can be
+ stored/retrieved via set_term().
+ + move variables _nc_idcok, _nc_idlok, _nc_windows into the SCREEN
+ structure.
+ + implement experimental _nc_perform_scroll().
+ + modify newterm (actually _nc_setupscreen()) to emit an sgr0 when
+ initializing the screen, as does SVr4 (reported by Alexander V.
+ Lukyanov).
+ + added test_progs rule to ncurses/Makefile.
+ + modify test/configure.in to check if initscr is already in $LIBS
+ before looking for (n)curses library.
+ + correct version-number in configure script for OSF1 shared-library
+ options (patch by Tim Mooney).
+ + add -DNDEBUG to CPPFLAGS for --enable-assertions (as Juergen
+ originally patched) since the c++ demo files do not necessarily
+ include ncurses_cfg.h
+ + supply default value for --enable-assertions option in configure
+ script (reported by Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <lerdsuwa@scf-fs.usc.edu>).
+ > patches by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + correct/simplify logic of werase(), wclrtoeol() and wclrbot(). See
+ example firstlast.c
+ + optimize waddch_literal() and waddch_nosync() by factoring out
+ common subexpressions.
+ + correct sense of NDEBUG ifdef for CHECK_POSITION macro.
+ + corrections to render_char(), to make handling of colored blanks
+ match SVr4 curses, as well as to correct a bug that xor'd space
+ against the background character.
+ + replaced hash function with a faster one (timed it)
+ + rewrote the hashmap algorithm to be one-pass, this avoids multiple
+ cost_effective() calls on the same lines.
+ + modified cost_effective() so it is now slightly more precise.
+ > patches by H.J.Lu for glibc integration:
+ + add modules define_key, keyok, name_match, tries
+ + add makefile rules for some of the unit tests in ncurses (mvcur,
+ captoinfo, hardscroll, hashmap).
+ + update Linux configure-script for wide-character definitions.
+ + modify _tracebits() to show the character size (e.g., CS8).
+ + modify tparm() to emit '\200' where the generated string would have a
+ null (reported by From: Ian Dall <Ian.Dall@dsto.defence.gov.au> for
+ terminal type ncr7900).
+ + modify install process so that ldconfig is not invoked if the
+ package is built with an install-prefix.
+ + correct test program for chtype size (reported by Tim Mooney).
+ + add configure option --disable-scroll-hints, using this to ifdef the
+ logic that computes indices for _nc_scroll_optimize().
+ + add module ncurses/softscroll.c, to perform single-stage computation
+ of scroll indices used in _nc_scroll_optimize(). This is faster than
+ the existing scrolling algorithm, but tends to make too-small hunks.
+ + eliminate fixed buffer size in _nc_linedump().
+ + minor fixes to lib_doupdate.c to add tradeoff between clr_eol (el)
+ and clr_bol (el1), refine logic in ClrUpdate() and ClrBottom() (patch
+ by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + add test/testaddch.c, from a pending patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov.
+ + correct processing of "configure --enable-assertions" option (patch
+ by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + add '-s' (single-step) option too test/hashtest.c, correct an error
+ in loop limit for '-f' (footer option), toggle scrollok() when
+ writing footer to avoid wrap at lower-right corner.
+ + correct behavior of clrtoeol() immediately after wrapping cursor,
+ which was not clearing the line at the cursor position (reported by
+ Liviu Daia <daia@stoilow.imar.ro>).
+ + corrected mapping for ACS_LANTERN, which was 'I' rather than 'i'
+ (reported by Klaus Weide <kweide@tezcat.com>).
+ + many corrections to make progs/capconvert work, as well as make it
+ reasonably portable and integrated with ncurses 4.1 (reported by Dave
+ Furstenau <df@ravine.binary.net>).
+ + add flag SP->_fifohold, corresponding logic to modify the behavior of
+ the line breakout logic so that if the application does not read
+ input, refreshes will not be stopped, but only slowed.
+ + generate slk_attr_off(), slk_attr_on(), slk_attr_set(), vid_attr(),
+ ifdef'd for wide-character support, since ncurses' WA_xxx attribute
+ masks are identical with the A_xxx masks.
+ + modify MKlib_gen.sh to generate ifdef'd functions to support optional
+ configuration of wide-characters.
+ + modify tset to behave more like SVr4's tset, which does not modify
+ the settings of intr, quit or erase unless they are given as command
+ options (reported by Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe@math.utah.edu>).
+ + modify tset to look in /etc/ttys or /etc/ttytype if the configuration
+ does not have getttynam().
+ + extend baudrate table in tset.c to match baudrate() function.
+ + add table entries for 230400 and 460800 bd to baudrate() function.
+ + improve breakout logic by allowing it before the first line updated,
+ which is what SVr4 curses does (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + correct initialization of vcost in relative_move(), for cursor-down
+ case (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ > nits gleaned from Debian distribution of 1.9.9g-3:
+ + install symbolic link for intotocap.
+ + reference libc directly when making shared libraries.
+ + correct renaming of curs_scr_dmp.3x in man_db.renames.
+ + guard tgetflag() and other termcap functions against null cur_term
+ pointer.
+ + corrected initial state of software echo (error in 970405, reported
+ by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + reviewed/added messages to configure script, so that all non-test
+ options should be accompanied by a message.
+ + add configure check for long filenames, using this to determine if
+ it is safe to allow long aliases for terminal descriptions as does
+ SVr4.
+ + add configure options for widec (wide character), hashmap (both
+ experimental).
+ > patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ + hashmap.c - improved by heuristic, so that scroll test works much
+ better when csr is not available.
+ + hardscroll.c - patched so that it continues to scroll other chunks
+ after failure to scroll one.
+ + lib_doupdate.c - _nc_mvcur_scrolln extended to handle more cases; csr
+ is avoided as it is relative costly. Fixed wrong coordinates in one
+ case and wrong string in TRACE.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + modify C++ binding to compile on AIX 4.x with the IBM C-SET++
+ compiler.
+ + remove alternate character set from kterm terminfo entry; it uses the
+ shift-out control for a purpose incompatible with curses, i.e., font
+ switching.
+ + disentangle 'xterm' terminfo entry from some derived entries that
+ should be based on xterm-r6 instead.
+ + add cbt to xterm-xf86-xv32 terminfo entry; I added the emulation for
+ XFree86 3.1.2F, but overlooked its use in terminfo then - T.Dickey.
+ + correct logic in lib_mvcur.c that uses back_tab.
+ + correct change from 970628 to ClrUpdate() in lib_doupdate.c so that
+ contents of curscr are saved in newscr before clearing the screen.
+ This is needed to make repainting work with the present logic of
+ TransformLine().
+ + use napms() rather than sleep() in tset.c to avoid interrupting I/O.
+ + add limit checks to _nc_read_file_entry() to guard against overflow
+ of buffer when reading incompatible terminfo format, e.g, from OSF/1.
+ + correct some loop-variable errors in xmc support in lib_doupdate.c
+ + modify ncurses 'b' test to add gaps, specified by user, to allow
+ investigation of interaction with xmc (magic cookie) code.
+ + correct typo in 970524 mods to xmas.c, had omitted empty parameter
+ list from has_colors(), which gcc ignores, but SVr4 does not
+ (reported by Larry Virden).
+ + correct rmso capability in wy50-mc description.
+ + add configure option "--enable-hard-tabs", renamed TABS_OK ifdef to
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + Add bindings for keyok() and define_key() to the Ada95 packages.
+ + Improve man pages menu_post.3x and menu_format.3x
+ + Fix the HTML pages in the Ada95/html directory to reflect the above
+ changes.
+ + modify change from 970101 to ClrUpdate() in lib_doupdate.c so that
+ pending changes to both curscr and newscr are flushed properly.
+ This fixes a case where the first scrolling operation in nvi would
+ cause the screen to be cleared unnecessarily and repainted before
+ doing the indexing, i.e., by repeatedly pressing 'j' (reported by
+ Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + correct error in trans_string() which added embedded newlines in a
+ terminfo description to the stored strings.
+ + remove spurious newlines from sgr in wyse50 (and several other)
+ terminfo descriptions.
+ + add configure option for experimental xmc (magic cookie) code,
+ "--enable-xmc-glitch". When disabled (the default), attributes that
+ would store a magic cookie are suppressed in vidputs(). The magic
+ cookie code is far from workable at this stage; the configuration
+ option is a stopgap.
+ + move _nc_initscr() from lib_initscr.c to lib_newterm.c
+ + correct path for invoking make_keys (a missing "./").
+ + correct sign-extension problem with "infocmp -e", which corrupted
+ acsc values computed for linux fallback data.
+ + correct dependency on ncurses/names.c (a missing "./").
+ + modify configure script to use '&&' even for cd'ing to existing
+ directories to work around broken shell interpreters.
+ + correct a loop-limit in _nc_hash_map() (patch by Alexander V.
+ Lukyanov).
+ + restore logic in _nc_scroll_optimize() which marks as touched the
+ lines in curscr that are shifted.
+ + add new utility 'make_keys' to compute keys.tries as a table rather
+ than a series of function calls.
+ + correct include-dependency for tic.h used by name_match
+ + removed buffer-allocation for name and description from m_item_new.c,
+ since this might result in incompatibilities with SVr4. Also fixed
+ the corresponding Ada95 binding module (patch by Juergen Pfeifer,
+ from report by Avery Pennarun <apenwarr@foxnet.net>)
+ + removed the mechanism to timestamp the generated Ada95 sources. This
+ resulted always in generating patches for the HTML doc, even when
+ nothing really changed (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + improve man page mitem_new.3x (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + remove ech capability from rxvt description because it does not work.
+ + add missing case logic for infocmp -I option (reported by Lorenzo M.
+ Catucci <lorenzo@argon.roma2.infn.it>)
+ + correct old bug in pnoutrefresh() unmasked by fix in 970531; this
+ caused glitches in the ncurses 'p' test since the area outside the
+ pad was not compared when setting up indices for _nc_scroll_optimize.
+ + rewrote tracebits() to workaround misdefinition of TOSTOP on Ultrix
+ 4.4, as well as to eliminate fixed-size buffer (reported by Chris
+ Tanner <tannerc@aecl.ca>)
+ + correct prototype for termattrs() as per XPG4 version 2.
+ + add placeholder prototypes for color_set(), erasewchar(),
+ term_attrs(), wcolor_set() as per XPG4 version 2.
+ + correct attribution for progs/progs.priv.h and lib_twait.c
+ + improve line-breakout logic by checking based on changed lines rather
+ than total lines (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + correct loop limits for table-lookup of enumerated value in form
+ (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + improve threshhold computation for determining when to call ClrToEOL
+ (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + add configure option --disable-database to force the library to
+ use only the fallback data.
+ + add configure option --with-fallbacks, to specify list of fallback
+ terminal descriptions.
+ + add a symbolic link for ncurses.h during install; too many programs
+ still assume there's an ncurses.h
+ + add new terminfo.src entry for xterm-xf86-v33.
+ + restore terminfo.src entry for emu to using setf/setb, since it is
+ not, after all, generating ANSI sequences. Corrected missing comma
+ that caused setf/setb entries to merge.
+ + modify mousemask() to use keyok() to enable/disable KEY_MOUSE, so
+ that applications can disable ncurses' mouse and supply their own
+ handler.
+ + add extensions keyok() and define_key(). These are designed to allow
+ the user's application better control over the use of function keys,
+ e.g., disabling the ncurses KEY_MOUSE. (The define_key idea was from
+ a mailing-list thread started by kjahds@kjahds.com Nov'1995).
+ + restore original behavior in ncurses 'g' test, i.e., explicitly
+ set the keypad mode rather than use the default, since it confuses
+ people.
+ + rewrote the newdemo banner so it's readable (reported by Hugh Daniel).
+ + tidy up exit from hashtest (reported by Hugh Daniel).
+ + restore check for ^Q in ncurses 'g' test broken in 970510 (reported
+ by Hugh Daniel)
+ + correct tput program, checking return-value of setupterm (patch by
+ Florian La Roche).
+ + correct logic in pnoutrefresh() and pechochar() functions (reported
+ by Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <lerdsuwa@scf.usc.edu>). The computation
+ of 'wide' date to eric's #283 (1.9.9), and the pechochar bug to the
+ original implementation (1.9.6).
+ + correct typo in vt102-w terminfo.src entry (patch by Robert Wuest
+ <rwuest@sire.vt.com>)
+ + move calls of _nc_background() out of various loops, as its return
+ value will be the same for the whole window being operated on (patch
+ by J.T.Conklin).
+ + add macros getcur[xy] getbeg[xy] getpar[xy], which are defined in
+ SVr4 headers (patch by J.T.Conklin <jtc@NetBSD.ORG>)
+ + modify glibc addon-configure scripts (patch by H.J.Lu).
+ + correct a bug in hashmap.c: the size used for clearing the hashmap
+ table was incorrect, causing stack corruption for large values of
+ LINES, e.g., >MAXLINES/2 (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + eric's terminfo 9.13.23 & 9.13.24 changes: replaced minitel-2 entry,
+ added MGR, ansi-nt (note: the changes described for 9.13.24 have not
+ been applied).
+ > several changes by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + correct a missing error-return in form_driver.c when wrapping of a
+ field is not possible.
+ + correct logic in form_driver.c for configurations that do not have
+ memccpy() (reported by Sidik Isani <isani@cfht.hawaii.edu>)
+ + change several c++ binding functions to inline.
+ + modify c++ menu binding to inherit from panels, for proper
+ initialization.
+ + correct freeing of menu items in c++ binding.
+ + modify c++ binding to reflect removal of const from user data pointer
+ in forms/menus libraries.
+ + add description of xterm-16color.
+ + modify name of shared-library on *BSD to end with $(REL_VERSION)
+ rather than $(ABI_VERSION) to match actual convention on FreeBSD
+ (cf: 960713).
+ + add OpenBSD to shared-library case, same as NetBSD and FreeBSD
+ (reported by Hugh Daniel <hugh@rat.toad.com>).
+ + corrected include-dependency in menu/Makefile so that "make install"
+ works properly w/o first doing "make".
+ + add fallback definition for isascii, used in infocmp.
+ + modify xmas to use color, and to exit right away when a key is
+ pressed.
+ + modify gdc so that the scrolled digits function as described (there
+ was no time delay between the stages, and the digits overwrote the
+ bounding box without tidying up).
+ + modify lib_color.c to use setaf/setab only for the ANSI color codes
+ 0 through 7. Using 16 colors requires setf/setb.
+ + modify ncurses 'c' test to work with 16 colors, as well as the normal
+ 8 colors.
+ + remove const qualifier from user data pointer in forms and menus
+ libraries (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + rewrote 'waddchnstr()' to avoid using the _nc_waddch_nosync()
+ function, thereby not interpreting tabs, etc., as per spec (patch by
+ Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + suppress check for pre-existing ncurses header if the --prefix
+ option is specified.
+ + add configure options "--with-system-type" and "--with-system-release"
+ to assist in checking the generated makefiles.
+ + add configure option "--enable-rpath" to allow installers to specify
+ that programs linked against shared libraries will have their library
+ path embedded, allowing installs into nonstandard locations.
+ + add flags to OSF1 shared-library options to specify version and
+ symbol file (patch by Tim Mooney <mooney@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu>)
+ + add missing definition for ABI_VERSION to c++/Makefile.in (reported
+ by Satoshi Adachi <adachi@wisdom.aa.ap.titech.ac.jp>).
+ + modify link flags to accommodate HP-UX linker which embeds absolute
+ pathnames in executables linked against shared libraries (reported by
+ Jason Evans <jasone@mrc.uidaho.edu>, solved by Alan Shutko
+ <ats@hubert.wustl.edu>).
+ + drop unnecessary check for attribute-change in onscreen_mvcur() since
+ mvcur() is the only caller within the library, and that check in turn
+ is exercised only from lib_doupdate.c (patch by Alexander V.
+ Lukyanov).
+ + add 'blank' parameter to _nc_scroll_window() so _nc_mvcur_scrolln()
+ can use the background of stdscr as a parameter to that function
+ (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + moved _nc_mvcur_scrolln() from lib_mvcur.c to lib_doupdate.c, to use
+ the latter's internal functions, as well as to eliminate unnecessary
+ cursor save/restore operations (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + omit parameter of ClrUpdate(), since it is called only for newscr,
+ further optimized/reduced by using ClearScreen() and TransformLine()
+ to get rid of duplicate code (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + modify scrolling algorithm in _nc_scroll_optimize() to reject hunks
+ that are smaller than the distance to be moved (patch by Alexander V.
+ Lukyanov).
+ + correct a place where the panel library was not ifdef'd in ncurses.c
+ (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + documentation fixes (Juergen Pfeifer)
+970515 4.1 release for upload to prep.ai.mit.edu
+ + re-tag changes since 970505 as 4.1 release.
+ + modify ncurses 'g' test to allow mouse input
+ + modify default xterm description to include mouse.
+ + modify configure script to add -Wwrite-strings if gcc warnings are
+ enabled while configuring --enable-const (and fixed related warnings).
+ + add toggle, status display for keypad mode to ncurses 'g' test to
+ verify that keypad and scrollok are not inherited from parent window
+ during a call to newwin.
+ + correction to MKexpanded.sh to make it work when configure --srcdir is
+ used (reported by H.J.Lu).
+ + revise test for bool-type, ensuring that it checks if builtin.h is
+ available before including it, adding test for sizeof(bool) equal
+ to sizeof(short), and warning user if the size cannot be determined
+ (reported by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + add files to support configuration of ncurses as an add-on library
+ for GNU libc (patch by H.J.Lu <hjl@lucon.org>)
+ + correct buffer overrun in lib_traceatr.c
+ + modify change to lib_vidattr.c to avoid redundant orig_pair.
+ + turn on 'echo()' in hanoi.c, since it is initially off.
+ + rename local 'errno' variable in etip.h to avoid conflict with global
+ (H.J.Lu).
+ + modify configure script to cache LD, AR, AR_OPTS (patch by H.J.Lu
+ <hjl@lucon.org>)
+970505 4.1 pre-release
+ + regenerate the misc directory html dumps without the link list, which
+ is not useful.
+ + correct dependency in form directory makefile which caused unnecessary
+ recompiles.
+ + correct substitution for ABI_VERSION in test-makefile
+ + modify install rules for shared-library targets to remove the target
+ before installing, since some install programs do not properly handle
+ overwrite of symbolic links.
+ + change order of top-level targets so that 'include' immediate
+ precedes the 'ncurses' directory, reducing the time between new
+ headers and new libraries (requested by Larry Virden).
+ + modify lib_vidattr.c so that colors are turned off only before
+ modifying other attributes, turned on after others. This makes the
+ hanoi.c program display correctly on FreeBSD console.
+ + modify debug code in panel library to print user-data addresses
+ rather than the strings which they (may) point to.
+ + add check to ensure that C++ binding and demo are not built with g++
+ versions below 2.7, since the binding uses templates.
+ + modify c++ binding and demo to build and run with SGI's c++ compiler.
+ (It also compiles with the Sun SparcWorks compiler, but the demo does
+ not link, due to a vtbl problem).
+ + corrections to demo.cc, to fix out-of-scope variables (Juergen
+ Pfeifer).
+ + correct memory leak in _nc_trace_buf().
+ + add configure test for regexpr.h, for Unixware 1.x.
+ + correct missing "./" prefixing names of generated files in ncurses
+ directory.
+ + use single-quotes in configure scripts assignments for MK_SHARED_LIB
+ to workaround shell bug on FreeBSD 2.1.5
+ + remove tabs from intermediate #define's for GCC_PRINTF, GCC_SCANF
+ that caused incorrect result in ncurses_cfg.h
+ + correct initialization in lib_trace.c, which omitted version info.
+ + remove ech, el1 attributes from cons25w description; they appear to
+ malfunction in FreeBSD 2.1.5
+ + correct color attributes in terminfo.src and lib_color.c to match
+ SVr4 behavior by interchanging codes 1,4, 3,6 in the setf/setb
+ capabilities.
+ + use curs_set() rather than checks via tigetstr() for test programs
+ that hide the cursor: firework, rain, worm.
+ + ensure that if the terminal lacks change_scroll_region, parm_index
+ and parm_rindex are used only to scroll the whole screen (patch by
+ Peter Wemm).
+ + correct curs_set() logic, which did not return ERR if the requested
+ attributes did not exist, nor did it assume an unknown initial state
+ for the cursor (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + combine IDcTransformLine and NoIDcTransformLine to new TransformLine
+ function in lib_doupdate.c (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + correct hashmap.c, which did not update index information (patch by
+ Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + patch by Juergen Pfeifer for C++ binding and demo (see c++/NEWS)
+ + correct index in lib_instr.c (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + correct typo in 970426 patch from Tom's cleanup of lib_overlay.c
+ (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + corrected cost computation in PutRange(), which was using
+ milliseconds compared to characters by adding two new members to the
+ SCREEN struct, _hpa_ch_cost and _cup_ch_cost.
+ + drop ncurses/lib_unctrl.c, add ncurses/MKunctrl.awk to generate a
+ const array of strings (suggested by Alexander V. Lukyanov, though
+ with a perl script 970118).
+ + rewrote ncurses 'b' test to better exercise magic-cookie (xmc), as
+ well as noting the attributes that are not supported by a terminal.
+ + trace the computation of cost values in lib_mvcur.c
+ + modify _nc_visbuf() to use octal rather than hex, corrected sign
+ extension bug in that function that caused buffer overflow.
+ + modify trace in lib_acs.c to use _nc_visbuf().
+ + suppress trace within _traceattr2().
+ + correct logic of _tracechtype2(), which did not account for repeats
+ or redefinition within an acsc string.
+ + modify debug-library version baudrate() to use environment variable
+ $BAUDRATE to override speed computation. This is needed for
+ regression testing.
+ + correct problems shown by "weblint -pedantic".
+ + update mailing-list information (now ncurses@bsdi.com).
+ + Improve form_field_validation.3x manpage to better describe the
+ precision parameter for TYPE_NUMERIC and TYPE_INTEGER. Provide more
+ precise information how the range checking can be avoided. (patch by
+ Juergen Pfeifer, reported by Bryan Henderson)
+ + change type of min/max value of form types TYPE_INTEGER to long to
+ match SVr4 documentation.
+ + set the form window to stdscr in set_form_win() so that form_win()
+ won't return null (patch by Juergen Pfeifer, reported by Bryan
+ Henderson <bryanh@giraffe.netgate.net>).
+ + corrected ifdef'ing of inline (from 970321) for TRACE vs C++.
+ + corrected toggle_attr_off() macro (patch by Andries.Brouwer).
+ + modify treatment of empty token in $MANPATH to /usr/man (reported by
+ <Andries.Brouwer@cwi.nl>)
+ + modify traces that record functions-called so that chtype and attr_t
+ values are expressed symbolically, to simplify reuse of generated
+ test-scripts on SVr4 regression testing.
+ + add new trace functions _traceattr2() and _tracechtype2()
+ + add configure option --enable-const, to support the use of 'const'
+ where XSI should have, but did not, specify. This defines
+ NCURSES_CONST, which is an empty token otherwise, for strict
+ compatibility.
+ + make processing of configure options more verbose by echoing the
+ --enable/--with values.
+ + add configure option --enable-big-core
+ + set initial state of software echo off as per XSI.
+ + check for C++ builtin.h header
+ + correct computation of absolute-path for $INSTALL that dropped "-c"
+ parameter from the expression.
+ + rename config.h to ncurses_cfg.h to avoid naming-conflict when ncurses
+ is integrated into larger systems (from diffs by H.J.Lu for libc).
+ + correct inequality in lib_doupdate.c that caused a single-char to not
+ be updated when the char on the right-margin was not blank, idcok()
+ was true (patch by Alexander V. Lukyanov 970124, also reported by
+ Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <lerdsuwa@scf-fs.usc.edu> 970329).
+ + modify 'clean' rule in include/Makefile so that files created by
+ configure script are removed in 'distclean' rule instead.
+ + correct array limit in tparam_internal(), add case to interpret "%x"
+ (patch by Andreas Schwab)
+ + rewrote number-parsing in ncurses.c 'd' test; it did not reset the
+ value properly when non-numeric characters were given (reported by
+ Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>)
+ + move definition of __INTERNAL_CAPS_VISIBLE before include for
+ progs.priv.h (patch by David MacKenzie).
+ + add configuration summary, reordered check for default include
+ directory to better accommodate a case where installer is configuring
+ a second copy of ncurses (reported by Klaus Weide
+ <kweide@tezcat.com>)
+ + moved the #define for 'inline' as an empty token from the
+ $(CFLAGS_DEBUG) symbol into config.h, to avoid redefinition warning
+ (reported by Ward Horner).
+ + modify test for bool builtin type to use 'unsigned' rather than
+ 'unknown' when cross-compiling (reported by Ward Horner).
+ + add header dependencies so that "make install.libs" will succeed
+ even if "make all" is not done first.
+ + moved some macros from lib_doupdate.c to curses.priv.h to use in
+ expanded functions with ATAC.
+ + correct implementation of lib_instr.c; both XSI and SVr4 agree that
+ the winnstr functions can return more characters than will fit on one
+ line.
+ + modify script that generates lib_gen.c to support traces of called &
+ return.
+ + add new configure option "--disable-macros", for testing calls within
+ lib_gen.c
+ + corrected logic that screens level-checking of called/return traces.
+ + use new configure macro NC_SUBST to replace AC_PATH_PROG, better
+ addressing request by Ward Horner.
+ + check for cross-compiling before trying to invoke the autoconf
+ AC_FUNC_SETVBUF_REVERSED macro (reported by Ward Horner)
+ + correct/simplify loop in _nc_visbuf(), 970201 changes omitted
+ a pointer-increment.
+ + eliminate obsolete symbol SHARED_ABI from dist.mk (noted by
+ Florian La Roche).
+ + add configure option --enable-expanded, together with code that
+ implements an expanded form of certain complex macros, for testing
+ with ATAC.
+ + disable CHECK_POSITION unless --with-assertions is configured
+ (Alexander Lukyanov pointed out that this is redundant).
+ + use keyname() to show traced chtype values where applicable rather
+ than _tracechar(), which truncates the value to 8-bits.
+ + minor fixes to TRACE_ICALLS, added T_CREATE, TRACE_CCALLS macros.
+ + modify makefiles in progs and test directories to avoid using C
+ preprocessor options on link commands (reported by Ward Horner)
+ + correct ifdef/include-order for nc_alloc.h vs lib_freeall.c (reported
+ by Ward Horner)
+ + modify ifdef's to use configure-defined symbols consistently
+ (reported by Ward Horner)
+ + add/use new makefile symbols AR, AR_OPTS and LD to assist in non-UNIX
+ ports (reported by Ward Horner <whorner@tsi-telsys.com>)
+ + rename struct try to struct tries, to avoid name conflict with C++
+ (reported by Gary Johnson).
+ + modify worm.c to hide cursor while running.
+ + add -Wcast-qual to gcc warnings, fix accordingly.
+ + use PutChar rather than PutAttrChar in ClrToEOL to properly handle
+ wrapping (Alexander Lukyanov).
+ + correct spurious echoing of input in hanoi.c from eric's #291 & #292
+ patches (reported by Vernon C. Hoxie <vern@zebra.alphacdc.com>).
+ + extend IRIX configuration to IRIX64
+ + supply missing install.libs rule needed after restructuring
+ test/Makefile.in
+ + modify "make mostlyclean" to leave automatically-generated source
+ in the ncurses directory, for use in cross-compiles.
+ + autogenerated object-dependencies for test directory
+ + add configure option --with-rcs-ids
+ + modify configuration scripts to generate major/minor/patch versions
+ (suggested by Alexander Lukyanov).
+ + supply missing va_end's in lib_scanw.c
+ + use stream I/O for trace-output, to eliminate fixed-size buffer
+ + add TRACE_ICALLS definition/support to lib_trace.c
+ + modify Ada95 binding to work with GNAT 3.09 (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + add/modify traces for called/return values to simplify extraction
+ for test scripts.
+ + changed _nc_visbuf to quote its result, and to dynamically allocate
+ the returned buffer.
+ + invoke ldconfig after installing shared library
+ + modify install so that overwrite applies to shared library -lcurses
+ in preference to static library (reported by Zeyd 960928).
+ + correct missing ';' in 961221 mod to overwrite option use of $(LN_S).
+ + fixes to allow "make install" to work without first doing a "make
+ all" (suggested by Larry Virden).
+ + correct order of #ifdef for TABS_OK.
+ + instrumented toe.c to test memory-leaks.
+ + correct memory-deallocation in toe.c (patch by Jesse Thilo).
+ + include <sys/types.h> in configuration test for regex.h (patch by
+ Andreas Schwab)
+ + make infocmp recognize -I option, for SVr4 compatibility (reported by
+ Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>)
+ + add extension 'use_default_colors()', modified test applications that
+ use default background (firework, gdc, hanoi, knight, worm) to
+ demonstrate.
+ + correct some limit checks in lib_doupdate.c exposed while running
+ worm.
+ + use typeCalloc macro for readability.
+ + add/use definition for CONST to accommodate testing with Solaris
+ (SVr4) curses, which doesn't use 'const' in its prototypes.
+ + modify ifdef's in test/hashtest.c and test/view.c to compile with
+ Solaris curses.
+ + modify _tracedump() to pad pad colors & attrs lines to match change
+ in 970101 showing first/last changes.
+ + corrected location of terminating null on dynamically allocated forms
+ fields (patch by Per Foreby).
+ + added headers to make view.c compile on SCO with the resizeterm()
+ code (i.e., struct winsize) - though this compiles, I don't have a
+ suitable test configuration since SIGWINCH doesn't pass my network to
+ that machine - T.Dickey.
+ + update test/configure.in to supply some default substitutions.
+ + modify configure script to add -lncurses after -lgpm to fix problem
+ linking against static libraries.
+ + add a missing noraw() to test/ncurses.c (places noted by Jeremy
+ Buhler)
+ + add a missing wclear() to test/testcurs.c (patch by Jeremy Buhler
+ <jbuhler@cs.washington.edu>)
+ + modify headers to accommodate compilers that don't allow duplicate
+ "#define" lines for NCURSES_VERSION (reported by Larry W. Virden
+ <lvirden@cas.org>)
+ + fix formatting glitch in curs_getch.3x (patch by Jesse Thilo).
+ + modify lib_doupdate to make el, el1 and ed optimization use the
+ can_clear_with macro, and change EmitRange to allow leaving cursor at
+ the middle of interval, rather than always at the end (patch by
+ Alexander Lukyanov originally 960929, resync 970106).
+ + workaround defect in autoconf 2.12 (which terminates configuration
+ if no C++ compiler is found) by adding an option --without-cxx.
+ + modify several man-pages to use tbl, where .nf/.fi was used (reported
+ by Jesse Thilo).
+ + correct font-codes in some man-pages (patch by Jesse Thilo
+ <Jesse.Thilo@pobox.com>)
+ + use configure script's knowledge of existence of g++ library for the
+ c++ Makefile (reported by Paul Jackson).
+ + correct misleading description of --datadir configuration option
+ (reported by Paul Jackson <pj@sam.engr.sgi.com>)
+ + several corrections to _nc_mvcur_scrolln(), prompted by a bug report
+ from Peter Wemm:
+ > the logic for non_dest_scroll_region was interchanged between the
+ forward & reverse scrolling cases.
+ > multiple returns from the function allowed certain conditions to do
+ part of an operation before discovering that it couldn't be
+ completed, returning an error without restoring the cursor.
+ > some returns were ERR, where the function had completed the
+ operation, because the insert/delete line logic was improperly
+ tested (this was probably the case Peter saw).
+ > contrary to comments, some scrolling cases were tested after the
+ insert/delete line method.
+ + modify _tracedump() to show first/last changes.
+ + modify param of ClrUpdate() in lib_doupdate.c to 'newscr', fixes
+ refresh problem (reported by Peter Wemm) that caused nvi to not show
+ result of ":r !ls" until a ^L was typed.
+961229 (internal alpha)
+ + correct some of the writable-strings warnings (reported by Gary
+ Johnson <gjohnson@season.com>). Note that most of the remaining ones
+ are part of the XSI specification, and can't be "fixed".
+ + improve include-dependencies in form, menu, panel directories.
+ + correct logic of delay_output(), which would return early if
+ there is data on stdin.
+ + modify interface & logic of _nc_timed_wait() to support 2 file
+ descriptors, needed for GPM.
+ + integrate patch by Andrew Kuchling <amk@magnet.com> for GPM (mouse)
+ support, correcting logic in wgetch() and _nc_mouse_parse() which
+ prevented patch from working properly.
+ + improve performance of panel algorithm (Juergen Pfeifer 961203).
+ + strip RCS id's from generated .html files in Ada95 subtree.
+ + resync with generated .html files (Juergen Pfeifer 961223).
+ + terminfo.src 10.1.0 from Eric.
+961224 4.0 release
+ + release as 4.0 to accommodate Linux ld.so.1.8.5
+ + correct syntax/spelling, regenerated .doc files from .html using
+ lynx 2.5
+ + refined forms/menus makefiles (Juergen Pfeifer 961223).
+961221 - snapshot
+ + remove logic in read_entry.c that attempts to refine errno by using
+ 'access()' for the directory (from patch by Florian La Roche).
+ + correct configure test/substitution that inhibits generating
+ include-path to /usr/include if gcc is used (reported by Florian La
+ Roche).
+ + modify setupterm() to allocate new TERMINAL for each call, just as
+ solaris' curses does (Alexander Lukyanov 960829).
+ + corrected memory leaks in read_entry.c
+ + add configure options --with-dbmalloc, --with-dmalloc, and
+ --disable-leaks, tested by instrumenting infocmp, ncurses programs.
+ + move #include's for stdlib.h and string.h to *.priv.h to accommodate
+ use of dbmalloc.
+ + modify use of $(LN_S) to follow recommendation in autoconf 2.12,
+ i.e., set current directory before linking.
+ + split-out panel.priv.h, improve dependencies for forms, menus
+ (Juergen Pfeifer 961204).
+ + modify _nc_freewin() to reset globals curscr/newscr/stdscr when
+ freeing the corresponding WINDOW (Purify).
+ + modify delwin() to return ERR if the window to be deleted has
+ subwindows, needed as a side-effect of resizeterm() (Purify). Tested
+ and found that SVr4 curses behaves this way.
+ + implement logic for _nc_freeall(), bringing stub up to date.
+ + modify wbkgd() so that it doesn't set nulls in the rendered text,
+ even if its argument doesn't specify a character (fixes test case by
+ Juergen Pfeifer for bug-report).
+ + set window-attributes in wbkgd(), to simplify comparison against
+ Solaris curses, which does this.
+961214 - snapshot
+ + replace most constants in ncurses 'o' test by expressions, making it
+ work with wider range of screen sizes.
+ + add options to ncurses.c to specify 'e' test softkey format, and the
+ number of header/footer lines to rip-off.
+ + add ^R (repaint after resize), ^L (refresh) commands to ncurses 'p'
+ test.
+ + add shell-out (!) command to ncurses 'p' test to allow test of
+ resize between endwin/refresh.
+ + correct line-wrap case in mvcur() by emitting carriage return,
+ overlooked in 960928, but needed due to SVr4 compatibility changes to
+ terminal modes in 960907.
+ + correct logic in wresize that causes new lines to be allocated,
+ broken for the special case of increasing rows only in 960907's fix
+ for subwindows.
+ + modify configure script to generate $(LDFLAGS) with -L and -l options
+ in preference to explicit library filenames. (NOTE: this may
+ require further amending, since I vaguely recall a dynamic loader
+ that did not work properly without the full names, but it should be
+ handled as an exception to the rule, since some linkers do bulk
+ inclusion of libraries when given the full name - T.Dickey).
+ + modify configure script to allow user-supplied $CFLAGS to set the
+ debug-option in all libraries (requested by lots of people).
+ + use return consistently from main(), rather than exit (reported by
+ Florian La Roche).
+ + add --enable-getcap-cache option to configure, normally disabled
+ (requested by Florian La Roche).
+ + make configure test for gettimeofday() and possibly -lbsd more
+ efficient (requested by Florian La Roche florian@knorke.saar.de)
+ + minor adjustments to Ada95 binding (patches by Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + correct attributes after emitting orig_pair in lib_vidattr.c (patch
+ by lav@yars.free.net).
+ + corrected README wrt Ada95 (Juergen Pfeifer)
+961207 - snapshot
+ + integrate resizeterm() into doupdate(), so that if screen size
+ changes between endwin/refresh, ncurses will resize windows to fit
+ (this needs additional testing with pads and softkeys).
+ + add, for memory-leak testing, _nc_freeall() entrypoint to free all
+ data used in ncurses library.
+ + initialize _nc_idcok, _nc_idlok statically to resolve discrepancy
+ between initscr() and newwin() initialization (reported by
+ lav@yars.free.net).
+ + test built VERSION=4.0, SHARED_ABI=4 with Linux ld.so.1.8.5
+ (set beta versions to those values -- NOTE that subsequent pre-4.0
+ beta may not be interchangeable).
+ + modify configure script to work with autoconf 2.12
+961130 1.9.9g release
+ + add copyright notices to configuration scripts (written by Thomas
+ Dickey).
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer (mostly for panel):
+ + cosmetic improvement for a few routines in the ncurses core library
+ to avoid warning messages.
+ + the panel overlap detection was broken
+ + the panel_window() function was not fool-proof.
+ + Some inlining...
+ + Cosmetic changes (also to avoid warning messages when compiling with
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + eliminates warning messages for the compile of libform.
+ + inserts Per Foreby's new field type TYPE_IPV4 into libform.
+ + Updates man page and the Ada95 binding to reflect this.
+ + Improves inlining in libmenu and libform.
+ + improve the use of the "const" qualifier in the
+ panel library (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + change set_panel_userptr() and panel_userptr() to use void*
+ (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + change ABI to 3.4
+ + package with 961119 version of Ada95 binding (fixes for gnat-3.07).
+ (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + correct initialization of the stdscr pseudo panel in panel library
+ (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + use MODULE_ID (rcs keywords) in forms and menus libraries (Juergen
+ Pfeifer).
+ > patch #324 by Eric.
+ + typo in curs_termcap man page (reported by Hendrik Reichel
+ <106065.2344@compuserve.com>)
+ + change default xterm entry to xterm-r6.
+ + add entry for color_xterm
+961116 - snapshot
+ + lint found several functions that had only #define implementations
+ (e.g., attr_off), modified curses.h.in to generate them as per XSI
+ Curses requirement that every macro be available as a function.
+ + add check in infocmp.c to guard against string compare of
+ + modify firework.c, rain.c to hide cursor while running.
+ + correct missing va_end in lib_tparm.c
+ + modify hanoi.c to work on non-color terminals, and to use timing
+ delays when in autoplay mode.
+ + correct 'echochar()' to refresh immediately (reported by Adrian
+ Garside 94ajg2@eng.cam.ac.uk)
+ > patch #322 by eric:
+ + reorganize terminfo.src entries for xterm.
+961109 - snapshot
+ + corrected error in line-breakout logic (lib_doupdate.c)
+ + modified newdemo to use wgetch(win) rather than getch() to eliminate
+ a spurious clear-screen.
+ + corrected ifdef's for 'poll()' configuration.
+ + added modules to ncurses, form, menu for Ada95 binding (Juergen
+ Pfeifer).
+ + modify set_field_buffer() to allow assignment of string longer than
+ the initial buffer length, and to return the complete string rather
+ than only the initial size (Juergen Pfeifer and Per Foreby
+ <perf@efd.lth.se>).
+961102 - snapshot
+ + configure for 'poll()' in preference to 'select()', since older
+ systems are more likely to have a broken 'select()'.
+ + modified render_char() to avoid OR'ing colors.
+ + minor fixes to testcurs.c, newdemo.c test programs: ifdef'd out the
+ resize test, use wbkgd and corrected box() parameters.
+ + make flushinp() test work in ncurses.c by using napms() instead of
+ sleep().
+ + undo Eric's changes to xterm-x11r6 (it no longer matched the X11R6.1
+ distribution, as stated)
+ + terminfo 9.13.18 (resync by Eric)
+ + check for getenv("HOME") returning null (Eric).
+ + change buffer used to decode xterm-mouse commands to unsigned to
+ handle displays wider than 128 chars (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + correct typo curs_outopts.3x (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + correct limit-checking in wenclose() (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + correction to Peter Wemm's newwin change (Thomas Fehr <fehr@suse.de>).
+ + corrections to logic that combines colors and attributes; they must
+ not be OR'd (Juergen Pfeifer, extending from report/patch by Rick
+ Marshall).
+961026 - snapshot
+ + reset flags in 'getwin()' that might cause refresh to attempt to
+ manipulate the non-existent parent of a window that is read from a
+ file (lib_screen.c).
+ + restructure _nc_timed_wait() to log more information, and to try to
+ recover from badly-behaved 'select()' calls (still testing this).
+ + move define for GOOD_SELECT into configure script.
+ + corrected extra '\' character inserted before ',' in comp_scan.c
+ + corrected expansion of %-format characters in dump_entry.c; some were
+ rendered as octal constants.
+ + modify dump_entry.c to make terminfo output more readable and like
+ SVr4, by using "\s" for spaces (leading/trailing only), "\," for
+ comma, "\^" and "\:" as well.
+ + corrected some memory leaks in ncurses.c, and a minor logic error
+ in the top-level command-parser.
+ + correction for label format 4 (PC style with info line), a
+ slk_clear(), slk_restore() sequence didn't redraw the info line
+ (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + modified the slk window (if simulated) to inherit the background and
+ default character attributes from stdscr (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + corrected limit-check in set_top_row (Juergen Pfeifer).
+961019 - snapshot
+ + correct loop-limit in wnoutrefresh(), bug exposed during pipe-testing
+ had '.lastchar' entry one beyond '._maxx'.
+ + modify ncurses test-program to work with data piped to it.
+ + corrected pathname computation in run_tic.sh, removing extra "../"
+ (reported by Tim Mooney).
+ + modified configure script to use previous install's location for
+ curses.h
+ + added NetBSD and FreeBSD to platforms that use --prefix=/usr as
+ a default.
+ + revised xterm terminfo descriptions to reflect the several versions
+ that are available.
+ + corrected a pointer reference in dump_entry.c that didn't test if
+ the pointer was -1.
+961005 - snapshot
+ + correct _nc_mvcur_scrolln for terminals w/o scrolling region.
+ + add -x option to hashtest to control whether it allows writes to the
+ lower-right corner.
+ + ifdef'd (NCURSES_TEST) the logic for _nc_optimize_enable to make it
+ simpler to construct tests (for double-check of _nc_hash_map tests).
+ + correct ifdef's for c++ in curses.h
+ + change default xterm type to xterm-x11r6.
+ + correct quoting in configure that made man-pages installed with
+ $datadir instead of actual terminfo path.
+ + correct whitespace in include/Caps, which caused kf11, clr_eol and
+ clr_end to be omitted from terminfo.5
+ + fix memory leaks in delscreen() (adapted from Alexander Lukyanov).
+ + improve appearance of marker in multi-selection menu (Juergen
+ Pfeifer)
+ + fix behaviour for forms with all fields inactive (Juergen
+ Pfeifer)
+ + document 'field_index()' (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ > patch #321 by eric:
+ + add some more XENIX keycap translations to include/Caps.
+ + modify newwin to set initial state of each line to 'touched'
+ (from patch by Peter Wemm <peter@spinner.dialix.com>)
+ + in SET_TTY, replace TCSANOW with TCSADRAIN (Alexander Lukyanov).
+960928 - snapshot
+ + ifdef'd out _nc_hash_map (still slower)
+ + add graphic characters to vt52 description.
+ + use PutAttrChar in ClrToEOL to ensure proper background, position.
+ + simplify/correct logic in 'mvcur()' that does wrapping; it was
+ updating the position w/o actually moving the cursor, which broke
+ relative moves.
+ + ensure that 'doupdate()' sets the .oldindex values back to a sane
+ state; this was causing a spurious refresh in ncurses 'r'.
+ + add logic to configure (from vile) to guard against builders who
+ don't remove config.cache & config.status when doing new builds.
+ + corrected logic for 'repeat_char' in EmitRange (from #317), which
+ did not follow the 2-parameter scheme specified in XSI.
+ + corrected logic of wrefresh, wnoutrefresh broken in #319, making
+ clearok work properly (from report by Michael Elkins).
+ + corrected problem with endwin introduced by #314 (removing the
+ scrolling-region reset) that broke ncurses.c tests.
+ + corrected order of args in AC_CHECK_LIB (from report by Ami Fischman
+ <fischman@math.ucla.edu>).
+ + corrected formatting of terminfo.5 tables (Juergen Ehling)
+ > patch 320 by eric:
+ + change ABI to 3.3
+ + emit a carriage-return in 'endwin()' to workaround a kernel bug in
+ BSDI. (requested by Mike Karels <karels@redrock.bsdi.com>)
+ + reverse the default o configure --enable-termcap (consensus).
+ > patch 319 by eric:
+ + modified logic for clearok and related functions (from report by
+ Michael Elkins) - untested
+ > patch 318 by eric:
+ + correction to #317.
+ > patch 317 by eric:
+ + re-add _nc_hash_map
+ + modify EmitRange to maintain position as per original design.
+ + add hashtest.c, program to time the hashmap optimization.
+ > patch 316 by eric:
+ + add logic to deal with magic-cookie (how was this tested?)
+ (lib_doupdate.c).
+ + add ncurses.c driver for magic-cookie, some fixes to ncurses.c
+ > patch 315 by eric:
+ + merged A. Lukyanov's patch to use ech and rep - untested
+ (lib_doupdate.c).
+ + modified handling of interrupted system calls - untested
+ (lib_getch.c, lib_twait.c).
+ + new function _nc_mvcur_resume()
+ + fix return value for 'overlay()', 'overwrite()'
+960914 - snapshot
+ + implement subwindow-logic in wresize, minor fixes to ncurses 'g'
+ test.
+ + corrected bracketing of fallback.c (reported/suggested fix by Juergen
+ Ehling <eh@eclipse.aball.de>).
+ + update xterm-color to reflect XFree86 3.1.3G release.
+ + correct broken dtterm description from #314 patch (e.g., spurious
+ newline. The 'pairs' change might work, but no one's tested it
+ either ;-)
+ + clarify the documentation for the builtin form fieldtypes (Juergen
+ Pfeifer)
+ > patch 314 by eric:
+ + Enhancement suggested by A. Lukyanov -- reset scroll region on
+ startup rather than at wrapup time.
+ + Fix suggested by A. Lukyanov, make storage of palette tables
+ and their size counts per-screen for multi-terminal applications.
+ + Improved error reporting for infotocap translation errors.
+ + Update terminfo.src to 9.13.14.
+960907 - snapshot
+ + rewrote wgetstr to make it erase control chars and also fix bogus use
+ of _nc_outstr which caused the display to not wrap properly (display
+ problem reported by John M. Flinchbaugh <glynis@netrax.net>)
+ + modify ncurses 'f' test to accommodate terminal responses to C1 codes
+ (and split up this screen to accommodate non-ANSI terminals).
+ + test enter_insert_mode and exit_insert_mode in has_ic().
+ + removed bogus logic in mvcur that assumes nl/nonl set output modes
+ (XSI says they are input modes; SVr4 implements this).
+ + added macros SET_TTY, GET_TTY to term.h
+ + correct getstr() logic that altered terminal modes w/o restoring.
+ + disable ICRNL, etc., during initialization to match SVr4, removing
+ the corresponding logic from raw, cbreak, etc.
+ + disable ONLCR during initialization, to match SVr4 (this is needed
+ for cursor optimization when the cursor-down is a newline).
+ + replaced Eric's imitation of wresize with my original (his didn't
+ work).
+960831 - snapshot
+ + memory leaks (Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + modified pnoutrefresh() to be more tolerant of too-large screen
+ size (reported by Michael Elkins).
+ + correct handling of terminfo files with no strings (Philippe De
+ Muyter)
+ + correct "tic -s" to take into account -I, -C options.
+ + modify ncurses 'f' test to not print codes 80 through 9F, since they
+ are considered control codes by ANSI terminals.
+960824 - snapshot
+ + correct speed variable-type in 'tgetent()' (reported by Peter Wemm)
+ + make "--enable-getcap" configuration-option work (reported by
+ Peter Wemm <peter@spinner.DIALix.COM>)
+ + correct err in 960817 that changed return-value of tigetflag()
+ (reported by Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+ + modify infocmp to use library default search-path for terminfo
+ directory (Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+960817 - snapshot
+ + corrected an err in mvcur that broke resizing-behavior.
+ + correct fall-thru behavior of _nc_read_entry(), which was not finding
+ descriptions that existed in directories past the first one searched
+ (reported by Alexander V. Lukyanov)
+ + corrected typo in dtterm description.
+ > patch 313 by eric:
+ + add dtterm description
+ + clarify ncurses 'i' test (drop vscanf subtest)
+960810 - snapshot
+ + correct nl()/nonl() to work as per SVr4 & XSI.
+ + minor fixes to ncurses.c (use 'noraw()', mvscanw return-code)
+ + refine configure-test for -g option (Tim Mooney).
+ + correct interaction between O_BLANK and NEW_LINE request in form
+ library (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + revised fix to tparm; previous fix reversed parameter order.
+ > patch 312 by eric:
+ correct terminfo.src corrupted by #310
+ > patch 311 by eric:
+ + fix idlok() and idcok() and the default of the idlok switch.
+960803 - snapshot
+ + corrected tparm to handle capability strings without explicit pop
+ (reported by William P Setzer)
+ + add fallback def for GCC_NORETURN, GCC_UNUSED for termcap users
+ (reported by Tim Mooney).
+ > patch 310 by eric:
+ + documentation and prototyping errors for has_color, immedok and idcok
+ (reported by William P Setzer <wsetzer@pams.ncsu.edu>)
+ + updated qnx terminfo entry (by Michael Hunter)
+ + eliminate quoted includes in ncurses subdirectory, ensure config.h
+ is included first.
+ + newterm initializes terminal settings the same as initscr (reported
+ by Tim Mooney).
+960727 - snapshot
+ + call cbreak() in initscr(), as per XSI & SVr4.
+ + turn off hardware echo in initscr() as per XSI & SVr4
+ > patch 309 by eric:
+ + terminfo changes (9.3.10), from BRL
+ + add more checks to terminfo parser.
+ + add more symbols to infocmp.
+960720 - snapshot
+ + save previous-attribute in lib_vidattr.c if SP is null (reported by
+ Ju"rgen Fluk <louis@dachau.marco.de>)
+ + corrected calls on _nc_render so that background character is set
+ as per XSI.
+ + corrected wbkgdset macro (XSI allows background character to be null),
+ and tests that use it.
+ + more corrections to terminfo (xterm & rxvt)
+ + undid change to mcprint prototype (cannot use size_t in curses.h
+ because not all systems declare it in the headers that we can safely
+ include therein).
+ + move the ifdefs for errno into curses.priv.h
+ > patch 308 by eric:
+ + terminfo changes (9.3.8)
+ + modified logic of error-reporting in terminfo parser
+960713 - snapshot
+ + always check for <sys/bsdtypes.h> since ISC needs it to declare
+ fd_set (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + install shared-libraries on NetBSD/FreeBSD with ABI-version (reported
+ by several people: Juergen Pfeifer, Mike Long)
+ + add LOCAL_LDFLAGS2 symbol (Juergen Pfeifer)
+ + corrected prototype for delay_output() -- bump ABI to 3.2
+ + terminfo patches #306/307 from Eric.
+ + moved logic that filters out rmul and rmso from setupterm to newterm
+ where it is less likely to interfere with termcap applications.
+ + rollback Eric's #305 change to terminfo.src (it breaks existing
+ applications, e.g., 'less 290').
+ + correct path of edit_man.sh, and fix typo that made all man-pages
+ preformatted.
+ + restore man/menu_requestname.3x omitted in Zeyd's resync (oops).
+ + auto-configure the GCC_PRINTFLIKE/GCC_SCANFLIKE macros (reported by
+ Philippe De Muyter).
+960706 - snapshot
+ + make lib_vidattr.c more readable using macros.
+ + filter out rmul, rmso that conflict with sgr0 when reading terminal
+ descriptions.
+ + added sanity-checking of various paired string attributes (Eric).
+ + work around autoconf bug, force $INSTALL to absolute path.
+ (reported by Zeyd).
+ + modify man-page install for BSDI to install preformatted .0 files
+ (reported by David MacKenzie).
+ + add/use gcc __attribute__ for printf and scanf in curses.h
+ + added SGR attributes test-case to ncurses
+ + revised ncurses 't' logic to show trace-disable effect in the menu.
+ + use getopt in ncurses program to process -s and -t options.
+ + make ncurses 'p' legend toggle with '?'
+ + disable scrollok during the ncurses 'p' test; if it is enabled the
+ stdscr will scroll when putting the box-corners in the lower-right
+ of the screen.
+960629 - snapshot
+ + check return code of _nc_mvcur_scrolln() in _nc_scroll_optimize() for
+ terminals with no scrolling-support (reported by Nikolay Shadrin
+ <queen@qh.mirea.ac.ru>)
+ + added ^S scrollok-toggle to ncurses 'g' test.
+ + added ^T trace-toggle to ncurses tests.
+ + modified ncurses test program to use ^Q or ESC consistently for
+ terminating tests (rather than ^D), and to use control keys rather
+ than function keys in 'g' test.
+ + corrected misplaced wclrtoeol calls in addch to accommodate wrapping
+ (reported by Philippe De Muyter).
+ + modify lib_doupdate.c to use effective costs to tradeoff between
+ delete-character/insert-character vs normal updating (reported by
+ David MacKenzie).
+ + compute effective costs for screen update operations (e.g., clr_eos,
+ delete_character).
+ + corrected error in knight.c exposed by wrap fixes in 960622; the
+ msgwin needed scrollok set.
+ + corrected last change to IDcTransformLine logic to avoid conflict
+ between PutRange and InsStr
+ + modified run_tic.sh to not use /usr/tmp (reported by David MacKenzie),
+ and further revised it and aclocal.m4 to use $TMPDIR if set.
+ + corrected off-by-one in RoomFor call in read_entry.c
+960622 - snapshot
+ + modified logic that wraps cursor in addch to follow the XSI spec,
+ (implemented in SVr4) which states that the cursor position is
+ updated when wrapping. Renamed _NEED_WRAP to _WRAPPED to reflect the
+ actual semantics.
+ + added -s option to tic, to provide better diagnostics in run_tic.sh
+ + improved error-recovery for tabset install.
+ + change ABI to 3.1 (dropped tparam, corrected getbkgd(), added
+ _yoffset to WINDOW).
+ + modified initialization of SP->_ofp so that init_acs() is called with
+ the "right" file pointer (reported by Rick Marshall <rjm@nlc.net.au>
+ + documentation fixes (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + corrected, using new SCREEN and WINDOW members, the behavior of
+ ncurses if one uses ripoffline() to remove a line from the top of the
+ screen (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + modified autoconf scripts to prepare for Ada95 (GNAT) binding to
+ ncurses (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + incorrect buffer-size in _nc_read_entry, reported by Eric Raymond.
+ + corrected two logic errors in read_entry.c, write_entry.c (called by
+ tic, the write/read of terminfo entries used inconsistent rules for
+ locating the entries; the $TERMINFO_DIRS code would find only the
+ first entry in a list).
+ + refined pathname computation in run_tic.sh and shlib.
+ + corrected initialization of $IP in misc/run_tic.sh
+960615 - snapshot
+ + ifdef'd out _nc_hash_map() call because it does not improve speed.
+ + display version of gcc if configure script identifies it.
+ + modify configure script to use /usr as Linux's default prefix.
+ + modify run_tic.sh to use shlib script, fixes some problems installing
+ with a shared-library configuration.
+ + adjusted configure script so that it doesn't run tests with the
+ warnings turned on, which makes config.log hard to read.
+ + added 'lint' rule to top-level Makefile.
+ + added configure option '--with-install-prefix' for use by system
+ builders to install into staging locations (from request by
+ charles@comm.polymtl.ca)
+ + corrected autoconfigure for Debian man program; it's not installed
+ as "man_db".
+ + set noecho in 'worm'; it was ifdef'd for debug only
+ + updated test/configure.in for timing-display in ncurses 'p' test
+ + corrected misspelled 'getbkgd()'.
+ + corrected wbkgdset to work like observed syvr4 (sets A_CHARTEXT part
+ to blank if no character given, copies attributes to window's
+ attributes).
+ + modified lib_doupdate.c to use lower-level SP's current_attr state
+ instead of curscr's state, since it is redundant.
+ + correction to IDcTransformLine logic which controls where InsStr is
+ invoked (refined by lav@yars.free.net).
+ > patches 303 by eric
+ + conditionally include Chris Torek's hash function _nc_hash_map().
+ + better fix for nvi refresh-bug (Rick Marshall)
+ + fix for bug in handling of interrupted keystroke waits,
+ (Werner Fleck).
+960601 - snapshot
+ + auto-configure man-page compression-format and renames for Debian.
+ + corrected several typos in curses.h.in (i.e., the mvXXXX macros).
+ + re-order curses.priv.h for lint.
+ + added rules for lintlib, lint
+ + corrected ifdef for BROKEN_LINKER in MKnames.awk.in
+ + corrected missing INSTALL_DATA in misc/Makefile.in
+ + flush output when changing cursor-visibility (Rick Marshall)
+ + fix a minor bug in the _nc_ripoff() routine and improve error checking
+ when creating the label window (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + enhancement to the control over the new PC-style soft key format.
+ allow caller now to select whether or not one wants to have
+ the index-line; see curs_slk.3x for documentation (Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + typos, don't use inline with -g (Philippe De Muyter)
+ + fixes for menus & wattr-, slk-functions (Juergen Pfeifer)
+960526 - snapshot
+ + removed --with-ticdir option altogether, maintain compatibility with
+ existing applications via symbolic link in run_tic.sh
+ + patch for termio.h, signal (Philippe De Muyter)
+ + auto-configure gcc warning options rather than infer from version.
+ + auto-configure __attribute__ for different gcc versions.
+ + corrected special use of clearok() in hardscroll.c by resetting flag
+ in wrefresh().
+ + include stdlib.h before defs for EXIT_SUCCESS, for OSF/1.
+ + include sys/types.h in case stdlib.h does not declare size_t.
+ + fixes for makefile (Tim Mooney)
+ + fixes for menus & forms (Juergen.Pfeifer@T-Online.de)
+960518 - snapshot
+ + revised ncurses.c panner test, let pad abut all 4 sides of screen.
+ + refined case in lib_doupdate.c for ClrToEOL().
+ + corrected prior change for PutRange (Alexander V. Lukyanov:
+ lav@yars.free.net).
+ + autoconf mods (Tim Mooney: mooney@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu).
+ + locale fix for forms (Philippe De Muyter: phdemuyt@ulb.ac.be)
+ + renamed "--with-datadir" option to "--with-ticdir" to avoid
+ confusion, and made this check for the /usr/lib/terminfo pre-existing
+ directory.
+ > patches 299-301 by eric:
+ + added hashmap.c
+ + mods to tracing, especially for ACS chars.
+ + corrected off-by-one in IDCtransform.
+ + corrected intermittent mouse bug by using return-value from read().
+ + mods to parse_entry.c, for smarter defaults.
+ + use getopt in 'tic'; added -L option and modified -e option to allow
+ list from a file.
+ + don't use fixed buffer-size in tparm().
+ + modified tic to create terminfo directory if it doesn't exist.
+ + added -T options to tic and infocmp (for testing/analysis)
+ + refined the length criteria for termcap and terminfo
+ + optimize lib_doupdate with memcpy, PutRange
+ > patches 297, 298 by eric
+ + implement TERMINFO_DIRS, and -o option of tic
+ + added TRACE_IEVENT
+ + removed boolean version of 'getm'
+ + added lib_print.c (for Rick Marshall)
+ + added has_key()
+ + added 't' to ncurses.c test.
+ + moved delay_output() to lib_tputs.c
+ + removed tparam().
+ + misc cursor & optimization fixes.
+960504 - snapshot
+ + modified ncurses 'p' test to allow full-screen range for panner size.
+ + fixes for locale (phdm@labauto1.ulb.ac.be)
+ + don't use fixed buffer-size in fmt_entry().
+ + added usage-message to 'infocmp'.
+ + modified install.includes rules to prepend subdirectory-name to
+ "#include" if needed.
+ + protect wrefresh, wnoutrefresh from invocation with pad argument.
+ + corrected default CCFLAGS in test/Makefile.
+960428 - snapshot
+ + implemented logic to support terminals with background color erase
+ (e.g., rxvt and the newer color xterm).
+ + improved screen update logic (off-by-one logic error; use clr_eos if
+ possible)
+960426 - snapshot
+ + change ncurses 'a' test to run in raw mode.
+ + make TIOCGWINSZ configure test less stringent, in case user
+ configures via terminal that cannot get screen size.
+ > patches 295, 296 by eric:
+ + new "-e" option of tic.
+ + fix for "infocmp -e".
+ + restore working-directory in read_termcap.c
+ + split lib_kernel.c, lib_setup.c and names.c in order to reduce
+ overhead for programs that use only termcap features.
+960418 - snapshot
+ + use autoconf 2.9
+ + fix for AIX 3.2.5 (must define _POSIX_SOURCE to get termios struct
+ definitions via <termios.h>, modified macros in lib_raw.c to avoid
+ K&R-style substitution)
+ > patches 293, 294 by eric:
+ + mods to wgetch() in cooked mode
+ + corrected askuser() logic in tset
+ + correct interaction of endwin() with mouse processing
+ + added trace support for TTY flags
+ + fixes for NeXT, ISC and HPUX auto-configure
+ + autogenerate development header-dependencies (config.h, *.priv.h)
+ + corrected single-column formatting of "use=" (e.g., in tic)
+ + modify tic to read full terminfo-names
+ + corrected divide-by-zero that caused hang (or worse) when redirecting output
+ + modify tic to generate directories only as-needed (and corrected
+ instance of use of data from function that had already returned).
+### ncurses-1.9.8a -> 1.9.9e
+* fixed broken wsyncup()/wysncdown(), as a result wnoutrefresh() now has
+ copy-changed-lines behavior.
+* added and documented wresize() function.
+* more fixes to LOWER-RIGHT corner handling.
+* changed the line-breakout optimization code to allow some lines to be
+ emitted before the first check.
+* added option for tic to use symbolic instead of hard links (for AFS)
+* fix to restore auto-wrap mode.
+* trace level can be controlled by environment variable.
+* better handling of NULs in terminal descriptions.
+* improved compatibility with observed SVR4 behavior.
+* the refresh behavior of over-lapping windows is now more efficient and
+ behaves like SVR4.
+* use autoconf 2.7, which results in a working setup for SCO 5.0.
+* support for ESCDELAY.
+* small fixes for menu/form code.
+* the test directory has its own configure.
+* fixes to pads when optimizing scrolling.
+* fixed several off-by-one bugs.
+* fixes for termcap->terminfo translation; less restrictions more correct
+ behavior.
+### ncurses-1.9.7 -> 1.9.8a
+* teach infocmp -i to recognize ECMA highlight sequences
+* infocmp now dumps all SVr4 termcaps (not just the SVr4 ones) on -C
+* support infocmp -RBSD.
+* satisfy XSI Curses requirement that every macro be available as a function.
+* This represents the last big change to the public interface of ncurses. The
+ ABI_VERSION has now been set at 3.0 and should stay there barring any great
+ catastrophies or acts of God.
+* The C++ has been cleaned up in reaction to the changes to satisfy XSI's
+ requirements.
+* libncurses now gets linked to libcurses to help seamless emulation
+ (replacement) of a vendor's curses. --disable-overwrite turns this behavior
+ off.
+### ncurses-1.9.6 -> 1.9.7
+* corrected return values of setupterm()
+* Fixed some bugs in tput (it does padding now)
+* fixed a bug in tic that made it do the wrong thing on entries with more than
+ one `use' capability.
+* corrected the screen-size calculation at startup time to alter the
+ numeric capabilities as per SVr4, not just LINES and COLS.
+* toe(1) introduced; does what infocmp -T used to.
+* tic(1) can now translate AIX box1 and font[0123] capabilities.
+* tic uses much less core, the dotic.sh kluge can go away now.
+* fix read_entry() and write_entry() to pass through cancelled capabilities OK.
+* Add $HOME/.terminfo as source/target directory for terminfo entries.
+* termcap compilation now automatically dumps an entry to $HOME/.terminfo.
+* added -h option to toe(1).
+* added -R option to tic(1) and infocmp(1).
+* added fallback-entry-list feature.
+* added -i option to infocmp(1).
+* do a better job at detecting if we're on SCO.
+### ncurses-1.9.5 -> 1.9.6
+* handling of TERMCAP environment variables now works correctly.
+* various changes to shorten termcap translations to less that 1024 chars.
+* tset(1) added
+* mouse support for xterm.
+* most data tables are now const and accordingly live in shareable text space.
+* Obey the XPG4/SVr4 practice that echo() is initally off.
+* tic is much better at translating XENIX and AIX termcap entries now.
+* tic can interpret ko capabilities now.
+* integrated Juergen Pfeifer's forms library.
+* taught write_entry() how not to write more than it needs to; this change
+ reduces the size of the terminfo tree by a full 26%!
+* infocmp -T option added.
+* better warnings about historical tic quirks from tic.
+### ncurses 1.9.4 -> 1.9.5
+* menus library is now included with documentation.
+* lib_mvcur has been carefully profiled and tuned.
+* Fixed a ^Z-handling bug that was tanking lynx(1).
+* HJ Lu's patches for ELF shared libraries under Linux
+* terminfo.src 9.8.2
+* tweaks for compiling in seperate directories.
+* Thomas Dickey's patches to support NeXT's brain-dead linker
+* Eric Raymond's patches to fix problems with long termcap entries.
+* more support for shared libraries under SunOS and IRIX.
+### ncurses 1.9.3 -> 1.9.4
+* fixed an undefined-order-of-evaluation bug in lib_acs.c
+* systematically gave non-API public functions and data an _nc_ prefix.
+* integrated Juergen Pfeifer's menu code into the distribution.
+* totally rewrote the knight test game's interface
+### ncurses 1.9.2c -> 1.9.3
+* fixed the TERMCAP_FILE Support.
+* fixed off-by-one errors in scrolling code
+* added tracemunch to the test tools
+* took steps to cut the running time of make install.data
+### ncurses 1.9.2c -> 1.9.2d
+* revised 'configure' script to produce libraries for normal, debug,
+ profile and shared object models.
+### ncurses 1.9.1 -> 1.9.2
+* use 'autoconf' to implement 'configure' script.
+* panels support added
+* tic now checks for excessively long termcap entries when doing translation
+* first cut at eliminating namespace pollution.
+### ncurses 1.8.9 -> 1.9
+* cleanup gcc warnings for the following: use size_t where 'int' is not
+ appropriate, fixed some shadowed variables, change attr_t to compatible with
+ chtype, use attr_t in some places where it was confused with 'int'.
+* use chtype/attr_t casts as appropriate to ensure portability of masking
+ operations.
+* added-back waddchnstr() to lib_addstr.c (it had been deleted).
+* supplied missing prototypes in curses.h
+* include <termcap.h> in lib_termcap.c to ensure that the prototypes
+ are consistent (they weren't).
+* corrected prototype of tputs in <termcap.h>
+* rewrote varargs parsing in lib_tparm.c (to avoid referencing memory
+ that may be out of bounds on the stack) -- Purify found this.
+* ensure that TRACE is defined in lib_trace.c (to solve prototype
+ warnings from gcc).
+* corrected scrolling-region size in 'mvcur_wrap()'
+* more spelling fixes
+* use 'calloc()' to allocate WINDOW struct in lib_newwin.c (Purify).
+* set default value for SP->_ofp in lib_set_term.c (otherwise SunOS dumps
+ core in init_acs()).
+* include <errno.h> in write_entry.c (most "braindead" includes declare errno
+ in that file).
+### ncurses 1.8.8 -> 1.8.9
+* compile (mostly) clean with gcc 2.5.8 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes
+ -Wmissing-prototypes -Wconversion and using __attribute__ to flush out
+ non-portable use of "%x" for pointers, or for chtype data (which is declared
+ as a long).
+* modified doupdate to ensure that typahead was turned on before attempting
+ select-call (otherwise, some implementations hang).
+* added trace mask TRACE_FIFO, use this in lib_getch.c to allow finer
+ resolution of traces.
+* improved bounds checking on several critical functions.
+* the data directory has been replaced by the new master terminfo file.
+* -F file-comparison option added to infocmp.
+* compatibility with XSI Curses is now documented in the man bages.
+* wsyncup/wsyncdown functions are reliable now; subwindow code in general
+ is much less flaky.
+* capabilities ~msgr, tilde_glitch, insert_padding, generic_type, no_pad_char,
+ memory_above, memory_below, and hard_copy are now used properly.
+* cursor-movement optimization has been completely rewritten.
+* vertical-movement optimization now uses hardware scrolling, il, dl.
+### ncurses 1.8.7 -> 1.8.8
+* untic no longer exists, infocmp replaces it.
+* tic can understand termcap now, especially if it is called captoinfo.
+* The Linux Standard Console terminfo entry is called linux insead of console.
+ It also uses the kernel's new method of changing charsets.
+* initscr() will EXIT upon error (as the docs say) This wil mostly happen if
+ you try to run on an undefined terminal.
+* I can get things running on AIX but tic can't compile terminfo. I have to
+ compile entries on another machine. Volunteers to hunt this bug are welcome.
+* wbkgd() and wbkgdset() can be used to set a windows background to color.
+ wclear()/werase() DO NOT use the current attribute to clear the screen.
+ This is the way SVR4 curses works. PDCurses 2.1 is broken in this respect,
+ though PDCurses 2.2 has been fixed.
+* cleaned up the test/ directory.
+* test/worm will segfault after quite a while.
+* many spelling corrections courtesy of Thomas E. Dickey
+### ncurses 1.8.6 -> 1.8.7
+* cleaned up programs in test/ directory.
+* fixed wbkgdset() macro.
+* modified getstr() to stop it from advancing cursor in noecho mode.
+* modified linux terminfo entry to work with the latest kernel to get
+ the correct alternate character set.
+* also added a linux-mono entry for those running on monochrome screens.
+* changed initscr() so that it behaves like the man page says it does.
+ this fixes the problem with programs in test/ crashing with SIGSEV if
+ a terminal is undefined.
+* modified addch() to avoid using any term.h #define's
+* removed duplicate tgoto() in lib_tparm.c
+* modified dump_entry.c so that infocmp deals correctly with ',' in acsc
+* modified delwin() to correctly handle deleting subwindows.
+* fixed Makefile.dist to stop installing an empty curses.h
+* fixed a couple of out-of-date notes in man pages.
+### ncurses 1.8.5 -> 1.8.6
+* Implemented wbkgd(), bkgd(), bkgdset(), and wbkgdset().
+* The handling of attributes has been improved and now does not turn off color
+ if other attributes are turned off.
+* scrolling code is improved. Scrolling in subwindows is still broken.
+* Fixes to several bugs that manifest them on platforms other than Linux.
+* The default to meta now depends on the status of the terminal when ncurses
+ is started.
+* The interface to the tracing facility has changed. Instead of the pair of
+ functions traceon() and traceoff(), there is just one function trace() which
+ takes a trace mask argument. The trace masks, defined in curses.h, are
+ as follows:
+ #define TRACE_DISABLE 0x00 /* turn off tracing */
+ #define TRACE_ORDINARY 0x01 /* ordinary trace mode */
+ #define TRACE_CHARPUT 0x02 /* also trace all character outputs */
+ #define TRACE_MAXIMUM 0x0f /* maximum trace level */
+ More trace masks may be added, or these may be changed, in future releases.
+* The pad code has been improved and the pad test code in test/ncurses.c has
+ been improved.
+* The prototype ansi entry has been changed to work with a wider variety
+ of emulators.
+* Fix to the prototype ansi entry that enables it to work with PC emulators
+ that treat trailing ";m" in a highlight sequence as ";0m"; this doesn't
+ break operation with any emulators.
+* There are now working infocmp, captoinfo, tput, and tclear utilities.
+* tic can now compile entries in termcap syntax.
+* Core-dump bug in pnoutrefresh fixed.
+* We now recognize and compile all the nonstandard capabilities in Ross
+ Ridge's mytinfo package (rendering it obsolete).
+* General cleanup and documentation improvements.
+* Fixes and additions to the installation-documentation files.
+* Take cursor to normal mode on endwin.
+### ncurses 1.8.4 -> 1.8.5
+* serious bugs in updating screen which caused erratic non-display,
+ fixed.
+* fixed initialization for getch() related variable which cause
+ unpredictable results.
+* fixed another doupdate bug which only appeared if you have
+ parm_char.
+* implemented redrawln() and redrawwin().
+* implemented winsnstr() and related functions.
+* cleaned up insertln() and deleteln() and implemented (w)insdeln().
+* changed Makefile.dist so that installation of man pages will
+ take note of the terminfo directory.
+* fixed Configure (removed the mysterious 'X').
+* Eric S. Raymond fixed the script.* files so that they work with
+ stock awk.
+#### ncurses 1.8.3 -> 1.8.4 #### ####
+* fixed bug in refreshing the screen after return from shell_mode.
+ There are still problems but they don't manifest themselves on
+ my machine (Linux 0.99.14f).
+* added wgetnstr() and modified things accordingly.
+* fixed the script.src script.test to work with awk not just gawk.
+* Configure can now take an argument of the target system.
+* added test/ncurses.c which replaces several other programs and
+ performs more testing.
+[Thanks to Eric S Raymond for the last 4]
+* more fixes to lib_overlay.c and added test/over.c to illustrate
+ how it works.
+* fixed ungetch() to take int instead of ch.
+* fixes to cure wgetch() if flushinp() is called.
+One note I forgot to mention in 1.8.3 is that tracing is off by
+default starting in the version. If you want tracing output, put
+traceon(); in your code and link with -ldcurses.
+#### ncurses 1.8.2 -> ncurses 1.8.3 #### ####
+1) The order of capabilities has been changed in order to achieve
+binary compatibility with SVR4 terminfo database. This has the
+unfortunate effect of breaking application currently linked with
+ncurses. To ensure correct behavior, recompile all such programs.
+Most programs using color or newer capabilities will break, others
+will probably continue to work ok.
+2) Pavel Curtis has renounced his copyright to the public domain.
+This means that his original sources (posted to comp.sources.unix,
+volume 1) are now in the public domain. The current sources are
+NOT in the public domain, they are copyrighted by me. I'm
+entertaining ideas on what the new terms ncurses is released under.
+3) Eric S. Raymond has supplied a complete set of man pages for
+ncurses in ?roff format. They will eventually replace most of the
+current docs. Both sets are included in this release.
+Other changes and notes from 1.8.2 include:
+* SIGSEGV during scrolling no longer occurs.
+* Other problems with scrolling and use of idl have been corrected.
+* lib_getch.c has been re-written and should perform flawlessly.
+ please use test/getch.c and any other programs to test this.
+* ripoffline() is implemented (Thanks to Eric) and slk_ functions
+ changed accordingly.
+* I've added support for terminals that scroll if you write in the
+ bottom-right corner.
+* fixed more bugs in pads code. If anybody has a program that uses
+ pads I'd love a copy.
+* correct handling for terminal with back_color_erase capability
+ (such as Linux console, and most PC terminals)
+* ^Z handling apparently didn't work (I should never trust code
+ sent me to me without extensive testing). It now seems to be
+ fixed. Let me know if you have problems.
+* I've added support for Apollo and NeXT, but it may still be
+ incomplete, especially when dealing with the lack of POSIX
+ features.
+* scrolling should be more efficient on terminals with idl
+ capabilities. Please see src/lib_scroll.c for more notes.
+* The line drawing routines were offset by 1 at both ends. This
+ is now fixed.
+* added a few missing prototypes and macros (e.g. setterm())
+* fixed code in src/lib_overlay.c which used to crash.
+* added a few more programs in test/ The ones from the PDCurses
+ package are useful, especially if you have SVR4 proper. I'm
+ interested in the results you get on such a systems (Eric? ;-).
+ They already exposed certain bugs in ncurses.
+* See src/README for porting notes.
+* The C++ code should really replace ncurses.h instead of working
+ around it. It should avoid name-space clashes with nterm.h (use
+ rows instead of lines, etc.)
+* The C++ should compile ok. I've added explicit rules to the
+ Makefile because no C++ defaults are documented on the suns.
+* The docs say that echo() and nocbreak() are mutually exclusive.
+ At the moment ncurses will switch to cbreak() if the case above
+ occurs. Should it continue to do so? How about echo() and noraw()?
+* PDCurses seem to assume that wclear() will use current attribute
+ when clearing the screen. According to Eric this is not the case
+ with SVR4.
+* I have discovered, to my chagrin, SunOS 4.x (and probably other systems)
+ * doesn't have vsscanf and God knows what else! I've will do a vsscanf().
+* I've also found out that the src/script.* rely on gawk and will not
+ work with stock awk or even with nawk. Any changes are welcome.
+* Linux is more tolerant of NULL dereferences than most systems. This
+ fact was exposed by hanoi.
+* ncurses still seems inefficient in drawing the screen on a serial
+ link between Linux and suns. The padding may be the culprit.
+* There seems to be one lingering problem with doupdate() after shelling
+ out. Despite the fact the it is sending out the correct information
+ to the terminal, nothing takes effect until you press ^L or another
+ refresh takes place. And yes, output does get flushed.
+#### ncurses 1.8.1 -> ncurses 1.8.2 #### Nov 28, 1993 ####
+* added support for SVR4 and BSDI's BSD/386.
+* major update and fix to scrolling routine.
+* MORE fixes to stuff in lib_getch.c.
+* cleaned-up configuration options and can now generate
+ Config.* files through an awk script.
+* changed setupterm() so it can be called more than once,
+ add added set_curterm(), del_curterm().
+* a few minor cleanups.
+* added more prototypes in curses.h
+#### ncurses 1.8 -> ncurses 1.8.1 #### Nov 4, 1993 ####
+* added support for NeXTStep 3.0
+* added termcap emulation (not well tested).
+* more complete C++ interface to ncurses.
+* fixed overlay(), overwrite(), and added copywin().
+* a couple of bug fixes.
+* a few code cleanups.
+#### ncurses 0.7.2/0.7.3 -> ncurses 1.8 #### Aug 31, 1993 ####
+* The annoying message "can't open file." was due to missing
+ terminfo entry for the used terminal. It has now been
+ replaced by a hopefully more helpful message.
+* Problems with running on serial lines are now fixed.
+* Added configuration files for SunOS, Linux, HP/UX, Ultrix,
+ 386bsd/BSDI (if you have others send'em to me)
+* Cleaner Makefile.
+* The documentation in manual.doc is now more uptodate.
+* update optimization and support for hp terminals, and 386bsd
+ console driver(s).
+* mvcur optimization for terminals without cursor addressing
+ (doesn't work on Linux)
+* if cursor moved since last update, getch() will refresh the
+ screen before working.
+* getch() & alarm() can now live together. in 0.7.3 a signal
+ interrupted getch() (bug or feature?) now the getch is
+ restarted.
+* scanw() et all were sick, now fixed.
+* support for 8-bit input (use meta()).
+* added default screen size to all terminfos.
+* added c++ Ncursesw class.
+* several minor bug fixes.
+#### ncurses 0.7.2 -> ncurses 0.7.3 #### May 27, 1993 ####
+* Config file to cope with different platforms (386BSD, BSDI, Ultrix, SunOS)
+* more fixes to lib_getch.c
+* changes related to Config
+#### ncurses 0.7 -> ncurses 0.7.2 #### May 22, 1993 ####
+* docs updated slightly (color usage is now documented).
+* yet another fix for getch(), this one fixes problems with ESC being swallowed
+ if another character is typed before the 1 second timeout.
+* Hopefully, addstr() and addch() are 8-bit clean.
+* fixed lib_tparm.c to use stdarg.h (should run on suns now)
+* order of capabilities changed to reflect that specified in SYSV
+ this will allow for binary-compatibility with existing terminfo dbs.
+* added halfdelay()
+* fixed problems with asc_init()
+* added A_PROTECT and A_INVIS
+* cleaned up vidputs()
+* general cleanup of the code
+* more attention to portability to other systems
+* added terminfos for hp70092 (wont work until changes to lib_update.c are
+ made) and 386BSD pcvt drivers.
+Thanks to Hellmuth Michaelis for his help.
+optimization code is slated for the next major release, stay tuned!
+#### ncurses 0.6/0.61 -> ncurses 0.7 #### April 1, 1993
+Please note that the next release will be called 1.8. If you want to know about
+the rationale drop me a line.
+Included are several test programs in test/.
+I've split up the panels library, reversi, tetris, sokoban. They are now
+available separately from netcom.com:pub/zmbenhal/
+* color and ACS support is now fully compatible with SYSV at the terminfo
+ level.
+* Capabilities now includes as many SYSV caps I could find.
+* tigetflag,tigetnum,tigetstr functions added.
+* boolnames, boolfnames, boolcodes numnames, numfnames, numcodes,
+ strnames, strfnames, strcodes arrays are now added.
+* keyname() is added.
+* All function keys can be defined in terminfo entries.
+* fixed lin_tparm.c to behave properly.
+* terminfo entries for vt* and xterm are included (improvements are welcome)
+* more automation in handling caps and keys.
+* included fixes from 0.6.1
+* added a few more missing functions.
+* fixed a couple of minor bugs.
+* updated docs JUST a little (still miles behind in documenting the newer
+ features).
+#### ncurses 0.6 -> ncurses 0.61 ####
+1) Included the missing data/console.
+2) allow attributes when drawing boxes.
+3) corrected usage of win->_delay value.
+4) fixed a bug in lib_getch.c. if it didn't recognize a sequence it would
+ simply return the last character in the sequence. The correct
+ behavior is to return the entire sequence one character at a time.
+#### ncurses0.5 -> ncurses0.6 #### March 1, 1993 ####
+* removed _numchngd from struct _win_st and made appropriate changes.
+* rewritten kgetch() to remove problems with interaction between alarm and
+ read(). It caused SIGSEGV every now and then.
+* fixed a bug that miscounted the numbers of columns when updating.
+ (in lib_doupdate.c(ClrUpdate() -- iterate to columns not columns-1)
+* fixed a bug that cause the lower-right corner to be incorrect.
+ (in lib_doupdate.c(putChar() -- check against columns not columns-1)
+* made resize() and cleanup() static to lib_newterm.c
+* added notimeout().
+* added timeout() define in curses.h
+* added more function prototypes and fixed napms.
+* added use_env().
+* moved screen size detection to lib_setup.c.
+* fixed newterm() to confirm to prototype.
+* removed SIGWINCH support as SYSV does not define its semantics.
+* cleaned-up lib_touch.c
+* added waddnstr() and relatives.
+* added slk_* support.
+* fixed a bug in wdeleteln().
+* added PANEL library.
+* modified Makefile for smoother installation.
+* terminfo.h is really term.h
+#### ncurses 0.4 -> ncurses 0.5 #### Feb 14, 1993 ####
+* changed _win_st structure to allow support for missing functionality.
+* Addition of terminfo support for all KEY_*.
+* Support for nodelay(), timeout(), notimeout().
+* fixed a bug with the keypad char reading that did not return ESC until
+ another key is pressed.
+* nl mapping no longer occur on output (as should be)
+ fixed bug '\n' no causing a LF.
+* fixed bug that reset terminal colors regardless of whether we use color
+ or not.
+* Better support for ACS (not quite complete).
+* fixed bug in wvline().
+* added curs_set().
+* changed from signal() to sigaction().
+* re-included the contents of important.patch into source.
+#### ncurses 0.3 -> ncurses 0.4 #### Feb 3, 1993 ####
+* Addition of more KEY_* definitions.
+* Addition of function prototypes.
+* Addition of several missing functions.
+* No more crashes if screen size is undefined (use SIGWINCH handler).
+* added a handler to cleanup after SIGSEGV (hopefully never needed).
+* changed SRCDIR from /etc/term to /usr/lib/terminfo.
+* renamed compile/dump to tic/untic.
+* New scrolling code.
+* fixed bug that reversed the sense of nl() and nonl().
+#### ncurses 0.2 -> ncurses 0.3 #### Jan 20, 1993 ####
+* more support for color and graphics see test/ for examples.
+* fixed various files to allow correct update after shelling out.
+* more fixes for updates.
+* no more core dumps if you don't have a terminfo entry.
+* support for LINES and COLUMNS environment variables.
+* support for SIGWINCH signal.
+* added a handler for SIGINT for clean exits.
+#### ncurses 0.1 -> ncurses 0.2 #### Aug 14, 1992 ####
+* support for color.
+* support for PC graphic characters.
+* lib_trace.c updated to use stdarg.h and vprintf routines.
+* added gdc.c (Great Digital Clock) as an example of using color.
+#### ncurses -> ncurses 0.1 #### Jul 31, 1992 ####
+* replacing sgtty stuff by termios stuff.
+* ANSIfication of some functions.
+* Disabling cost analysis 'cause it's incorrect.
+* A quick hack for a terminfo entry.