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--- $Id: NEWS,v 1.568 2000/07/02 01:16:51 tom Exp $
+-- $Id: NEWS,v 1.599 2000/10/10 01:02:11 tom Exp $
This is a log of changes that ncurses has gone through since Zeyd started
working with Pavel Curtis' original work, pcurses, in 1992.
@@ -6,6 +6,324 @@ working with Pavel Curtis' original work, pcurses, in 1992.
Changes through 1.9.9e are recorded by Zeyd M. Ben-Halim.
Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
+ + correct order of options/parameters in run_tic.in invocation of tic,
+ which did not work with standard getopt() (reported by Ethan
+ Butterfield <primus@veris.org>).
+ + correct logic for 'reverse' variable in lib_vidattr.c, which was
+ setting it true without checking if newmode had A_REVERSE set, e.g.,
+ using $TERM=ansi on OS/2 EMX (see 20000917).
+ > patch by Todd Miller:
+ + add a few missing use_terminfo_vars() and fixes up _nc_tgetent().
+ Previously, _nc_cgetset() would still get called on cp so the
+ simplest thing is to set cp to NULL if !use_terminfo_vars().
+ + added checks for an empty $HOME environment variable.
+ > patches by Ilya Zakharevich for OS/2 EMX:
+ + modify convert_configure.pl to support INSTALL. Change compiler
+ options in that script to use multithreading, needed for the mouse.
+ + modify OS/2 mouse support, retrying as a 2-button mouse if code fails
+ to set up a 3-button mouse.
+ + improve code for OS/2 mouse support, using _nc_timed_wait() to
+ replace select() call.
+ + change type of ospeed variable back to short to match its use in
+ legacy applications (reported by Andrey A Chernov).
+ + add case to configure script for --enable-rpath on IRIX (patch by
+ Albert Chin-A-Young).
+ + minor fix to position_check() function, to ensure it gets the whole
+ cursor report before decoding.
+ + add configure option --disable-assumed-color, to allow pre-5.1
+ convention of default colors used for color-pair 0 to be configured
+ (see assume_default_colors()).
+ + rename configure option --enable-hashmap --disable-hashmap, and
+ reorder the configure options, splitting the experimental and
+ development
+ + add configure option --disable-root-environ, which tells ncurses to
+ disregard $TERMINFO and similar environment variables if the current
+ user is root, or running setuid/setgid (based on discussion with
+ several people).
+ + modified misc/run_tic.in to use tic -o, to eliminate dependency on
+ $TERMINFO variable for installs.
+ + add table entry for plab_norm to tput, so it passes in strings
+ for that capability.
+ + modify parse_format() in lib_tparm.c to ignore precision if it is
+ longer than 10000 (report by Jouko Pynnonen).
+ + rewrote limit checks in lib_mvcur.c using new functions
+ _nc_safe_strcat(), etc. Made other related changes to check lengths
+ used for strcat/strcpy (report by Jouko Pynnonen <jouko@solutions.fi>).
+ + modify several descriptions, including those for setaf, setab, in
+ include/Caps to indicate that the entries are parameterized. This
+ information is used to tell which strings are translated when
+ converting to termcap. Fixes a problem where the generated termcap
+ would contain a spurious "%p1" for the terminfo "%p1%d".
+ + modify ld -rpath options (e.g., Linux, and Solaris) to use an
+ absolute pathname for the build tree's lib directory (prompted by
+ discussion with Albert Chin-A-Young).
+ + modify "make install.man" and "make uninstall.man" to include tack's
+ man-page.
+ + various fixes for install scripts used to support configure --srcdir
+ and --with-install-prefix (reported by Matthew Clarke
+ <Matthew_Clarke@mindlink.bc.ca>).
+ + make configure script checks on variables $GCC and $GXX consistently
+ compare against 'yes' rather than test if they are nonnull, since
+ either may be set to the corresponding name of the C or C++ compiler
+ (report/patch by Albert Chin-A-Young).
+ + modify rs2 capability in xterm-r6 and similar where cursor
+ save/restore bracketed the sequence for resetting video attributes.
+ The cursor restore would undo that (from a NetBSD bug report by John
+ Hawkinson <jhawk@MIT.EDU>).
+ + using parameter check added to tic, corrected 27 typos in
+ terminfo.src -TD
+ + modify tic to verify that its inputs are really files, in case
+ someone tries to read a directory (or /dev/zero).
+ + add a check for empty buffers returned by fgets() in comp_scan.c
+ next_char() function, in case tic is run on a non-text file (fixes
+ a core dump reported by Aaron Campbell <aaron@cs.dal.ca>).
+ + add to railroad.c some code exercising tgoto(), providing an
+ alternate form of display if the terminal supports cursor addressing.
+ + split-out tgoto() again, this time into new file lib_tgoto.c, and
+ implement a conventional BSD-style tgoto() which is used if the
+ capability string does not contain terminfo-style padding or
+ parameters (requested by Andrey A Chernov).
+ + add check to tic which reports capabilities that do not reference
+ the expected number of parameters.
+ + add error checking to infocmp's -v and -m options to ensure that
+ the option value is indeed a number.
+ + add S0, E0 extensions to screen's terminfo entry, which is another
+ way to solve the misconfiguration issue -TD
+ + completed special case for tgoto from 20000916
+ + update xterm terminfo entries to match XFree86 xterm patch #146 -TD
+ + add Matrix Orbital terminfo entries (from Eric Z Ayers
+ <eric@ale.org>).
+ + add special case to lib_tparm.c to allow 'screen' program to use a
+ termcap-style parameter "%." to tgoto() for switching character sets.
+ + use LN_S substitution in run_tic.in, to work on OS/2 EMX which has
+ no symbolic links.
+ + updated notes in README.emx regarding autoconf patches.
+ + replace a lookup table in lib_vidattr.c used to decode no_color_video
+ with a logic expression (suggested by Philippe Blain).
+ + add a/A toggle to ncurses.c 'b' test, which clears/sets alternate
+ character set attribute from the displayed text.
+ + correct inequality in parameter analysis of rewritten lib_tparm.c
+ which had the effect of ignoring p9 in set_attributes (sgr), breaking
+ alternate character set (reported by Piotr Majka <charvel@link.pl>).
+ + correct ifdef'ing for GCC_PRINTF, GCC_SCANF which would not compile
+ with Sun WorkShop compilers since these tokens were empty (cf:
+ 20000902, reported by Albert Chin-A-Young).
+ + correct an uninitialized parameter to open_tempfile() in tic.c which
+ made "tic -I" give an ambiguous error message about tmpnam.
+ + add special case in lib_vidattr.c to reset underline and standout for
+ devices that have no sgr0 defined (patch by Don Lewis
+ <Don.Lewis@tsc.tdk.com>). Note that this will not work for bold
+ mode, since there is no exit-bold-mode capability.
+ + improved patch for Make_Enum_Type (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + modify tparm to disallow arithmetic on strings, analyze the varargs
+ list to read strings as strings and numbers as numbers.
+ + modify tparm's internal function spop() to treat a null pointer as
+ an empty string.
+ + modify tput program so it can be renamed or invoked via a link as
+ 'reset' or 'init', producing the same effect as 'tput reset' or 'tput
+ init'.
+ + add private entrypoint _nc_basename(), use to consolidate related
+ code in progs, as well as accommodating OS/2 EMX pathnames.
+ + remove NCURSES_CONST line from edit_cfg.sh to compensate for its
+ removal (except via AC_SUBST) from configure.in, making --enable-const
+ work again (reported by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + regen'd configure to pick up "hpux*" change from 20000902.
+ + modify tset.c to check for transformed "reset" program name, if any.
+ + add a check for null pointer in Make_Enum_Type() (reported by Steven
+ W Orr <steveo@world.std.com>).
+ + change functions _nc_parse_entry() and postprocess_termcap() to avoid
+ using strtok(), because it is non-reentrant (reported by Andrey A
+ Chernov <ache@nagual.pp.ru>).
+ + remove "hpux10.*" case from CF_SHARED_OPTS configure script macro.
+ This differed from the "hpux*" case by using reversed symbolic
+ links, which made the 5.1 version not match the configuration of
+ 5.0 shared libraries (reported by Albert Chin-A-Young).
+ + correct a dependency in Ada95/src/Makefile.in which prevented
+ building with configure --srcdir (patch by H Nanosecond
+ <aldomel@ix.netcom.com>).
+ + modify ifdef's in curses.h.in to avoid warning if GCC_PRINTF or
+ GCC_SCANF was not previously defined (reported by Pavel Roskin
+ <proski@gnu.org>).
+ + add MKncurses_def.sh to generate fallback definitions for
+ ncurses_cfg.h, to quiet gcc -Wundef warnings, modified ifdef's in
+ code to consistently use "#if" rather than "#ifdef".
+ + add QNX qansi entries to terminfo -TD
+ + add os2 entry to misc/emx.src (<jmcoopr@webmail.bmi.net>).
+ + add configure option --with-database to allow specifying a different
+ terminfo source-file to install. On OS/2 EMX, this defaults to
+ misc/emx.src
+ + change misc/run_tic.sh to derive it from misc/run_tic.in, to simplify
+ setting .exe extension on OS/2 EMX.
+ + add .exe extension in Ada95/gen/Makefile.in,
+ Ada95/samples/Makefile.in, for OS/2 EMX (reported by
+ <jmcoopr@webmail.bmi.net>).
+ + add configure check for filesystems (such as OS/2 EMX) which do not
+ distinguish between upper/lowercase filenames, use this to fix tags
+ rules in makefiles.
+ + initialize fds[] array to 0's in _nc_timed_wait(); apparently poll()
+ only sets the revents members of that array when there is activity
+ corresponding to the related file (report by Glenn Cooper
+ <gcooper@qantas.com.au>, using Purify on Solaris 5.6).
+ + change configure script to use AC_CANONICAL_SYSTEM rather than
+ AC_CANONICAL_HOST, which means that configure --target will set
+ a default program-prefix.
+ + add note on cross-compiling to INSTALL (which does not rely on the
+ AC_CANONICAL_* macros).
+ + add cases for EMX OS/2 to config.guess, config.sub
+ + new version of config.guess, config.sub from lynx 2.8.4dev.7
+ + add definitions via transform.h to allow tic and tput to check for
+ the transformed aliases rather than the original infotocap, etc.
+ + simplify transform-expressions in progs/Makefile.in, make the
+ uninstall rule work for transformed program names.
+ + change symbol used by --install-prefix configure option from
+ INSTALL_PREFIX to DESTDIR (the latter has become common usage
+ although the name is misleading).
+ + modify programs to use curses_version() string to report the version
+ of ncurses with which they are compiled rather than the
+ NCURSES_VERSION string. The function returns the patch level in
+ addition to the major and minor version numbers.
+ + modify CF_MAN_PAGES configure macro to make transformed program names
+ a parameter to that macro rather than embedding them in the macro.
+ + newer config.guess, config.sub (reference version used in lynx
+ 2.8.4dev.7).
+ + add configure option --with-default-terminfo-dir=DIR to allow
+ specifying the default terminfo database directory (request by Albert
+ Chin-A-Young).
+ + minor updates for terminfo.src from FreeBSD termcap change-history.
+ + correct notes in README and INSTALL regarding documentation files
+ that were moved from misc directory to doc (report by Rich Kulawiec
+ <rsk@gsp.org>).
+ + change most remaining unquoted parameters of 'test' in configure
+ script to use quotes, for instance fixing a problem in the
+ --disable-database option (reported by Christian Mondrup
+ <scancm@biobase.dk>).
+ + minor adjustments to work around some of the incompatibilities/bugs
+ in autoconf 2.29a alpha.
+ + add -I/usr/local/include when --with-ncurses option is used in
+ test/configure script.
+ + correct logic in adjust_cancels(), which did not check both
+ alternatives when reclassifying an extended name between boolean,
+ number and string, causing an infinite loop in tic.
+ + correct a missing backslash in curses.priv.h
+ + change handling of non_dest_scroll_region in tty_update.c to clear
+ text after it is shifted in rather than before shifting out. Also
+ correct row computation (reported by Ruediger Kuhlmann
+ <uck4@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de>).
+ + add/use new trace function to display chtype values from winch() and
+ getbkgd().
+ + add trace mask TRACE_ATTRS, alter several existing _tracef calls that
+ trace attribute changes under TRACE_CALLS to use this.
+ + modify MKlib_gen.sh so that functions returning chtype will call
+ returnChar().
+ + add returnChar() trace, for functions returning chtype.
+ + change indent.pro to line up parenthesis.
+ + fix a heap problem with the c++ binding (report by
+ <alexander_liberson@ninewest.com>, patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + minor adjustment to ClrToEOL() to handle an out-of-bounds parameter.
+ + modify the check for big-core to force a couple of memory accesses,
+ which may work as needed for older/less-capable machines (if not,
+ there's still the explicit configure option).
+ > fixes based on diff's for Amiga and BeOS found at
+ http://www.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de/~kuhlmann/cross/ncurses/
+ + alter definition of NCURSES_CONST to make it non-empty.
+ + add amiga-vnc terminfo entry.
+ + redefine 'TEXT' in menu.h for AMIGA, since it is reported to have
+ an (unspecified) symbol conflict.
+ + replaced case-statement in _nc_tracebits() for CSIZE with a table to
+ simplify working around implementations that define random
+ combinations of the related macros to zero.
+ + modify configure test for tcgetattr() to allow for old
+ implementations, e.g., on BeOS, which only defined it as a macro.
+ > patches by Bruno Haible:
+ + when checking LC_ALL/LC_CTYPE/LANG environment variables for UTF-8
+ locale, ignore those which are set to an empty value, as per SUSV2.
+ + encode 0xFFFD in UTF-8 with 3 bytes, not 2.
+ + modify _nc_utf8_outch() to avoid sign-extension when checking for
+ out-of-range value.
+ + correct manlinks.sed script to avoid using ERE "\+", which is not
+ understood by older versions of sed (patch by Albert Chin-A-Young).
+ + implement configure script options that transform installed program
+ names, e.g., --program-prefix, including the manpage names and cross
+ references (patch by Albert Chin-A-Young <china@thewrittenword.com>).
+ + correct several mismatches between manpage filename and ".TH"
+ directives, renaming dft_fgbg.3x to default_colors.3x and
+ menu_attribs.3x to menu_attributes.3x (report by Todd C Miller).
+ + correct missing includes for <string.h> in several places, including
+ the C++ binding. This is not noted by gcc unless we use the
+ -fno-builtin option (reported by Igor Schein <igor@txc.com>).
+ + modified progs/tset.c and tack/sysdep.c to build with sgttyb
+ interface if neither termio or termios is available. Tested this
+ with FreeBSD 2.1.5 (which does have termios - but the sgttyb does
+ work).
+20000708 5.1 release for upload to ftp.gnu.org
+ + document configure options in INSTALL.
+ + add man-page for ncurses trace functions.
+ + correct return value shown in curs_touch.3x for is_linetouched() and
+ is_wintouched(), in curs_initscr.3x for isendwin(), and in
+ curs_termattr.3x for has_ic() and has_il().
+ + add prototypes for touchline() and touchwin(), adding them to the
+ list of generated functions.
+ + modify fifo_push() to put ERR into the fifo just like other values to
+ return from wgetch(). It was returning without doing that, making
+ end-of-file condition incorrectly return a 0 (reported by Todd C
+ Miller).
+ + uncomment CC_SHARED_OPTS for progs and tack (see 971115), since they
+ are needed for SCO OpenServer.
+ + move _nc_disable_period from free_ttype.c to comp_scan.c to appease
+ dynamic loaders on SCO and IRIX64.
+ + add "-a" option to test/ncurses.c to invoke assume_default_colors()
+ for testing.
+ + correct assignment in assume_default_colors() which tells ncurses
+ whether to use default colors, or the assumed ones (reported by Gary
+ Funck <gary@Intrepid.Com>).
+ + review/correct logic in mk-1st.awk for making symbolic links for
+ shared libraries, in particular for FreeBSD, etc.
+ + regenerate misc/*.def files for OS/2 EMX dll's.
+ + correct quoting of values for CC_SHARED_OPTS in aclocal.m4 for
+ cases openbsd2*, openbsd*, freebsd* and netbsd* (patch by Peter
+ Wemm) (err in 20000610).
+ + minor updates to release notes, as well as adding/updating URLs for
+ examples cited in announce.html
+ > several fixes from Philippe Blain <philippe.blain2@freesbee.fr>:
+ + correct placement of ifdef for NCURSES_XNAMES in function
+ _nc_free_termtype(), fixes a memory leak.
+ + add a call to _nc_synchook() to the end of function whline() like
+ that in wvline() (difference was in 1.9.4).
+ + make ClearScreen() a little faster by moving two instances of
+ UpdateAttr() out of for-loops.
+ + simplify ClrBottom() by eliminating the tstLine data, using for-loops
+ (cf: 960428).
20000701 pre-release
+ change minor version to 1, i.e., ncurses 5.1
+ add experimental configure option --enable-colorfgbg to check for