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+-- $Id: README.emx,v 1.1 1998/11/21 20:13:05 tom Exp $
+-- Author: Thomas Dickey <dickey@clark.net>
+You can build ncurses on OS/2 in the EMX environment. But you must build and
+acquire tools. Not all of the tools distributed with EMX work properly, and
+some additional ones are required.
+First, the configure script distributed with ncurses will not run as-is in EMX.
+You can generate a new one if you have autoconf built for EMX. You will need
+the EMX development tools, of course. Get these programs to start:
+ GNU m4 program (version 1.4)
+ GNU autoconf (version 2.12).
+ GNU patch (version 2.5)
+Apply the autoconf patches from
+ http://www.clark.net/pub/dickey/autoconf
+ ftp://ftp.clark.net/pub/dickey/autoconf
+These are ordered by date:
+ autoconf-2.12-970309.patch
+ autoconf-2.12-970429.patch
+ autoconf-2.12-971222-emx.patch
+ autoconf-2.12-971222.patch
+ autoconf-2.12-971230.patch
+I built my development environment for ncurses using EMX 0.9c at the end of
+1997. Much of the EMX patch for autoconf was done originally by J.J.G.Ripoll,
+using a similar environment (he prefers using the 'ash' shell). Newer versions
+may fix these problems:
+ + The pdksh program distributed at Hobbes and Leo (with a 1996 date) is
+ defective. It does not process "here documents" correctly (which
+ renders it useless for running the autoconf script). I built my own
+ copy of pdksh 5.2.13, which does have the bug corrected (documented
+ in the change log for pdksh).
+ + I also built from sources (because the distributed binaries did not
+ work) the cmp, diff programs.
+ Other required utilities such as ar, cat, chmod, cp, gawk, grep, mv,
+ ls, rm, mkdir, sed, sort and tr worked.
+Once you have autoconf patched and installed, run 'autoconf' from the top-level
+directory of ncurses to generate the EMX-specific configure script.