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+-- $Id: TO-DO,v 1.39 1998/07/12 00:25:39 tom Exp $
+Known Problems:
+* GNAT does not put libraries in the correct order, so a build only links
+ properly if you use shared libraries since -lncurses is first.
+* XPG4 specifies that the enhanced features are not available unless the
+ _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED test macro is defined by the application. Ncurses uses
+ this macro (incorrectly) to address a dependency upon wchar_t. The functions
+ which use wchar_t are not implemented, so the effect of the test macro is
+ pointless.
+* The screen optimization has been tested only in an ad hoc manner. We should
+ develop a good set of regression tests to cover lib_doupdate.c and
+ lib_mvcur.c.
+* Magic cookie support does not work, since the logic does not take into account
+ refresh. Also, the initial optimize does not adjust the current location
+ when a cookie is emitted.
+* Scrolling optimization has holes: for example, it forces repaints of the
+ screen between calls to refresh().
+* SVr4 uses slightly different rules for determining when softkeys are shown.
+ For example, they are initially displayed (before the ncurses 'e' test
+ activates them), and a touchwin can apparently also force them to be
+ displayed.
++ The code departs from perfect 8-bit cleanness in one respect; you cannot
+ specify a character \200 as part of a capability string, because the terminfo
+ library interprets \200 as a request to embed NUL (\000) at that point. This
+ is a legacy terminfo property we can't mess with.
+* The window classes defined in the c++ subdirectory need documentation.
+ Some C++ programmer could earn a lot of good karma by doing this...
+Portability (or lack thereof):
+* Users of older System V UNIXes (but not Solaris, and probably not SVr4)
+ may trip over a known problem with the signal-handling code which causes
+ abrupt termination of ncurses applications following resume from a ^Z
+ suspend (this problem was first seen running lynx). You will not see
+ this problem if you are running Linux or one of the 4.4BSD derivatives
+ like FreeBSD, NetBSD, or BSDI. For details, see the analysis in the
+ header comment of ncurses/lib_tstp.c.
+* In theory, vwprintw and vwscanf are supposed to use the older varargs.h
+ interface for handling variadic argument lists. Linux doesn't have
+ varargs.h, it has the newer X/Open-standard stdargs.h equivalent. So
+ these functions use stdargs instead. This is unlikely to be a problem
+ unless you're building ncurses on a System V old enough to only have
+ varargs.h. (Solaris 2.5.1 uses the stdarg.h binding as well).
+* If you're using a BSD earlier than 4.4BSD, or a Linux old enough not to
+ have a native vsscanf(3) in its library, vwscanw() will not work. You lose.
+ (It should work on any System V, however). If you want to fix this, add
+ an implementation to ncurses/vsscanf.c.
+* The demo build for the c++ library craps out with many link errors under gcc
+ 2.6.3. We're told the C++ support in 2.6.3 is broken and that the right
+ fix is to upgrade to 2.7.0. This demo is also known to not build with
+ the Sun SPARCworks 4.1 C++ compiler, due to a problem resolving templates.
+* Under Ultrix, configure craps out (Ultrix sh is lame). Run it under ksh.
+* We've not tested the configure script with cross-compilers. The autoconf
+ tests are supposed to be able to support this (please report bugs). You will
+ have to configure and build in two steps. The first step must create the
+ automatically-generated sources (e.g., comp_captab.c) on your host machine.
+ Then, run "make mostlyclean", remove config.* from the top-level directory
+ and configure for the cross-compiler.
++ terminfo.5 does not format with the SunOS (and most other platform's) tbl
+ utility because it relies on a diversion for each table entry. Get the groff
+ package.
+Untested features:
+* The code for the HP color model using set_color_pair is untested.
+* The code for handling soft labels on a terminal type with built-in support
+ for them (num_labels > 0, label_height, label_width, label_format, label_off,
+ label_on, plab_norm, lab_f*) has not been tested. The label_format and
+ lab_f* capabilities aren't presently used.
+1. Extended COSE conformance
+There is an XPG4 standard recently released which describes a superset
+of the SVr4 API. The library is BASE conformant with this standard.
+We would like to make ncurses fully conformant at the EXTENDED level
+supporting internationalization.
+Here are page references to all material involving wide or multi-byte
+characters in Issue 4 of the XSI Curses standard, with notes on their
+status in this implementation:
+ Page 1 (1.1.2) New Features discussion of internationalization.
+ Page 12 (2.4): Definition of cchar_t, wchar_t.
+ Page 16 (3.3.2): Introduction of multi-column characters.
+ Page 17-18 (3.3.5): Description of non-spacing characters.
+ Page 19-21 (3.4.2): Basic character operations.
+ Page 34 (addnstr): These should now call underlying wide-
+character functions, and do (through waddnstr) if _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED is on).
+ Page 35 (addnwstr): wide-character add-string functions. All macros
+except waddnwstr() which is not yet defined.
+ Page 36 (add_wch): wide-character add-char functions. All macros
+except wadd_wch() which is not yet defined.
+ Page 39 (attr_get): implemented -- we've just made the current-
+attributes field of the window an attr_t.
+ Page 43 (bkgrnd): None of these are implemented.
+ Page 45 (border_set): Neither of these is implemented.
+ Page 47 (box_set): box_set implemented as macro, but the underlying
+wborder_set() is not yet defined.
+ Page 78 (echo_wchar): echo_wchar() implemented as macro, underlying
+wecho_wchar() not yet implemented.
+ Page 81 (erasechar): Neither entry point is implemented.
+ Page 87 (getbkgrnd): Not implemented.
+ Page 88 (getcchar): Not implemented.
+ Page 93 (getn_wstr): All implemented (as macros) except the
+underlying wgetn_wstr().
+ Page 97 (get_wch): All implemented (as macros) except the
+underlying wget_wch().
+ Page 99 (get_wstr): Xref to page 93.
+ Page 105 (hline_set): All implemented (as macros) except the
+underlying whline_set(), wvline_set().
+ Page 114 (innstr): Multi-byte character-completeness check is
+not implemented.
+ Page 115 (innwstr): All implemented (as macros) except the
+underlying winnw_str().
+ Page 119 (insnstr): Implementation may not be correct for multi-byte
+ Page 120 (ins_nwstr): Not implemented.
+ Page 121 (insstr): Xref to page 119.
+ Page 122 (instr): Xref to page 119.
+ Page 123 (ins_wch): Not implemented.
+ Page 124 (ins_wstr): Xref to page 120.
+ Page 126 (in_wch): Not implemented.
+ Page 127 (in_wchnstr): Not implemented.
+ Page 128 (inwstr): Xref to page 115.
+ Page 133 (killwchar): killwchar not implemented.
+ Page 158 (pechochar): pecho_wchar() not implemented.
+ Page 176 (setcchar): Not implemented.
+ Page 181 (slk_attroff): slk_wset not implemented.
+ Page 200 (ungetch): unget_wch() not implemented.
+ Page 203 (vidattr): vid_attr() and vid_puts() not implemented.
+ Page 206 (vline_set): Xref to page 105.
+ Page 214 (wunctrl): Not implemented.
+ Page 216 (curses.h): cchar_t, wint_t, wchar_t references.
+ Page 220 (curses.h): KEY_CODE_YES
+Basically, the macro superstructure is there but the core is absent. We
+need better multi-locale support guarantees from the OS to finish this.
+If you are working on internationalization support, please contact us so
+we can cooperate.
+2. DOS port
+Only 16 of the 55 files in the library depend on the terminfo format.
+It should be possible to further kernelize the package, then rewrite
+a small number of core files to produce a functionally-compatible
+port that would do updates to a memory-mapped screen area. The first
+result of this would be a DOS port.
+3. X port
+It would be nice if ncurses could recognize when it was running under X and
+maintain its own window. With this feature, all ncurses programs would
+automatically become X programs. The challenge is to handle resize events
+4. Unused capabilities
+The currently unused capabilities fall naturally into several groups:
+A. Status-line capabilities:
+ Booleans: has_status_line, status_line_esc_ok.
+ Numerics: width_status_line.
+ Strings: dis_status_line, from_status_line, to_status_line.
+System V Release 1 curses made no use of these at all. SVr4's use, if
+any, is unknown. From the AT&T termcap file it looks like curses, in general,
+shouldn't use them; terminal variants with status lines have their line count
+decremented by 1, suggesting that curses is supposed to leave the status line
+B. Printer capabilities:
+ Boolean: col_addr_glitch, cr_cancels_micro_mode, has_print_wheel,
+ row_addr_glitch, semi_auto_right_margin, cpi_changes_res,
+ lpi_changes_res.
+ Numeric: buffer_capacity, dot_horz_spacing, dot_vert_spacing,
+ max_micro_address, max_micro_jump, micro_col_size,
+ micro_line_size, number_of_pins, output_res_char,
+ output_res_line, output_res_horz_inch, print_rate,
+ wide_char_size, bit_image_entwining, bit_image_type.
+ String: down_half_line, form_feed, up_half_line, set_left_margin,
+ set_right_margin, clear_margins, change_char_pitch
+ ... set_page_length (all the SVr4 printer caps),
+Curses doesn't use these.
+C. Printer-control capabilities:
+ Boolean: prtr_silent.
+ Strings: print_screen, prtr_on, prtr_off, prtr_non.
+Curses doesn't use these.
+D. Dialer strings:
+ Strings: hangup, dial_phone, quick_dial, tone, pulse, flash_hook,
+ fixed_pause, wait_tone.
+Curses doesn't use these.
+E. Window and virtual-terminal capabilities:
+ Numerics: maximum_windows, virtual_terminal.
+ Strings: req_for_input, create_window, goto_window, set_window.
+These seem to be fossils from some AT&T experiments on character-based
+window systems that never escaped the lab. The virtual_terminal cap had
+something to do with building terminal emulations into tty line disciplines.
+F. Unused VDT capabilities:
+ Booleans: erase_overstrike, has_meta_key, insert_null_glitch,
+ move_insert, dest_tabs_magic_smso, transparent_underline,
+ needs_xon_xoff, hard_cursor.
+ Numerics: lines_of_memory, buttons.
+ Strings: pkey_key, pkey_local, pkey_xmit, underline_char,
+ enter_xon_mode, exit_xon_mode, xon_character, xoff_character,
+ display_clock, remove_clock, user[0-5], display_pc_char,
+ enter_scancode_mode, exit_scancode_mode, pc_term_options,
+ scancode_escape, alt_scancode_esc.
+These are the potentially important ones for ncurses. Notes:
+ i) ncurses doesn't need move_insert; it never uses cup/hpa/vpa while
+ insert_mode is on.
+ ii) We probably don't care about dest_tabs_magic_smso; only
+ Telerays used it and they're all long obsolete.