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.TH curs_getch 3X ""
@@ -223,6 +223,15 @@ Use of the escape key by a programmer for a single character function is
discouraged, as it will cause a delay of up to one second while the
keypad code looks for a following function-key sequence.
+Note that some keys may be the same as commonly used control
+keys, e.g., KEY_ENTER versus control/M, KEY_BACKSPACE versus control/H.
+Some curses implementations may differ according to whether they
+treat these control keys specially (and ignore the terminfo), or
+use the terminfo definitions.
+\fBNcurses\fR uses the terminfo definition.
+If it says that KEY_ENTER is control/M, \fBgetch\fR, will return KEY_ENTER
+when you press control/M.
When using \fBgetch\fR, \fBwgetch\fR, \fBmvgetch\fR, or
\fBmvwgetch\fR, nocbreak mode (\fBnocbreak\fR) and echo mode
(\fBecho\fR) should not be used at the same time. Depending on the