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-.\" Copyright (c) 2000,2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc. *
+.\" Copyright (c) 2000-2002,2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc. *
.\" *
.\" Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a *
.\" copy of this software and associated documentation files (the *
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.\" authorization. *
-.\" $Id: curs_trace.3x,v 1.5 2002/02/16 22:39:52 tom Exp $
+.\" $Id: curs_trace.3x,v 1.7 2005/05/15 17:02:54 tom Exp $
.TH curs_trace 3X ""
+.hy 0
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\fBtrace\fR - \fBcurses\fR debugging routines
\fB#include <curses.h>\fR
\fBvoid _tracef(const char *format, ...);\fR
\fBvoid _tracedump(const char *label, WINDOW *win);\fR
@@ -67,11 +71,11 @@ as well as applications which use the ncurses libraries.
These functions are normally available only with the debugging library
\fIlibncurses_g.a\fR, but may be compiled into any model (shared, static,
profile) by defining the symbol \fBTRACE\fR.
The principal parts of this interface are the \fBtrace\fR routine which
selectively enables different tracing features, and the \fB_tracef\fR
routine which writes formatted data to the \fItrace\fR file.
Calling \fBtrace\fR with a nonzero parameter opens the file \fBtrace\fR
in the current directory for output. The parameter is formed by OR'ing
values from the list of \fBTRACE_\fP\fIxxx\fR definitions in \fB<curses.h>\fR.
@@ -127,7 +131,7 @@ trace changes to video attributes and colors.
.TP 5
maximum trace level, enables all of the separate trace features.
Some tracing features are enabled whenever the \fBtrace\fR parameter
is nonzero. Some features overlap.
The specific names are used as a guideline.