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-.\" $Id: menu_mark.3x,v 1.6 1998/11/29 01:10:03 Rick.Ohnemus Exp $
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.TH menu_mark 3X ""
\fBmenu_mark\fR - get and set the menu mark string
@@ -42,29 +42,31 @@ const char *menu_mark(const MENU *menu);
In order to make menu selections visible on older terminals without
highlighting or color capability, the menu library marks selected items
in a menu with a prefix string.
The function \fBset_menu_mark\fR sets the mark string for the given menu.
Calling \fBset_menu_mark\fR with a null menu item will abolish the mark string.
Note that changing the length of the mark string for a menu while the
menu is posted is likely to produce unhelpful behavior.
The default string is "-" (a dash). Calling \fBset_menu_mark\fR with
-a \fBNULL\fR menu argument will change this default.
+a non-\fBNULL\fR menu argument will change this default.
The function \fBmenu_mark\fR returns the menu's mark string (or \fBNULL\fR if
there is none).
-The function \fBmenu_mark\fR returns \fBNULL\fR on error. The function
-\fBset_menu_mark\fR may return the following error codes:
+The function \fBmenu_mark\fR returns a pointer (which may be \fBNULL\fR).
+It does not set errno.
+The function \fBset_menu_mark\fR may return the following error codes:
.TP 5
+.B E_OK
The routine succeeded.
.TP 5
-System error occurred (see \fBerrno\fR).
-.TP 5
Routine detected an incorrect or out-of-range argument.
+.TP 5
+System error occurred (see \fBerrno\fR).
\fBcurses\fR(3X), \fBmenu\fR(3X).