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.TH TERMINFO 5 "" "" "File Formats"
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@@ -45,11 +45,13 @@ and libraries such as
describes terminals by giving a set of capabilities which they
have, by specifying how to perform screen operations, and by
specifying padding requirements and initialization sequences.
+This describes \fBncurses\fR
Entries in
.I terminfo
consist of a sequence of `,' separated fields (embedded commas may be
-escaped with a backslash or notated as \e072).
+escaped with a backslash or notated as \e054).
White space after the `,' separator is ignored.
The first entry for each terminal gives the names which are known for the
terminal, separated by `|' characters.
@@ -59,6 +61,16 @@ and all others are understood as synonyms for the terminal name.
All names but the last should be in lower case and contain no blanks;
the last name may well contain upper case and blanks for readability.
+Lines beginning with a `#' in the first column are treated as comments.
+While comment lines are legal at any point, the output of \fIcaptoinfo\fP
+and \fIinfotocap\fP (aliases for \fItic\fP)
+will move comments so they occur only between entries.
+Newlines and leading tabs may be used for formatting entries for readability.
+These are removed from parsed entries.
+The \fIinfocmp\ -f\fP option relies on this to format if-then-else expressions:
+the result can be read by \fItic\fP.
Terminal names (except for the last, verbose entry) should
be chosen using the following conventions.
The particular piece of hardware making up the terminal should