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Current history:
+2000/03/04 Fix a few spelling errors
+1999/09/04 Minor fix to build/link on BeOS
1999/05/16 Minor fix to build/link on CLIX
1999/05/09 Update to build/link on NeXT
1999/04/17 Update to work with ncurses 5.0 beta1 (TERMTYPE struct)
@@ -21,7 +23,7 @@ as little of curses as possible.
released to USENET in comp.sources. TED was originally written to
test both terminfos and termcaps. The original intent was to
create a terminfo editor. This code fell quite short of its goal.
-Tests were controled by command line switches and editing was done
+Tests were controlled by command line switches and editing was done
with pen and paper.
In 1995 Eric S. Raymond got interested in the program and added