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+The programs in this directory are designed to test your newest toy :-)
+Check the sources for any further details.
+blue - Blue Moon, a nifty solitaire (uses color)
+bs.c - the game of Battleships (uses color)
+firework.c - multi-colored fireworks (uses color)
+gdc.c - Great Digital Clock (uses color)
+hanoi.c - the game of hanoi (uses color essentially)
+knight.c - the game of Knight's Tour (uses color)
+lrtest.c - test of access to the lower-right corner
+ncurses.c - multi-test program (uses color)
+newdemo.c - another test from PDCurses (uses color)
+rain.c - rain drops keep falling on my head...
+tclock.c - analog/digital clock
+testcurs.c - a test from the PDCurses people (uses color)
+worm.c - worms run all over your screen (uses color)
+xmas.c - Xmas greeting card
+The bs and knight games demonstrate processing of mouse events under xterm.
+This directory also contains:
+tracemunch - Perl script to crunch trace scripts to make them easier to read