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@@ -780,7 +780,6 @@
.ds doc-str-Lb-libfetch File Transfer Library for URLs (libfetch, \-lfetch)
.ds doc-str-Lb-libform Curses Form Library (libform, \-lform)
.ds doc-str-Lb-libgeom Userland API Library for kernel GEOM subsystem (libgeom, \-lgeom)
-.ds doc-str-Lb-libgpib General-Purpose Instrument Bus (GPIB) library (libgpib, \-lgpib)
.ds doc-str-Lb-libi386 i386 Architecture Library (libi386, \-li386)
.ds doc-str-Lb-libintl Internationalized Message Handling Library (libintl, \-lintl)
.ds doc-str-Lb-libipsec IPsec Policy Control Library (libipsec, \-lipsec)
diff --git a/contrib/groff/tmac/groff_mdoc.man b/contrib/groff/tmac/groff_mdoc.man
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--- a/contrib/groff/tmac/groff_mdoc.man
+++ b/contrib/groff/tmac/groff_mdoc.man
@@ -1732,8 +1732,6 @@ and their results are:
.Lb libform
.It Li libgeom
.Lb libgeom
-.It Li libgpib
-.Lb libgpib
.It Li libi386
.Lb libi386
.It Li libintl
diff --git a/contrib/mdocml/lib.in b/contrib/mdocml/lib.in
index a1ce062f75fc..d69a6542f38d 100644
--- a/contrib/mdocml/lib.in
+++ b/contrib/mdocml/lib.in
@@ -57,7 +57,6 @@ LINE("libfsid", "Filesystem Identification Library (libfsid, \\-lfsid)")
LINE("libftpio", "FTP Connection Management Library (libftpio, \\-lftpio)")
LINE("libform", "Curses Form Library (libform, \\-lform)")
LINE("libgeom", "Userland API Library for Kernel GEOM subsystem (libgeom, \\-lgeom)")
-LINE("libgpib", "General-Purpose Instrument Bus (GPIB) library (libgpib, \\-lgpib)")
LINE("libgpio", "General-Purpose Input Output (GPIO) library (libgpio, \\-lgpio)")
LINE("libhammer", "HAMMER Filesystem Userland Library (libhammer, \\-lhammer)")
LINE("libi386", "i386 Architecture Library (libi386, \\-li386)")