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@@ -180,8 +180,8 @@ Debug the BIOs used for I/O.
=item B<-z>
-Compress or decompress clear text using zlib before encryption or after
-decryption. This option exists only if OpenSSL with compiled with zlib
+Compress or decompress encrypted data using zlib after encryption or before
+decryption. This option exists only if OpenSSL was compiled with the zlib
or zlib-dynamic option.
=item B<-none>
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@@ -797,7 +797,7 @@ server.
The B<s_client> utility is a test tool and is designed to continue the
handshake after any certificate verification errors. As a result it will
-accept any certificate chain (trusted or not) sent by the peer. None test
+accept any certificate chain (trusted or not) sent by the peer. Non-test
applications should B<not> do this as it makes them vulnerable to a MITM
attack. This behaviour can be changed by with the B<-verify_return_error>
option: any verify errors are then returned aborting the handshake.
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@@ -701,7 +701,7 @@ disabling the ephemeral DH cipher suites.
=item B<-alpn val>, B<-nextprotoneg val>
-These flags enable the Enable the Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation
+These flags enable the Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation
or Next Protocol Negotiation (NPN) extension, respectively. ALPN is the
IETF standard and replaces NPN.
The B<val> list is a comma-separated list of supported protocol