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@@ -23,13 +23,17 @@ dialer hayes
# 4) send "ATDT", then the telephone number (after translating any
# dialcodes).
# 5) wait until the modem echoes "CONNECT"
-chat "" ATZ\r\d\c OK ATDT\T CONNECT
+# 6) Wait a little more, if your modem give CONNECT before carrier up
+chat "" ATZ\r\d\c OK ATDT\T CONNECT \p\c
# If we get "BUSY" or "NO CARRIER" during the dial chat script we
# abort the dial immediately.
chat-fail BUSY
+chat-fail ERROR
+chat-fail NO\sDIALTONE
chat-fail NO\sCARRIER
# When the call is over, we make sure we hangup the modem.
+# You don't need this stuff, if you modem can handle DTR drop properly
complete \d\d+++\d\dATH\r\c
abort \d\d+++\d\dATH\r\c