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.\" @(#)open.2 8.2 (Berkeley) 11/16/93
.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd February 23, 2021
+.Dd March 18, 2021
.Dt OPEN 2
@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@ O_DIRECTORY error if file is not a directory
O_CLOEXEC set FD_CLOEXEC upon open
O_VERIFY verify the contents of the file
O_RESOLVE_BENEATH path resolution must not cross the fd directory
+O_PATH record only the target path in the opened descriptor
Opening a file with
@@ -316,6 +317,44 @@ The primary use for this descriptor will be as the lookup descriptor for the
.Fn *at
family of functions.
+returns a file descriptor that can be used as a directory file descriptor for
+.Xr openat 2
+and other system calls taking a file descriptor argument, like
+.Xr fstatat 2
+and others.
+The other functionality of the returned file descriptor is limited to
+the descriptor-level operations.
+It can be used for
+.Bl -tag -width SCM_RIGHTS -offset indent -compact
+.It Xr fcntl 2
+but advisory locking is not allowed
+.It Xr dup 2
+.It Xr close 2
+.It Xr fstat 2
+.It Xr fexecve 2
+requires that
+was also specified at open time
+can be passed over a
+.Xr unix 4
+socket using a
+But operations like
+.Xr read 2 ,
+.Xr ftruncate 2 ,
+and any other that operate on file and not on file descriptor (except
+.Xr fstat 2 ),
+are not allowed.
+See also the description of
+flag for
+.Xr fstatat 2
+and related syscalls.
If successful,
.Fn open
returns a non-negative integer, termed a file descriptor.