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+For the printing and parsing functionalit, we use the Tianocore routines directly.
+efivar-dp-format.c is a copy of MdePkg/Library/UefiDevicePathLib/DevicePathToText.c
+efivar-dp-parse.c is a copy of MdePkg/Library/UefiDevicePathLib/DevicePathFromText.c
+These files are first mechnaically processed with
+sed -e "s/L'/'/;"'s/L"/"/g;s/%g/%36s/g;s/%a/%s/g;s/^VOID/static VOID/g;s/ *$//g'
+for several reasons. We're moving from wide rotuines to narrow
+routines. The UTC-2 this code is written for is a bad match for
+wchar_t which is an int. It's a much better match for plain narrow
+characters on FreeBSD. So we pretend that CHAR16 for these files is
+really char * (ASCII).
+Next, we have have to convert the Unicode printf that this code
+expects to FreeBSD's printf. %g means "Print the GUID" and %a means
+"print the ASCII string." so we mechanically convert them. Once we've
+done that we can compare efivar-dp-*.c to its source to see what's
+changed. Because we go through this indirection, I've done that
+outside of svn. To upgrade you have to do these files by hand. You
+have to go through and make routines static.
+uefi-*.[ch] are internal routines to support this. They've been copied
+from EDK2 as well, but in a more hap-hazard manner. This was a trade
+off between ease of implementation / upgrade vs pulling in too much
+since less than half of any file was needed.
+efi-osdep.h shims the EDK2 types to FreeBSD's types. It's included by
+ProcessorBind.h which EDK2 uses to define the CPU. We keep it separate
+from uefi-dplib.h to allow better sharing.
+uefi-dplib.h shims the EDK2 routines that are needed to FreeBSD's
+routines. This is relatively easy since we map all the UCS-2 routines
+to simple char * routines.