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.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd June 22, 2009
+.Dd November 18, 2009
.Dt LIBUSB20 3
@@ -98,6 +98,8 @@ USB access library (libusb -lusb)
.Fn libusb20_tr_setup_intr "struct libusb20_transfer *xfer" "void *pbuf" "uint32_t length" "uint32_t timeout"
.Ft void
.Fn libusb20_tr_setup_isoc "struct libusb20_transfer *xfer" "void *pbuf" "uint32_t length" "uint61_t fr_index"
+.Ft uint8_t
+.Fn libusb20_tr_bulk_intr_sync "struct libusb20_transfer *xfer" "void *pbuf" "uint32_t length" "uint32_t *pactlen" "uint32_t timeout"
.Ft void
.Fn libusb20_tr_start "struct libusb20_transfer *xfer"
.Ft void
@@ -451,6 +453,29 @@ is a helper function for setting up a multi frame USB ISOCHRONOUS transfer.
+.Fn libusb20_tr_bulk_intr_sync
+will perform a synchronous BULK or INTERRUPT transfer having length given by the
+.Fa length
+argument and buffer pointer given by the
+.Fa pbuf
+argument on the USB transfer given by the
+.Fa xfer
+If the
+.Fa pactlen
+argument is non-NULL the actual transfer length will be stored at the given pointer destination.
+If the
+.Fa timeout
+argument is non-zero the transfer will timeout after the given value in milliseconds.
+This function does not change the transfer flags, like short packet not ok.
+This function returns zero on success else a LIBUSB20_TRANSFER_XXX value is returned.
.Fn libusb20_tr_start
will get the USB transfer started, if not already