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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd February 14, 2013
+.Dd May 3, 2013
.Dt LIBUSB20 3
@@ -114,6 +114,8 @@ USB access library (libusb -lusb)
.Ft const char *
.Fn libusb20_dev_get_backend_name "struct libusb20_device *"
.Ft int
+.Fn libusb20_dev_get_port_path "struct libusb20_device *pdev" "uint8_t *buf" "uint8_t bufsize"
+.Ft int
.Fn libusb20_dev_get_info "struct libusb20_device *pdev" "struct usb_device_info *pinfo"
.Ft int
.Fn libusb20_dev_get_iface_desc "struct libusb20_device *pdev" "uint8_t iface_index" "char *buf" "uint8_t len"
@@ -552,6 +554,20 @@ returns a zero terminated string describing the backend used.
+.Fn libusb20_dev_get_port_path
+retrieves the list of USB port numbers which the datastream for a given USB device follows.
+The first port number is the Root HUB port number.
+Then children port numbers follow.
+The Root HUB device itself has a port path length of zero.
+Valid port numbers start at one and range until and including 255.
+Typically there should not be more than 16 levels, due to electrical and protocol limitations.
+This functions returns the number of actual port levels upon success
+else a LIBUSB20_ERROR value is returned which are always negative.
+If the actual number of port levels is greater than the maximum
+specified, a LIBUSB20_ERROR value is returned.
.Fn libusb20_dev_get_info
retrieves the BSD specific usb_device_info structure into the memory location given by
.Fa pinfo .