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-<!-- -*- sgml -*-
- $FreeBSD$
- Sponsors of various works.
- Please keep the entity list sorted alphabetically.
-<!ENTITY abt "ABT Systems, Ltd.">
-<!ENTITY afrl "AFRL">
-<!ENTITY cavium "Cavium">
-<!ENTITY chelsio "Chelsio Communications">
-<!ENTITY citrix "Citrix Systems">
-<!ENTITY citrix.rd "Citrix Systems R&amp;D">
-<!ENTITY clusterhq "ClusterHQ">
-<!ENTITY darpa "DARPA">
-<!ENTITY darpa_afrl "DARPA, AFRL">
-<!ENTITY dell "Dell, Inc.">
-<!ENTITY emcisilon "EMC / Isilon Storage Division">
-<!ENTITY ff "The&nbsp;&os;&nbsp;Foundation">
-<!ENTITY ff.url "https://www.FreeBSDFoundation.org/">
-<!ENTITY gandi "Gandi.net">
-<!ENTITY google "Google">
-<!ENTITY juniper "Juniper Networks, Inc.">
-<!ENTITY intelcorp "Intel Corporation">
-<!ENTITY ix "iXsystems">
-<!ENTITY limelight "Limelight Networks">
-<!ENTITY lsi "LSI">
-<!ENTITY msostc "Microsoft Open Source Technology Center">
-<!ENTITY mitail "MIT Computer Science &amp; Artificial Intelligence Laboratory">
-<!ENTITY multiplay "Multiplay">
-<!ENTITY netflix "Netflix">
-<!ENTITY netgate "Netgate">
-<!ENTITY nginx "Nginx, Inc.">
-<!ENTITY norse "Norse Corporation">
-<!ENTITY sandvine "Sandvine, Inc.">
-<!ENTITY scaleengine "ScaleEngine, Inc.">
-<!ENTITY solarflare "Solarflare Communications, Inc.">
-<!ENTITY spectralogic "Spectra Logic">
-<!ENTITY yandex "Yandex LLC">