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+Warsaw, 1998.10.21
+This is a port of Minix editor. It's small, fast and relatively
+robust. It can perform basic editing commands, block operations,
+and search and replace.
+The keybindings are just plain insane. I added a help screen
+(available under F1), and remapped some of the wildest keys to
+function keys. If you have some time and a bit of hacking skills,
+you're welcome to sanitize it. :-)
+A bit of warning: one of the reasons for its small size is that it
+doesn't use any termcap calls - it uses hardwired codes for 'cons25'
+terminal type. If you try to use it with some other terminal, you
+have to change them, or recompile with -DUNIX -ltermcap.
+Andrzej Bialecki