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.\" From: @(#)swapon.8 8.1 (Berkeley) 6/5/93
.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd November 17, 2018
+.Dd May 6, 2019
@@ -36,12 +36,16 @@
.Nd "specify a device for crash dumps"
+.Op Fl i Ar index
+.Op Fl r
.Op Fl v
.Op Fl k Ar pubkey
.Op Fl Z
.Op Fl z
.Ar device
+.Op Fl i Ar index
+.Op Fl r
.Op Fl v
.Op Fl k Ar pubkey
.Op Fl Z
@@ -72,8 +76,38 @@ and
.Va dumpon_flags .
For more information on this usage, see
.Xr rc.conf 5 .
+Starting in
+.Fx 13.0 ,
+can configure a series of fallback dump devices.
+For example, an administrator may prefer
+.Xr netdump 4
+by default, but if the
+.Xr netdump 4
+service cannot be reached or some other failure occurs, they might choose a
+local disk dump as a second choice option.
.Ss General options
.Bl -tag -width _k_pubkey
+.It Fl i Ar index
+Insert the specified dump configuration into the prioritized fallback dump
+device list at the specified index, starting at zero.
+.Fl i
+is not specified, the configured dump device is appended to the prioritized
+.It Fl r
+Remove the specified dump device configuration or configurations from the
+fallback dump device list rather than inserting or appending it.
+In contrast,
+removes all configured devices.
+Conflicts with
+.Fl i .
.It Fl k Ar pubkey
Configure encrypted kernel dumps.
@@ -96,7 +130,7 @@ The
.Va pubkey
file should be a PEM-formatted RSA key of at least 1024 bits.
.It Fl l
-List the currently configured dump device, or /dev/null if no device is
+List the currently configured dump device(s), or /dev/null if no devices are
.It Fl v
Enable verbose mode.