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@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
.Nd file system consistency check and interactive repair
-.Op Fl BEFfnpryZ
+.Op Fl BEFfnpRryZ
.Op Fl b Ar block
.Op Fl c Ar level
.Op Fl m Ar mode
@@ -266,6 +266,11 @@ which is assumed to be affirmative;
do not open the file system for writing.
.It Fl p
Preen file systems (see above).
+.It Fl R
+Instruct fsck_ffs to restart itself if it encounters certain errors that
+warrant another run. It will limit itself to a maximum of 10 restarts
+in a given run in order to avoid an endless loop with extremely corrupted
.It Fl r
Free up excess unused inodes.
Decreasing the number of preallocated inodes reduces the