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@@ -40,10 +40,12 @@
.Op Fl guv
+.Op Fl c Ar 32 | 64
.Op Fl l Ar maxrun
.Fl a
.Op Fl guv
+.Op Fl c Ar 32 | 64
.Ar filesystem ...
@@ -69,6 +71,22 @@ to be read-write with disk quotas.
By default only the types of quotas listed in
.Pa /etc/fstab
are checked.
+.It Fl c Ar 32 | 64
+Before performing its checks,
+will convert the quota file to the specified word size.
+A conversion size of 64 is given to request conversion to
+the new 64-bit quota file format.
+A conversion size of 32 is given to request conversion back to
+the old 32-bit quota file format.
+The original quota file is left unchanged and moved aside with an
+underscore and its format size plus a
+.Pa .orig
+extension added to its name.
+Thus, the original 32-bit
+.Pa quota.user
+quota file converted to the 64-bit format quota file will be renamed to
+.Pa quota.user_32.orig .
.It Fl g
Only group quotas listed in
.Pa /etc/fstab