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.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd March 14, 2019
+.Dd January 27, 2021
.Nm firmware_register ,
.Nm firmware_unregister ,
.Nm firmware_get ,
+.Nm firmware_get_flags ,
.Nm firmware_put
.Nd firmware image loading and management
@@ -57,6 +58,8 @@ struct firmware {
.Fn firmware_unregister "const char *imagename"
.Ft "const struct firmware *"
.Fn firmware_get "const char *imagename"
+.Ft "const struct firmware *"
+.Fn firmware_get_flags "const char *imagename" "uint32_t flags"
.Ft void
.Fn firmware_put "const struct firmware *fp" "int flags"
@@ -97,7 +100,13 @@ by calling the function
.Fn firmware_get
with the
.Nm imagename
-they want as an argument.
+they want as an argument, or by calling
+.Fn firmware_get_flags
+with the
+.Nm imagename
+.Nm flags
+they want as an arguments.
If a matching image is not already registered,
the firmware subsystem will try to load it using the
mechanisms specified below (typically, a kernel module
@@ -134,11 +143,22 @@ if there are no pending references to the image, otherwise
it does not unregister the image and returns EBUSY.
.Fn firmware_get
-returns the requested firmware image.
+.Fn firmware_get_flags
+return the requested firmware image.
+.Fa flags
+argument may be set to
+to indicate that errors on firmware load or registration should
+only be logged in case of
+.Nm booverbose .
If the image is not yet registered with the system,
-the function tries to load it.
+the functions try to load it.
This involves the linker subsystem and disk access, so
.Fn firmware_get
+.Fn firmware_get_flags
must not be called with any locks (except for
.Va Giant ) .
Note also that if the firmware image is loaded from a filesystem
@@ -149,9 +169,11 @@ already mounted.
On success,
.Fn firmware_get
-returns a pointer to the image description and increases the reference count
+.Fn firmware_get_flags
+return a pointer to the image description and increase the reference count
for this image.
-On failure, the function returns NULL.
+On failure, the functions return NULL.
.Fn firmware_put
drops a reference to a firmware image.
@@ -183,10 +205,12 @@ these images in memory before calling
.Fn firmware_get
+.Fn firmware_get_flags
does not find the requested image, it tries to load it using
one of the available loading mechanisms.
At the moment, there is only one, namely
-.Nm Loadable kernel modules :
+.Nm Loadable kernel modules .
A firmware image named
.Nm foo
@@ -203,6 +227,8 @@ which on most systems defaults to
Note that in case a module contains multiple images,
the caller should first request a
.Fn firmware_get
+.Fn firmware_get_flags
for the first image contained in the module, followed by requests
for the other images.