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-# @(#)backward 7.15
+# @(#)backward 7.17
# This file provides links between current names for time zones
# and their old names. Many names changed in late 1993.
Link America/Adak America/Atka
+Link America/Tijuana America/Ensenada
Link America/Indianapolis America/Fort_Wayne
Link America/Indiana/Knox America/Knox_IN
Link America/St_Thomas America/Virgin
Link Asia/Jerusalem Asia/Tel_Aviv
+Link Asia/Ulaanbaatar Asia/Ulan_Bator
Link Australia/Sydney Australia/ACT
Link Australia/Sydney Australia/Canberra
Link Australia/Lord_Howe Australia/LHI
@@ -38,6 +40,7 @@ Link America/Havana Cuba
Link Africa/Cairo Egypt
Link Europe/Dublin Eire
Link Europe/London GB
+Link Europe/London GB-Eire
Link Etc/GMT+0 GMT+0
Link Etc/GMT-0 GMT-0
Link Etc/GMT0 GMT0