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-# @(#)backward 7.9
+# @(#)backward 7.13
# This file provides links between current names for time zones
# and their old names. Many names changed in late 1993.
-Link Australia/Canberra Australia/ACT
+Link America/Adak America/Atka
+Link America/Indianapolis America/Fort_Wayne
+Link America/Indiana/Knox America/Knox_IN
+Link America/St_Thomas America/Virgin
+Link Asia/Jerusalem Asia/Tel_Aviv
+Link Australia/Sydney Australia/ACT
+Link Australia/Sydney Australia/Canberra
Link Australia/Lord_Howe Australia/LHI
Link Australia/Sydney Australia/NSW
Link Australia/Darwin Australia/North
@@ -40,7 +46,7 @@ Link Etc/Greenwich Greenwich
Link Asia/Hong_Kong Hongkong
Link Atlantic/Reykjavik Iceland
Link Asia/Tehran Iran
-Link Asia/Tel_Aviv Israel
+Link Asia/Jerusalem Israel
Link America/Jamaica Jamaica
Link Asia/Tokyo Japan
Link Pacific/Kwajalein Kwajalein
@@ -48,9 +54,10 @@ Link Africa/Tripoli Libya
Link America/Tijuana Mexico/BajaNorte
Link America/Mazatlan Mexico/BajaSur
Link America/Mexico_City Mexico/General
-Link America/Shiprock Navajo
+Link America/Denver Navajo
Link Pacific/Auckland NZ
Link Pacific/Chatham NZ-CHAT
+Link Pacific/Pago_Pago Pacific/Samoa
Link Asia/Shanghai PRC
Link Europe/Warsaw Poland
Link Europe/Lisbon Portugal
@@ -60,17 +67,17 @@ Link Asia/Singapore Singapore
Link Europe/Istanbul Turkey
Link Etc/UCT UCT
Link America/Anchorage US/Alaska
-Link America/Atka US/Aleutian
+Link America/Adak US/Aleutian
Link America/Phoenix US/Arizona
Link America/Chicago US/Central
-Link America/Fort_Wayne US/East-Indiana
+Link America/Indianapolis US/East-Indiana
Link America/New_York US/Eastern
Link Pacific/Honolulu US/Hawaii
-Link America/Knox_IN US/Indiana-Starke
+Link America/Indiana/Knox US/Indiana-Starke
Link America/Detroit US/Michigan
Link America/Denver US/Mountain
Link America/Los_Angeles US/Pacific
-Link Pacific/Samoa US/Samoa
+Link Pacific/Pago_Pago US/Samoa
Link Etc/UTC UTC
Link Etc/Universal Universal
Link Europe/Moscow W-SU