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-# @(#)etcetera 7.5
+# @(#)etcetera 7.6
-# All of these are set up just so people can "zic -l" to a timezone
-# that's right for their area, even if it doesn't have a name or DST rules
-# (half hour zones are too much to bother with -- when someone asks!)
+# These entries are mostly present for historical reasons, so that
+# people in areas not otherwise covered by the tz files could "zic -l"
+# to a time zone that was right for their area. These days, the
+# tz files cover almost all the inhabited world, so there's little
+# need now for the entries that are not on UTC.
Zone Etc/GMT 0 - GMT
-Link Etc/GMT Etc/UTC
-Link Etc/GMT Etc/UCT
-Link Etc/GMT Etc/Universal
+Zone Etc/UTC 0 - UTC
+Zone Etc/UCT 0 - UCT
+Link Etc/UTC Etc/Universal
+Link Etc/UTC Etc/Zulu
Link Etc/GMT Etc/Greenwich
-Link Etc/GMT Etc/Zulu
Link Etc/GMT Etc/GMT-0
Link Etc/GMT Etc/GMT+0
Link Etc/GMT Etc/GMT0