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diff --git a/source/common/ahpredef.c b/source/common/ahpredef.c
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--- a/source/common/ahpredef.c
+++ b/source/common/ahpredef.c
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
const AH_PREDEFINED_NAME AslPredefinedInfo[] =
AH_PREDEF ("_ACx", "Active Cooling", "Returns the active cooling policy threshold values"),
- AH_PREDEF ("_ADR", "Address", "Returns the address of a device on its parent bus"),
+ AH_PREDEF ("_ADR", "Address", "Returns address of a device on parent bus, and resource field"),
AH_PREDEF ("_AEI", "ACPI Event Interrupts", "Returns a list of GPIO events to be used as ACPI events"),
AH_PREDEF ("_ALC", "Ambient Light Chromaticity", "Returns the ambient light color chromaticity"),
AH_PREDEF ("_ALI", "Ambient Light Illuminance", "Returns the ambient light brightness"),
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ const AH_PREDEFINED_NAME AslPredefinedInfo[] =
AH_PREDEF ("_DGS", "Display Graphics State", "Return the current state of the output device"),
AH_PREDEF ("_DIS", "Disable Device", "Disables a device"),
AH_PREDEF ("_DLM", "Device Lock Mutex", "Defines mutex for OS/AML sharing"),
- AH_PREDEF ("_DMA", "Direct Memory Access", "Returns a device's current resources for DMA transactions"),
+ AH_PREDEF ("_DMA", "Direct Memory Access", "Returns device current resources for DMA transactions, and resource field"),
AH_PREDEF ("_DOD", "Display Output Devices", "Enumerate all devices attached to the display adapter"),
AH_PREDEF ("_DOS", "Disable Output Switching", "Sets the display output switching mode"),
AH_PREDEF ("_DPL", "Device Selection Polarity", "Polarity of Device Selection signal, Resource Descriptor field"),