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.\" Copyright (c) 2018 George Melikov. All Rights Reserved.
.\" Copyright 2017 Nexenta Systems, Inc.
.\" Copyright (c) 2017 Open-E, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
+.\" Copyright (c) 2021, Colm Buckley <colm@tuatha.org>
.Dd August 9, 2019
@@ -285,6 +286,24 @@ A text string consisting of printable ASCII characters that will be stored
such that it is available even if the pool becomes faulted.
An administrator can provide additional information about a pool using this
+.It Sy compatibility Ns = Ns Ar off | legacy | file Bq , Ns Ar file Ns ...
+Specifies that the pool maintain compatibility with specific feature sets.
+When set to
+.Sy off
+(or unset); compatibility is disabled (all features are enabled); when set to
+.Sy legacy Ns ;
+no features are enabled. When set to a comma-separated list of
+filenames (each filename may either be an absolute path, or relative to
+.Pa /etc/zfs/compatibility.d or Pa /usr/share/zfs/compatibility.d Ns )
+the lists of requested features are read from those files, separated by
+whitespace and/or commas. Only features present in all files are enabled.
+.Xr zpool-features 5 Ns ,
+.Xr zpool-create 8
+.Xr zpool-upgrade 8
+for more information on the operation of compatibility feature sets.
.It Sy dedupditto Ns = Ns Ar number
This property is deprecated and no longer has any effect.
.It Sy delegation Ns = Ns Sy on Ns | Ns Sy off