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@@ -24,29 +24,11 @@ switch the driver to the correct port.
ifconfig de0 altphys Thinwire/AUI port
ifconfig de0 -altphys 10baseT/UTP port
-This driver requires the NCR 53C810 PCI SCSI package to be installed.
-This can be obtained from FTP.Uni-Koeln.DE:~ftp/packages/FreeBSD/PCI-SCSI.
-Make sure the date of the NCR 53C810 PCI SCSI package is later than
-October 10th, 1994.
+To enable this driver, you first need to add the following lines to
+your config file (in i386/conf):
-[All paths are relative to the top of sys source area, usually
-The following files need to be moved into their respective
- if_de.c --> i386/pci
- dc21040.h --> i386/pci
-You will need to apply the following patches:
- pat.files.i386 --> i386/conf/files.i386
-After that is done you will need to edit your config file (in
-i386/conf) and lines similar to:
- controller pci0
- device de0
+ controller pci0
+ device de0
The PCI support code will automatically determine and enable the
correct IRQ.