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-$Id: README.de,v 1.2 1994/10/11 18:33:07 thomas Exp $
+$Id: README.de,v 1.3 1994/10/12 11:19:36 se Exp $
@@ -24,29 +24,11 @@ switch the driver to the correct port.
ifconfig de0 altphys Thinwire/AUI port
ifconfig de0 -altphys 10baseT/UTP port
-This driver requires the NCR 53C810 PCI SCSI package to be installed.
-This can be obtained from FTP.Uni-Koeln.DE:~ftp/packages/FreeBSD/PCI-SCSI.
-Make sure the date of the NCR 53C810 PCI SCSI package is later than
-October 10th, 1994.
+To enable this driver, you first need to add the following lines to
+your config file (in i386/conf):
-[All paths are relative to the top of sys source area, usually
-The following files need to be moved into their respective
- if_de.c --> i386/pci
- dc21040.h --> i386/pci
-You will need to apply the following patches:
- pat.files.i386 --> i386/conf/files.i386
-After that is done you will need to edit your config file (in
-i386/conf) and lines similar to:
- controller pci0
- device de0
+ controller pci0
+ device de0
The PCI support code will automatically determine and enable the
correct IRQ.
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@@ -7,13 +7,12 @@ drivers are in no way supported by Digital Equipment. See the
disclaimers in the sources for more information. Please be aware that
Digital does not employee me to write drivers for FreeBSD.
-This kit contains two drivers:
+This kit contains one driver:
de DEC DE435 PCI NIC or compatible
-See README.de and README.le for information and installation
-instruction specific to each driver.
+See README.de for information and installation instruction specific to this
Could you please send me the startup messages in the boot
long along with the type of your PC once the driver configures?