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-This directory is for standalone test programs, for the FreeBSD
+This directory is for standalone test programs. For the FreeBSD
Test Suite, which uses Kyua, please see /usr/src/tests/
A test program is one that exercises a particular bit of the system
@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@ net A set of generic test programs for networking.
netfibs Programs to test multi-FIB network stacks.
posixshm A program to test POSIX shared memory.
ppsapi Test 1 Pulse Per Second (1PPS) input for time control.
-pthread_vfork Chack that vfork and pthreads work together.
+pthread_vfork Check that vfork and pthreads work together.
ptrace Verify that ptrace works with syscalls, vfork etc.
sort Tests for the sort command, including a full regression.
testfloat Programs to test floating-point implementations
-upsdl Test of mmap funcationality.
+upsdl Test of mmap functionality.