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* Add missing files not committed with the latest vendor import.vendor/athRui Paulo2008-09-053-0/+4829
* Fix P4 expansion.Rui Paulo2008-09-051-1/+1
* Vendor import of ath_hal version Paulo2008-08-2778-124191/+176586
* Revert r182297. detect-merge-conflict.sh is now deactivated.Rui Paulo2008-08-271-1/+1
* Flatten the vendor-sys/ath tree for future imports.Rui Paulo2008-08-2782-0/+0
* Workaround the detect-merge-conflicts.sh script and 's/^======$/&='.Rui Paulo2008-08-271-1/+1
* Version Leffler2006-12-1335-123531/+118083
* o move ath hal os glue code from the hal to the driver: this code wasSam Leffler2006-09-183-661/+0
* Version Leffler2006-06-0575-102672/+127154
* Version Leffler2006-02-1066-69383/+109162
* Version Leffler2004-12-0857-138/+74806
* Version Leffler2003-12-073-2011/+2011
* Version Leffler2003-11-293-3167/+3429
* Version Leffler2003-11-016-3310/+3401
* Version Leffler2003-08-026-3053/+3273
* Initial import of Atheros Hardware Access Layer (HAL)vendor/ath/ Leffler2003-06-2511-0/+4530