Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Vendor import of Gavin D. Howard's bc version 4.0.2vendor/bc/4.0.2vendor/bcStefan Eßer2021-05-126-5/+19
* Vendor import of Gavin D. Howards bc version 4.0.1vendor/bc/4.0.1Stefan Eßer2021-04-256-1/+18
* Vendor import of Gavin D. Howard's bc version 4.0.0vendor/bc/4.0.0Stefan Eßer2021-04-06107-20097/+28943
* Vendor import of bc 3.3.4vendor/bc/3.3.4Stefan Eßer2021-03-194-10/+15
* bc: Vendor import new version 3.3.3bc/3.3.3Stefan Eßer2021-03-0584-1871/+2130
* Vendor import of Gavin Howard's bc-3.3.0vendor/bc/bc-3.3.0Stefan Eßer2021-02-1782-502/+1262
* Vendor import of Gavin Howard's bc version 3.2.6vendor/bc/3.2.6Stefan Eßer2021-01-31320-712/+6246
* Import bc 3.2.4vendor/bc/3.2.4Stefan Eßer2020-12-277-56/+14
* Import version 3.2.3vendor/bc/3.2.3Stefan Eßer2020-12-064-8/+26
* Import version 3.2.0vendor/bc/3.2.0Stefan Eßer2020-11-26117-23077/+26190
* Revert incomplete import of version 3.2.0Stefan Eßer2020-11-2698-21752/+22964
* Update to version 3.2.0Stefan Eßer2020-11-2698-22964/+21752
* Update to version 3.1.6vendor/bc/3.1.6Stefan Eßer2020-10-016-5/+19
* Upgrade to version 3.1.5vendor/bc/3.1.5Stefan Eßer2020-08-059-37/+31
* Import version 3.1.4vendor/bc/3.1.4Stefan Eßer2020-08-0385-914/+737
* Upgrade to version 3.1.3vendor/bc/3.1.3Stefan Eßer2020-07-1011-31/+114
* Update to release 3.1.1vendor/bc/3.1.1Stefan Eßer2020-07-07179-5672/+94226
* Import new 2-clause BSD licenced implementation of the bc and dc commandsvendor/bc/3.0.2Stefan Eßer2020-06-27406-0/+56251