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* Import ee 1.5.2.vendor/ee/1.5.2vendor/eeEd Schouten2010-10-082-7/+7
* Import ee 1.5.1.vendor/ee/1.5.1Ed Schouten2010-10-082-21/+20
* Vendor import of ee 1.5.0.vendor/ee/1.5.0Ed Schouten2009-05-264-158/+96
* Vendor import of ee 1.4.7.vendor/ee/1.4.7Ed Schouten2009-05-265-228/+239
* Vendor import of ee 1.4.6.vendor/ee/1.4.6Ed Schouten2009-05-264-29/+50
* Vendor import of ee 1.4.5a.vendor/ee/1.4.5aEd Schouten2009-05-264-28/+59
* Vendor import of ee 1.4.4.vendor/ee/1.4.4Ed Schouten2009-05-263-4/+37
* Vendor import of ee 1.4.3.vendor/ee/1.4.3Ed Schouten2009-05-262-8/+23
* Vendor import of ee 1.4.2.vendor/ee/1.4.2Ed Schouten2009-05-2618-4398/+48
* Virgin import of Hugh F. Mahon's EasyEditor 1.4.1.Maxim Sobolev2001-03-277-160/+714
* Update from the author, just onto the vendor-branch by now.Joerg Wunsch1996-12-2811-144/+5086
* This is `ee' - the Easy Editor. I'm bringing it in to replace vi onvendor/ee/1.2.4Jordan K. Hubbard1995-08-309-0/+9696