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* Add zhack command missing from vendor importvendor/illumos/20120614Martin Matuska2012-07-181-0/+533
* Update vendor/illumos/dist to pre libzfs_core state (zfs part)Martin Matuska2012-07-1824-2332/+6842
* Update vendor/illumos/dist to pre libzfs_core state (dtrace and ctf part)Martin Matuska2012-07-18146-469/+8583
* Import relevant vendor manual pages from illumos-gateMartin Matuska2012-07-187-1118/+876
* Move dtrace manual page to new vendor locationMartin Matuska2012-07-182-945/+177
* Copy vendor/opensolaris/dist to vendor/illumos/distvendor/illumos/20100818Martin Matuska2012-07-18167-16328/+2604
* | Update vendor-sys/illumos/dist to pre libzfs_core stateMartin Matuska2012-07-1885-1184/+5238
* | Copy vendor-sys/opensolaris/dist to vendor-sys/illumos/distMartin Matuska2012-07-18103-8057/+3221
|\ \
| * | Update vendor-sys/opensolaris to last OpenSolaris state (13149:b23a4dab3d50)vendor/opensolaris/20100818vendor/opensolarisMartin Matuska2012-07-18234-110/+177353
| |/
| * Update vendor/opensolaris to last OpenSolaris state (13149:b23a4dab3d50)Martin Matuska2012-07-1883-318/+52790
* | Update vendor/illumos to illumos-gate revision 13750:6c5d0718e821Martin Matuska2012-07-1312-271/+619
* | Update vendor/illumos/dist to illumos-gate revision 13743:95aba6e49b9fMartin Matuska2012-07-0244-1426/+2729
* | Add kernel part (uts) with ZFS to vendor/illumosMartin Matuska2012-07-01242-262/+182098
* | Add zfs manual pages missing in r237895Martin Matuska2012-07-014-0/+6540
* | Add userland ZFS to vendor/illumosMartin Matuska2012-07-0170-0/+56497
* | Add illumos manual pages to vendor/illumos (original location)Martin Matuska2012-07-013-0/+1879
* | Update vendor dtrace manpage from usr/src/man/man1m/dtrace.1mMartin Matuska2012-06-301-177/+275
* | Update illumos/dist to revision 13742:b6bbdd77139cMartin Matuska2012-06-30148-386/+8578
* Update DTrace userland code to the latest available.vendor/opensolaris/20100802Rui Paulo2010-08-02114-295/+4462
* Import plockstat from OpenSolaris r12768.Rui Paulo2010-07-191-0/+996
* libdtrace MD dependent files. These interact with the fasttrap providerRui Paulo2010-07-175-0/+1145
* Import fasttrap_isa.c from OpenSolaris.Rui Paulo2010-07-062-0/+3342
* Import fasttrap_impl.h header from OpenSolaris.George V. Neville-Neil2009-06-181-0/+192
* Import the lockstat(1) sources from OpenSolaris as of 20080410.vendor/opensolaris/20080410bJohn Baldwin2009-06-182-0/+2111
* Import newer versions of these files from a 20080410 checkout ofJohn Baldwin2009-06-1811-133/+237
* Import newer versions of these files from a 20080410 checkout ofJohn Baldwin2009-06-182-3/+40
* Vendor import (really!) of the OpenSolaris bits for DTrace.vendor/opensolaris/20080410John Birrell2008-05-2218-0/+25785
* Vendor import of the full userland contrib part of DTrace support fromvendor/opensolaris/20080410aJohn Birrell2008-04-2698-2717/+705
* Vendor import of DTrace support files from OpenSolaris.John Birrell2008-04-2526-0/+9898
* Vendor import of the CTF (Compact C Type Format) code used by DTraceJohn Birrell2008-04-2540-0/+13733
* Vendor import of libraries for DTrace from OpenSolaris.John Birrell2008-04-2564-0/+40194
* Vendor import of the DTrace app and test suite from OpenSolaris.John Birrell2008-04-251428-0/+86505