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* Vendor import of less v443.vendor/less/v443Xin LI2011-05-0966-4979/+2843
* Vendor import of less v436.vendor/less/v436Xin LI2009-07-2770-1031/+1127
* Vendor import of less v429vendor/less/v429Xin LI2009-05-0863-3531/+4918
* Flatten all tags of the dist tree of less.Xin LI2009-05-0878-0/+0
* Virgin import of less v416.vendor/less/v416Xin LI2007-11-2610-61/+70
* Nuke file removed from author's distribution.vendor/less/v415Xin LI2007-11-161-58/+0
* Virgin import of less v415.Xin LI2007-11-1630-142/+622
* Import less v409, fixes a rather serious bug which causesXin LI2007-10-1210-15/+21
* Virgin import of less v408.Xin LI2007-10-0820-32/+154
* Virgin import of less v406.Xin LI2007-06-2115-20/+52
* /home/delphij/mXin LI2007-06-0461-3595/+5954
* Import less v394Xin LI2006-08-2062-2832/+4130
* Remove files no longer present in less distribution.Tim J. Robbins2004-04-203-571/+0
* Import less v381.Tim J. Robbins2004-04-1760-3087/+7955
* Import less v371Paul Saab2002-01-0745-1376/+2943
* Import less v358.Paul Saab2000-07-1429-920/+1272
* Import the [now] dual licensed version 3.5.4 of less. It isvendor/less/v354Paul Saab2000-05-2276-0/+33117