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* Remove the svn:keywords property from the vendor files.vendor/libbegemotHartmut Brandt2008-12-200-0/+0
* Flatten the libbegemot vendor area.Hartmut Brandt2008-12-203-0/+0
* Vendor patch that adds a microsecond timer function.Hartmut Brandt2006-12-083-49/+100
* This is actually a section 3 man page, not section 1. Also fix a coupleHartmut Brandt2006-03-171-4/+4
* Vendor patch: remove the <CR>s that somehow crept in during initial commit.Hartmut Brandt2006-02-071-714/+714
* Vendor import of harti's begemot library.vendor/libbegemot/1.1.1Tom Rhodes2004-09-243-0/+968