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* Clean import the of libgmp 2.0.2 sparc bits.vendor/libgmp/2.0.2vendor/libgmpDavid E. O'Brien2000-04-1722-0/+2572
* Import mips2 and mips3 files from the 2.0.2 gmp distribution.Warner Losh1999-03-0116-0/+1462
* Import of the mpn asm source files for alpha from V2.0.2 whichJohn Birrell1998-03-079-0/+903
* Import a file that is needed when compiling under ELF.Peter Wemm1997-08-291-0/+1
* Clean import of libgmp 2.0.2, with only the non-x86 bits removed.Mark Murray1996-10-20318-0/+48802