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* Import couple of important bug fixes from the upstream.vendor/libregexJung-uk Kim2013-06-052-52/+36
* Import libregex from GNU libc 2.17.vendor/libregex/glibc-2.17Jung-uk Kim2013-05-167-2013/+1958
* Flatten GNU libregex vendor area.Jung-uk Kim2013-05-167-0/+0
* Remove file that need not have been imported.Tim J. Robbins2005-05-101-26/+0
* Import of regex bits from fedora-glibc-2_3_4-21 tag in glibc CVS.vendor/libregex/fedora-glibc-2.3.4-21Tim J. Robbins2005-05-107-7862/+10847
* Import of GNU regex from GNU grep 2.5.1 (trimmed).vendor/libregex/from-grep-2.5.1Tim J. Robbins2004-07-042-434/+2461
* Virgin import (trimmed) of GNU regex, from GNU grep 2.4.2vendor/libregex/from-grep-2.4.2Andrey A. Chernov2004-02-253-0/+6473