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* Import nvi2 as of c80f493, including:vendor/nvi/2.1.2-c80f493b0382d3cPeter Wemm2013-12-083-10/+16
* Import nvi2 2.1.2-95773e17e2751.vendor/nvi/2.1.2-95773e17e2751Peter Wemm2013-11-117-1155/+2365
* Import nvi-2.1.1-4334a8297f into the work area. This is the gsoc-2011vendor/nvi/2.1.1-4334a8297fPeter Wemm2013-08-11268-30361/+13999
* Post-cvs2svn flatten pass.Peter Wemm2013-08-11292-0/+0
* Fix deadlock between warning display and refresh engines. This fixSheldon Hearn2002-01-311-8/+9
* Fix core dump in left-right screen scrolling for long lines.Sheldon Hearn2002-01-312-3/+6
* Import patch from vendor (taken from nvi-1.81.5) that fixes problematicSheldon Hearn2002-01-071-8/+12
* Follow POLA and bind the <End> key to the `$' command.Ruslan Ermilov2000-12-012-0/+2
* Import of nvi-1.79, minus a few bits that we dont need (eg: postscriptPeter Wemm1996-11-01413-74849/+69887
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tagcvs2svn1996-08-244-28/+44
* Latest public release of nvi, from Keith Bostic. I hope I got thisvendor/nvi/1.32Sean Eric Fagan1994-08-16182-0/+103461