Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Import OPENBSD_4_4_BASEvendor/pf-sys/4.4Max Laier2008-12-109-1870/+2011
* Import OPENBSD_4_3_BASEvendor/pf-sys/4.3Max Laier2008-12-1010-155/+326
* Import OPENBSD_4_2_BASEvendor/pf-sys/4.2Max Laier2008-12-109-1789/+1260
* Import pf.c, rev 1.559 by markus:vendor/pf-sys/4.1.001Max Laier2008-08-041-0/+17
* Do not expand any keywords in the vendor treeMax Laier2008-08-040-0/+0
* Flatten out dist and all "live" tag directories.Max Laier2008-08-0413-0/+0
* Import pf from OpenBSD 4.1vendor/pf-sys/4.1Max Laier2007-07-0312-1690/+2973
* Loopback four fixes from OpenBSD for problems reported to the freebsd-pfMax Laier2005-09-082-21/+67
* Import pf from OpenBSD 3.7 (OPENBSD_3_7 as of today)vendor/pf-sys/3.7Max Laier2005-05-0311-1093/+2403
* Import a fix from the OpenBSD-stable branch, that slipped by my previousvendor/pf-sys/3.5.004Max Laier2004-08-121-2/+3
* Import a couple of fixes from OpenBSD-current, which did not make -stable invendor/pf-sys/3.5.003Max Laier2004-08-124-7/+17
* Import from OpenBSD stable branchMax Laier2004-07-171-42/+53
* Import OpenBSD stable branch.Max Laier2004-06-173-19/+16
* Import pf from OpenBSD 3.5 (OPENBSD_3_5_BASE)vendor/pf-sys/3.5Max Laier2004-06-1611-1417/+4695
* Import OpenBSD 3.4-stable fixesDaniel Hartmeier2004-05-023-19/+16
* Import another fix from the OpenBSD-Stable branch:Max Laier2004-04-111-6/+11
* Import two fixes from OpenBSD's stable branch:vendor/pf-sys/3.4.001Max Laier2004-03-282-4/+41
* Vendor import of OpenBSD's packet filter (pf) as of OpenBSD 3.4vendor/pf-sys/3.4Max Laier2004-02-2611-0/+13723