Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Vendor import of xz-5.2.1 (trimmed).vendor/xz/5.2.1Xin LI2015-04-089-57/+328
* Vendor import of xz-5.2.0 (stripped)vendor/xz/5.2.0Rui Paulo2015-02-06118-1222/+7678
* Import the lzma pc fileBaptiste Daroussin2015-01-101-0/+19
* Vendor import of xz 5.0.7.vendor/xz/5.0.7Xin LI2014-10-2311-839/+6178
* Remove gettext files as we don't enable NLS.Xin LI2014-10-239-5285/+0
* Update vendor/xz from v5.0 branch to post-5.0.5Martin Matuska2013-07-3117-89/+498
* Update vendor/xz from v5.0 branch to 5.0.4vendor/xz/5.0.4Martin Matuska2012-12-2116-473/+854
* Update vendor/xz from v5.0 branch (post-5.0.3)Martin Matuska2011-07-1148-268/+2372
* Vendor import of xz (stripped)vendor/xz/5.0.1Martin Matuska2011-02-2413-306/+687
* Vendor import of xz (stripped)vendor/xz/5.0.0Martin Matuska2010-11-1132-682/+1377
* Remove two non-vendor files as recommended.Martin Matuska2010-10-112-65/+0
* Vendor import of xz (stripped)vendor/xz/20101010Martin Matuska2010-10-1170-3822/+6535
* Vendor import of xz (stripped)vendor/xz/20100412Martin Matuska2010-05-07195-0/+42846