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* Sync from headSimon J. Gerraty2012-11-049154-361789/+1029620
| * Add a MD_ROOT_FSTYPE kernel option. The option specifies theMarcel Moolenaar2012-11-032-1/+6
| * Add the bus attachment for the embedded EHCI HC.Marcel Moolenaar2012-11-031-0/+1
| * Allow using the embedded EHCI host controller in Freescale SoCsMarcel Moolenaar2012-11-032-6/+12
| * Add the buildLINT convenience target, handy for build automation.Marcel Moolenaar2012-11-031-0/+3
| * o DragonFly 2.3.1 added.Maxim Konovalov2012-11-031-1/+2
| * When a file is first being written, the dynamic block reallocationKirk McKusick2012-11-032-2/+75
| * Replace log(3) with flsll(3) for watchdogd(8) and drop libm dependency.Xin LI2012-11-032-3/+4
| * Merge r242395,242483 from mutex implementation:Attilio Rao2012-11-033-43/+155
| * Revert the change that makes less default.Eitan Adler2012-11-032-2/+2
| * Fix errno in a couple of error cases.Michael Tuexen2012-11-031-1/+3
| * Print a newline after the error message.Jaakko Heinonen2012-11-031-0/+1
| * HAL API updates, from the previous couple of HAL commits.Adrian Chadd2012-11-031-2/+4
| * HAL API changes!Adrian Chadd2012-11-033-3/+15
| * Add a debug method to dump the EDMA TX status descriptor contents out.Adrian Chadd2012-11-032-0/+14
| * Sync strlcpy with userland version.Xin LI2012-11-031-33/+17
| * Sync strlen with userland implementation.Xin LI2012-11-031-13/+98
| * Fix typoBaptiste Daroussin2012-11-031-1/+1
| * If no contents keyword is specified, the default for files isSimon J. Gerraty2012-11-031-0/+47
| * Add a couple of examples.Joel Dahl2012-11-021-1/+65
| * Copy code from scsi_read_write() as mfi_build_syspd_cdb() to build SCSIXin LI2012-11-021-26/+82
| * Update nsamples and nbuffers defaults to match reality.Jim Harris2012-11-021-3/+3
| * A few minor adjustments after r242424:Joel Dahl2012-11-021-9/+6
| * - In cancel_mkdir_dotdot don't panic if the inodedep is not available. IfJeff Roberson2012-11-021-1/+1
| * Merge 242488, better use of strlcpy.Alfred Perlstein2012-11-021-2/+3
| * Document that you can use -v along with -l.Alfred Perlstein2012-11-022-1/+2
| * Tweak comment to make more clear why it will fail.Attilio Rao2012-11-021-1/+1
| * kdump: Also decode fcntl commands containing underscores and digits.Jilles Tjoelker2012-11-021-1/+1
| * Add more obsolete files.Antoine Brodin2012-11-021-0/+9
| * Don't allow for more than one segment for the control space sinceMatt Jacob2012-11-021-3/+2
| * Don't allow for more than one segment for the control space sinceMatt Jacob2012-11-021-3/+2
| * The r241025 fixed the case when a binary, executed from nullfs mount,Konstantin Belousov2012-11-0210-15/+78
| * - Fix struct and struct fields names.Gleb Smirnoff2012-11-021-41/+31
| * Remove separate paragraph on ASCII messages and insteadGleb Smirnoff2012-11-021-49/+27
| * Fix broken macro checking in the libc++ Makefile, introduced in r241909.Dimitry Andric2012-11-021-1/+1
| * MFV pciids-20121024, r242469Philip Paeps2012-11-021-687/+2141
| * o OpenBSD 5.2 added.Maxim Konovalov2012-11-021-0/+2
| * - If DRM_DEBUG_DEFAULT_ON is defined, then initialize drm_debug_flagi toGleb Smirnoff2012-11-021-2/+3
| * Drop this from 500 to 128, to save a little space on memory constrainedAdrian Chadd2012-11-021-1/+1
| * Free the dma map -after- it's checked, not before. Or you'll beAdrian Chadd2012-11-021-1/+1
| * Remove the recently added sysctl variable net.pfil.forward.Andrey V. Elsukov2012-11-0217-59/+38
| * 10 years too late add support for "2.88MB 3.5in Extra High Density"Eitan Adler2012-11-021-0/+6
| * fopen(3): Mention that the "x" mode option is from C11.Jilles Tjoelker2012-11-011-1/+5
| * Add descriptions for callout_reset_on and callout_schedule_on andJim Harris2012-11-011-1/+35
| * Correct buffer size printout.Hans Petter Selasky2012-11-011-10/+4
| * Increase default volume for FastTracker playback channels.Hans Petter Selasky2012-11-011-1/+4
| * Don't disable PCIe just because the host is not a PCI host; the latter flagJuli Mallett2012-11-011-4/+4
| * Fix sysctl free bug in last commit, which eventually leads to a panic.Hans Petter Selasky2012-11-011-14/+188
| * The test fails with "exit 1" if /usr/games/fortune doesn't actuallyEitan Adler2012-11-011-1/+1
| * Add an option to display the current dump device via dumpon -l.Alfred Perlstein2012-11-012-3/+49