Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ffs_inotovp(): interface to convert (ino, gen) into alive vnodeKonstantin Belousov2021-02-124-29/+40
* ffs: Add FFSV_REPLACE_DOOMED flag to ffs_vgetf()Konstantin Belousov2021-02-122-4/+8
* ffs: call ufsdirhash_dirtrunc() right after setting directory sizeKonstantin Belousov2021-02-123-6/+13
* buf SU hooks: track buf_start() calls with B_IOSTARTED flagKonstantin Belousov2021-02-123-7/+27
* ffs_vnops.c: Move opt_*.h includes to the top.Konstantin Belousov2021-02-121-2/+3
* pkg(7): address minor nits (mostly clang-analyze complaints)Kyle Evans2021-02-122-5/+3
* pkg(7): add an -r reponame option for bootstrap and addKyle Evans2021-02-124-19/+91
* yacc: Regen test cases for the previous commitJung-uk Kim2021-02-1188-313/+313
* yacc: Use NULL instead of 0 for pointersJung-uk Kim2021-02-114-14/+14
* lex: Use NULL instead of 0 for pointersJung-uk Kim2021-02-111-1/+1
* efibootmgr: Check for efi supported after parsing argsWarner Losh2021-02-111-2/+3
* Fix blackhole/reject routes.Alexander V. Chernikov2021-02-111-2/+56
* cam: Properly find the sim in the assertion in xpt_pollwait().John Baldwin2021-02-111-1/+2
* iscsi: Mark iSCSI CAM sims as non-pollable.John Baldwin2021-02-111-9/+1
* cam: Don't permit crashdumps on non-pollable devices.John Baldwin2021-02-113-4/+7
* cam: Permit non-pollable sims.John Baldwin2021-02-113-1/+15
* Widen ifnet_detach_sxlock coverageKristof Provost2021-02-113-7/+11
* release.sh: fix OSVERSION and UNAME_r overridesGlen Barber2021-02-111-0/+7
* mlx4, mthca: Silence warnings about no-op alignment operationsMark Johnston2021-02-114-9/+13
* VOP_ADVLOCK(9): fix a typoGuangyuan Yang2021-02-111-2/+2
* Fix lib/msun/test builds on platforms without 80-bit long doublesDimitry Andric2021-02-111-0/+4
* [udp] fix possible mbuf and lock leak in udp_input().Andrey V. Elsukov2021-02-111-5/+8
* [udp6] fix possible panic due to lack of locking.Andrey V. Elsukov2021-02-111-33/+28
* Merge bmake-20210206Simon J. Gerraty2021-02-11130-2153/+3225
| * Import bmake-20210206vendor/NetBSD/bmake/20210206Simon J. Gerraty2021-02-11127-2133/+3156
* | kldload(8): Improve phrasingDaniel Ebdrup Jensen2021-02-111-2/+3
* | usleep(3): replace 'process' with 'calling thread'Konstantin Belousov2021-02-111-5/+5
* | release: fix overriding UNAME_rGlen Barber2021-02-111-0/+4
* | Fix incorrect hypotl(3) result with subnormal numbersDimitry Andric2021-02-103-1/+22
* | arm64: if_dwc is also needed by intel stratix10 platformEmmanuel Vadot2021-02-101-2/+3
* | arm64: Add a SOC_BRCM_NS2 optionEmmanuel Vadot2021-02-103-3/+5
* | arm64: Make thunderx vnic file depend on soc_cavm_thunderxEmmanuel Vadot2021-02-101-4/+4
* | arm64: Order sys/conf/files.arm64Emmanuel Vadot2021-02-101-420/+474
* | netgraph/ng_bridge: Add counters for the first link, tooLutz Donnerhacke2021-02-101-21/+38
* | systat.1: Fix synopsisMateusz Piotrowski2021-02-101-1/+1
* | systat.1: Remove Tn macrosMateusz Piotrowski2021-02-101-41/+14
* | localedef: Fix bootstrapping on Ubuntu 16.04Jessica Clarke2021-02-101-3/+16
* | vm: Honour the "noreuse" flag to vm_page_unwire_managed()Mark Johnston2021-02-101-1/+1
* | Always build the sanitizer runtimes when compiling with clangAlex Richardson2021-02-101-1/+1
* | usr.sbin/makefs: fix use-after-free in read_mtree_keywords()Alex Richardson2021-02-101-0/+2
* | MFV d60fa10fd872db7e3d8cb1e161cfdae026c43b14:Cy Schubert2021-02-1077-686/+1700
|\ \
| * | Vendor import of Unbound 1.13.1.vendor/unbound/1.13.1Cy Schubert2021-02-09106-6963/+9754
* | | Fix non-IPv6 build post 57785538c6e0d7e8ca0f161ab95bae10fd304047.Cy Schubert2021-02-101-4/+0
* | | libsysdecode: fix decoding of TCP_NOPUSH and TCP_MD5SIGMichael Tuexen2021-02-091-1/+1
* | | Add test case for 93fc67896550 (incorrect powf(3) result)Dimitry Andric2021-02-091-0/+22
* | | bsd.compiler.mk: Detect distribution-provided GCC when executed as ccJessica Clarke2021-02-091-0/+9
* | | Fix lib/msun's ctrig_test/test_inf_inputs test case with clang >= 10Dimitry Andric2021-02-094-6/+3
* | | netgraph/ng_bridge: Document staleness in multithreaded operationLutz Donnerhacke2021-02-091-1/+4
* | | netgraph/ng_bridge: Merge internal structuresLutz Donnerhacke2021-02-092-48/+44
* | | Set file mode during zfs_writeAntonio Russo2021-02-091-0/+1