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* Update pkg-stage.sh to be compatible with pkg-1.4.x.Glen Barber2015-01-061-1/+6
* Add support to crunchide for handling AArch64 (arm64) ELF files.Andrew Turner2015-01-061-0/+4
* Clear blocking due to STI or MOV SS in the hypervisor when an instruction isNeel Natu2015-01-065-27/+55
* kdump: eliminate new clang warnings.Dmitry Chagin2015-01-062-13/+14
* Global-ify channel_type() - this fixes non-debug net80211 builds.Adrian Chadd2015-01-064-48/+26
* Reapply previous patch to fix build.Craig Rodrigues2015-01-065-42/+26
* Remove "New" label from NFSCL/NFSD now that they are the only NFSJohn Baldwin2015-01-0653-85/+84
* Remove compat shims for FreeBSD versions older than 6 (really early 5).John Baldwin2015-01-062-18/+0
* Use struct thread directly instead of d_thread_t. This driver is notJohn Baldwin2015-01-061-3/+4
* Use M_WRITABLE() and M_LEADINGSPACE() rather than checking M_EXT andRobert Watson2015-01-061-1/+1
* Remove the check that prevent carp(4) advskew to be set to '0'.Luiz Otavio O Souza2015-01-061-6/+4
* In order to reduce use of M_EXT outside of the mbuf allocator andRobert Watson2015-01-0643-122/+64
* Fixes and updates for the Linux compatibility layer:Hans Petter Selasky2015-01-068-42/+90
* Fix kernel build after r276730.Hans Petter Selasky2015-01-061-1/+1
* Instead of creating a purge thread for every vnet, createCraig Rodrigues2015-01-061-58/+24
* Merge: r258322 from projects/pf branchCraig Rodrigues2015-01-066-48/+53
* Glue to suck in the QCA9550 HAL support if AH_SUPPORT_QCA9550 is defined.Adrian Chadd2015-01-061-1/+3
* Add option to support the QCA955x SoC wifi.Adrian Chadd2015-01-061-0/+1
* Make the apb.c code optional behind ar71xx_apb rather than standard.Adrian Chadd2015-01-067-1/+14
* Add an APB base/size for the QCA955X for an upcoming QCA955x specificAdrian Chadd2015-01-061-0/+13
* The QCA955x USB init path doesn't require any of this, so delete it.Adrian Chadd2015-01-061-19/+0
* Remove old ioctl use and support, once and for all.Warner Losh2015-01-069-298/+24
* Add some GEOM options.Craig Rodrigues2015-01-061-0/+3
* Refactor common options from MALTA and MALTA64 kernelCraig Rodrigues2015-01-063-131/+63
* Avoid use of register variables. Clang 3.5 treats this as undefined behavior,Justin Hibbits2015-01-063-11/+9
* Apply r246556 to powerpc:Justin Hibbits2015-01-061-5/+5
* Refactor and split out the net80211 software scan engine from the restAdrian Chadd2015-01-066-626/+1047
* cxgbe/tom: use vmem(9) as the DDP page pod allocator.Navdeep Parhar2015-01-062-86/+19
* cxgbe(4): fix the description of a strange bunch of counters.Navdeep Parhar2015-01-051-1/+1
* Use crcopysafe(9) to make a copy of a process' credential struct. crcopy(9)Mark Johnston2015-01-051-2/+1
* Restore use of ofw_bus_intr_to_rl() in the pseries vdevice driver after fixingNathan Whitehorn2015-01-052-24/+17
* Trim trailing whitespace.John Baldwin2015-01-051-25/+25
* On some Intel CPUs with a P-state but not C-state invariant TSC the TSCJohn Baldwin2015-01-058-23/+36
* Install d_align.{in,out} for the :align testEnji Cooper2015-01-051-0/+5
* Add 64-bit DMA support in the XHCI controller driver.Hans Petter Selasky2015-01-0539-58/+105
* Use struct thread * directly instead of d_thread_t. This driver is notJohn Baldwin2015-01-052-4/+4
* Exclude drivers which build but don't actually work with PAE enabled,Marius Strobl2015-01-051-1/+4
* Revert r272109 locally, which is not quite equivalent in how it deals withNathan Whitehorn2015-01-051-1/+21
* Missed change in r276688. Apologies for build breakage.Nathan Whitehorn2015-01-051-1/+2
* o Switch to use non-mergeable RX buffers to avoid mbuf adjustment needsRuslan Bukin2015-01-054-26/+38
* readelf: Handle note types from different operating systemsEd Maste2015-01-051-62/+134
* Fix memory leaks.Edward Tomasz Napierala2015-01-052-1/+2
* Remove leftovers.Edward Tomasz Napierala2015-01-052-4/+0
* Enable remote control using a local socket in the default configuration.Dag-Erling Smørgrav2015-01-052-13/+58
* Make a bunch of USB debug SYSCTLs tunable, so that their value(s) canHans Petter Selasky2015-01-0556-93/+93
* mfv (r276698): support for remote control over local sockets.Dag-Erling Smørgrav2015-01-0517-102/+321
| * Add support for using a local socket for the remote control connectionDag-Erling Smørgrav2015-01-0515-89/+292
| * import unbound 1.5.1vendor/unbound/1.5.1Dag-Erling Smørgrav2015-01-0243-1562/+705
| * fix unwanted merge in previous commitvendor/unbound/1.5.0Dag-Erling Smørgrav2015-01-022-50/+0
* | Fix a few grammar issues.Christian Brueffer2015-01-051-3/+3