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* import ncurses 6.2-20200215vendor/ncurses/6.2-20200215Baptiste Daroussin2020-02-191-2/+3
| | | | | Notes: svn path=/vendor/ncurses/dist/; revision=358125 svn path=/vendor/ncurses/6.2-20200215/; revision=358126; tag=vendor/ncurses/6.2-20200215
* Vendor import ncurses 6.1-20200118vendor/ncurses/6.1-20200118Baptiste Daroussin2020-02-071-4/+4
| | | | | Notes: svn path=/vendor/ncurses/dist/; revision=357645 svn path=/vendor/ncurses/6.1-20200118/; revision=357646; tag=vendor/ncurses/6.1-20200118
* Compensate previous import with the removed files.vendor/ncurses/5.9-20110404Xin LI2014-03-011-0/+72
| | | | | Notes: svn path=/vendor/ncurses/dist/; revision=262633 svn path=/vendor/ncurses/5.9-20110404/; revision=262635; tag=vendor/ncurses/5.9-20110404
* Undo two previous imports which was never done in preparation of doing aXin LI2014-02-281-72/+0
| | | | | | | new import. Notes: svn path=/vendor/ncurses/dist/; revision=262616
* Import a stock copy of ncurses 5.8 into the vendor space.vendor/ncurses/5.8-20110226Ed Schouten2011-04-301-0/+72
It seems both local changes we made to 5.7 have already been fixed upstream properly, so there is no need to preserve the changes. Also, with SVN we import full source trees. Unlike CVS, where we removed unneeded cruft. Notes: svn path=/vendor/ncurses/dist/; revision=221243 svn path=/vendor/ncurses/5.8-20110226/; revision=221244; tag=vendor/ncurses/5.8-20110226