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* Renamed some files that were giving SUP trouble.Andrew Moore1993-08-2713-1/+46
* Only a single slash (/) is now necessary to repeat a search as per Theo'sAndrew Moore1993-08-271-5/+2
* Nullify pattern after failed regcompAndrew Moore1993-08-161-1/+2
* added (unsiged) cast to avoid int overflowAndrew Moore1993-08-094-10/+2
* Remove -I${.CURDIR}, as we now use system's regex.hJ.T. Conklin1993-08-021-1/+1
* Use ./foo.sh, so scripts work if . is not in $PATH.J.T. Conklin1993-08-021-2/+2
* Use system's posix compliant regex library (GNU regex for now).J.T. Conklin1993-08-021-3/+5
* Libcrypt upgradeNate Williams1993-07-201-1/+8
* Consolidate mark code - no functional changes or fixes.Andrew Moore1993-07-022-2/+41
* fixed undo within a global command (would corrupt the buffer)Andrew Moore1993-06-2611-17/+76
* POSIX ed version 0.6 by Andrew Moore (alm@netcom.com).Andrew Moore1993-06-18148-0/+2811