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* If the initial attempt to open /dev/ksyms fails, kldload the ksyms moduleMark Johnston2013-10-271-0/+11
* Convert the lockstat(1) man page to mdoc and make sure that it getsMark Johnston2013-10-271-827/+351
* Added support for the 'zfs list -t snap' and 'zfs snap' aliases which areSteven Hartland2013-10-232-16/+24
* Convert the dtrace(1) man page to mdoc and fix up some aspects of it thatMark Johnston2013-10-101-645/+652
* Fix implicit declaration of jail_getid()Robert Millan2013-10-071-0/+1
* MFV r254750:Xin LI2013-09-212-5/+34
* MFV r254751:Xin LI2013-08-241-1/+4
* Enhance the ZFS vdev layer to maintain both a logical and a physicalJustin T. Gibbs2013-08-211-2/+22
* MFV r254079:Xin LI2013-08-081-5/+16
* MFV r254071:Xin LI2013-08-071-0/+3
* MFV r254070:Xin LI2013-08-071-8/+44
* Fix implicit declaration of warnx().Robert Millan2013-08-041-0/+1
* MFV r253781 + r253871:Xin LI2013-07-301-0/+6
* DTrace: re-apply r249426 now that the underlying issues have been solved.Pedro F. Giffuni2013-07-2814-18/+151
* DTrace: re-merge remainder of r249367 (original from Illumos).Pedro F. Giffuni2013-07-2824-149/+509
* Use kern_ioctl() rather than ioctl() for testing the FBT provider, since theMark Johnston2013-07-277-12/+12
* Manually merge part of vendor import r238583 from Illumos.Xin LI2013-07-181-1/+1
* Fix misleading or remove irrelevant illumos messages and manpage referencesMartin Matuska2013-07-041-9/+13
* Fixed ZFS zpool freeze (debug command) not processing due to invalid ioctl ca...Steven Hartland2013-06-211-4/+3
* MFV r251644:Xin LI2013-06-123-4/+6
* MFV r251624:Xin LI2013-06-111-1/+1
* MFV r251623:Xin LI2013-06-111-8/+29
* Port the SDT test now that it's possible to create SDT probes that takeMark Johnston2013-06-022-13/+11
* Re-introduce another part of r249367. This commit fixes a register leak inMark Johnston2013-05-192-0/+85
* Convert a couple of helper scripts used to test the ip provider to work onMark Johnston2013-05-152-11/+20
* head -n doesn't take negative arguments on FreeBSD, so instead use sed '$d'Mark Johnston2013-05-122-4/+4
* Bring back part of r249367 by adding DTrace's temporal option, which allowsMark Johnston2013-05-126-18/+275
* DTrace: Revert r249426Pedro F. Giffuni2013-04-1714-151/+18
* DTrace: Revert r249367Pedro F. Giffuni2013-04-1738-951/+382
* DTrace: print() should try to resolve function pointersPedro F. Giffuni2013-04-162-0/+37
* Dtrace: resolve const types from fbt and other fixes.Pedro F. Giffuni2013-04-1214-18/+151
* DTrace: option for time-ordered outputPedro F. Giffuni2013-04-1138-382/+951
* MFV r249185:Martin Matuska2013-04-061-24/+65
* Dtrace: enablings on defunct providers prevent providers from unregisteringPedro F. Giffuni2013-04-014-2/+371
* Dtrace: dtrace.c erroneously checks for memory alignment on amd64.Pedro F. Giffuni2013-03-261-20/+29
* Dtrace: Add SUN MDB-like type-aware print() action.Pedro F. Giffuni2013-03-2511-0/+354
* Dtrace: add toupper()/tolower() and enhancements to lltostr().Pedro F. Giffuni2013-03-2510-0/+694
* Dtrace: add optional size argument to tracemem().Pedro F. Giffuni2013-03-244-11/+1389
* Merge libzfs_core branch:Martin Matuska2013-03-216-268/+435
| * MFV r247580:Martin Matuska2013-03-195-147/+195
| * MFC @248461Martin Matuska2013-03-184-5/+10
| |\ | |/ |/|
| * MFC @248093Martin Matuska2013-03-091-17/+53
| |\
| * | WiP merge of libzfs_core (MFV r238590, r238592)Martin Matuska2013-03-056-121/+240
* | | MFV r248266:Martin Matuska2013-03-143-4/+9
* | | Update zfs.8 manpage date (missing in r247585)Martin Matuska2013-03-141-1/+1
| |/ |/|
* | MFV r247845:Martin Matuska2013-03-051-17/+53
* MFV r247316:Martin Matuska2013-03-011-0/+33
* MFV 247176, 247178, 247315:Martin Matuska2013-02-271-6/+6
* MFV v242732:Martin Matuska2013-02-252-9/+38
* Orphaned processes that are being traced are killed by theJustin T. Gibbs2013-02-201-0/+7