path: root/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libzfs_core
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* MFV r274273:Xin LI2014-11-102-1/+8
* MFV r267565:Xin LI2014-07-012-2/+16
* MFV r260154 + 260182:Xin LI2014-01-022-20/+126
* MFV r254421:Xin LI2013-08-212-2/+27
* MFV r252215:Xin LI2013-06-251-17/+6
* MFV r251644:Xin LI2013-06-121-12/+35
* MFV r247580:Martin Matuska2013-03-193-8/+160
* Move common zfs ioctl compatibility functions (userland) into libzfs_compat.cMartin Matuska2013-03-182-11/+11
* Fix working with zfs_ioctl_version in libzfs_compat.h and include mirrorMartin Matuska2013-03-173-14/+17
* Add forwards compatibility for libzfs_coreMartin Matuska2013-03-174-1/+216
* Move libzfs compat functions to libzfs_compat.hMartin Matuska2013-03-062-1/+2
* WiP merge of libzfs_core (MFV r238590, r238592)Martin Matuska2013-03-052-0/+550