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* Add partial documentation for dtrace(1)'s -x configuration options.Mark Johnston2018-08-161-2/+111
* zfs: add ztest to the kyua test suite.Will Andrews2018-08-153-0/+62
* libbe(3)/bectl(8): Remove now-redundant include pathsKyle Evans2018-08-131-2/+0
* Use INCS for non-sys/ libnvpair and libzfs_core includesKyle Evans2018-08-132-0/+2
* MFV/ZoL: Implement large_dnode pool featureMatt Macy2018-08-124-48/+180
* Merge libbe(3)/bectl(8) from projects/bectl into headKyle Evans2018-08-112-0/+38
| * libbe(3)/bectl(8): More SYSROOT/GCC build fixesKyle Evans2018-08-111-0/+2
| * MFH @ r337607, in preparation for boardingKyle Evans2018-08-1145-144/+1381
| |\
| * | libbe(3)/be(8): Drop WARNS overrides, fix all falloutKyle Evans2018-07-251-2/+0
| * | Normalize bectl(8)/libbe(3) Makefiles, remove Makefile copyright/licenseKyle Evans2018-07-241-24/+0
| * | libbe(3): Add to cddl build, adjust src.libnames.mk as neededKyle Evans2018-07-242-0/+62
* | | Extend the info about the limitations of datasets in jails.Alexander Leidinger2018-08-111-3/+6
* | | Fix the build by just installing systop since testing shows it works with:Brad Davis2018-08-111-1/+1
* | | dwatch(1): Add systop profileDevin Teske2018-08-112-0/+85
* | | dwatch(1): Fix syntax error in vop_readdir profileDevin Teske2018-08-111-0/+1
| |/ |/|
* | Disable the D subroutines msgsize() and msgdsize().Mark Johnston2018-08-101-1/+1
* | Performance optimization of AVL tree comparator functionsMatt Macy2018-08-104-19/+10
* | MFV r337223:Alexander Motin2018-08-031-0/+3
* | MFV 337214:Alexander Motin2018-08-032-0/+16
* | MFV r337184: 9457 libzfs_import.c:add_config() has a memory leakAlexander Motin2018-08-021-12/+4
* | MFV r337182: 9330 stack overflow when creating a deeply nested datasetAlexander Motin2018-08-022-1/+23
* | 9523 Large alloc in zdb can cause troubleAlexander Motin2018-08-021-4/+3
* | MFV r337161: 9512 zfs remap poolname@snapname coredumpsAlexander Motin2018-08-022-2/+31
* | Do not blindly include illumos kernel headers instead of user-space.Alexander Motin2018-08-0212-11/+2
* | MFV r316926:Alexander Motin2018-08-015-15/+103
* | Add a dtrace provider for UDP-Lite.Michael Tuexen2018-07-3111-0/+428
* | MFV r337014:Alexander Motin2018-07-312-5/+18
* | MFV r336991, r337001:Alexander Motin2018-07-318-1/+428
* | MFV r336955: 9236 nuke spa_dbgmsgAlexander Motin2018-07-311-4/+1
* | MFV r336950: 9290 device removal reduces redundancy of mirrorsAlexander Motin2018-07-313-11/+67
* | MFV r336946: 9238 ZFS Spacemap Encoding V2Alexander Motin2018-07-303-48/+102
* | MFV r336944: 9286 want refreservation=autoAlexander Motin2018-07-303-10/+141
* Improve TCP related tests for dtrace.Michael Tuexen2018-07-225-46/+37
* Test that the dtrace UDP receive probe fires.Michael Tuexen2018-07-202-6/+14
* Adjust comment to reality since r286171.Michael Tuexen2018-07-151-2/+1
* Don't require a local sshd for the local TCP state dtrace testMichael Tuexen2018-07-151-6/+17
* Fix the UDP tests for dtrace.Michael Tuexen2018-07-153-12/+59
* Return the intended return code.Michael Tuexen2018-07-141-1/+1
* Fix shebangs and execute bit of test scripts.Michael Tuexen2018-07-148-8/+8
* Add support for TCP state names used by Solaris.Michael Tuexen2018-07-141-0/+26
* The IP, TCP, and UDP provider report IP addresses as strings.Michael Tuexen2018-06-183-8/+8
* Fix markup in zfs(8); no content changeEric van Gyzen2018-06-151-1/+3
* Process CUs with a language attribute of DW_LANG_Mips_Assembler.Mark Johnston2018-06-111-1/+2
* Don't process DWARF generated from non-C/C++ code.Mark Johnston2018-06-091-3/+22
* This originated from ZFS On Linux, asSean Eric Fagan2018-06-086-65/+98
* Unbreak dtrace runtime for udp after svn r334719 SO_REUSEPORT commit.Sean Bruno2018-06-071-4/+4
* Load balance sockets with new SO_REUSEPORT_LB option.Sean Bruno2018-06-061-4/+4
* dwatch(1): Update manual to reference actual releaseDevin Teske2018-06-031-1/+1
* dwatch(1): Fix "-t test" for post-processing profilesDevin Teske2018-05-291-3/+3
* dwatch(1): Eliminate ANSI dimming in developer modeDevin Teske2018-05-271-4/+0